The Group Chat form — @crybabyjoon

Oct 27th, 2016
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  1. f i g h t e r
  2. full name — Kang Ji Woon
  3. nicknames — kangaroo, jiji
  5. screen name — jiwoon!!
  6. Twitter username — @urhyung
  8. age — 20
  9. birthday — October 5, 1996
  11. occupation — University Student
  13. ethnicity — Korean-American
  14. where you live — Daegu, South Korea
  16. sexuality — straight
  17. pronouns — he / him
  19. b l i n d
  20. face claim — bobby (ikon)
  21. backup — mino (winner)
  23. q u e e n
  24. personality on screen — a cheeky, innocent brat that will constantly tweet / post about what he's doing and where he is. though he's straight like a ruler, he comments and re-tweets his hyung's tweets and usually put lovey dovey words and a shitload of hearts. likes posting pictures more than actual tweets, as well as videos. known for someone who adventures and follows back 95% of the time.
  26. personality irl — just like his online personality, he's very innocent and loving, as well as very smol and cheeky. he's touchy and very friendly, making friends easier than breathing and is loved by everyone because he's so easy going. he isn't rude at all and won't dare to hesitate in helping someone in need. is literal happiness, always smiling and showing his dimples, though he doesn't think he's as cute and adorable as everyone praises him to be. though he's very social online and all around fluff, he is very much more shy and can be reserved. Thinking others wouldn't want him to be a bother, though the moment people let themselves be themselves, he'll let it all out and be as touchy and loud like his usual online self.
  28. background — he was born into a rich family, but wasn't pressured about anything. actually, he was pretty much loved and always given what he wanted. though he didn't ask for much. but, he is an only child, and was usually alone because his father was the owner and CEO of a big company and his mother was the only person he had to speak with, but she was very old fashion. jiwoon and his parents would always visit California, his other part of his family living there and because he was a half. he enjoyed his visits to California because he actually had a friend that would understand him and enjoyed her presence. that's what jiwoon looked up to every year, going back to California and meeting his close friend even though she lived far from him.
  30. trivia —
  31. —is a huge fan of bubble tea
  32. —really enjoys spicy noodles
  33. —tteokbokki is his favorite meal
  34. —goes to kareoke once a week
  35. —really likes cold weather because it calms him and he likes the numb feeling on his fingertips
  36. —calls himself otaku on a daily
  37. —likes rolling himself up in blankets like a burrito while watching dramas
  38. —his favorite older drama is Playful Kiss, and his favorite new drama is Cinderella and Four Knights
  39. —cries hella easily
  40. —really, really likes bunnies and says he himself is one
  41. —has slept sixteen hours straight before
  42. —his usual bedtime is 4am
  43. —likes street dancing
  44. —likes rapping but he can't make up his own
  45. —his goal is to sleep somewhere else other than Korea and California
  46. —believes that a necklace he was given is his lucky charm and wears it 24/7
  47. —has two pet cats named Mona and Lisa
  48. —has never dated before but made the first move with his girlfriend
  49. —also has a pet bunny named Carrot
  50. —knows how to sew and does it as a hobby
  52. hidden talents / habits —
  53. —can cook actually really good
  54. —can do three backflips one after another
  55. /
  56. —runs his hands through his hair too much
  57. —bites his lips
  58. —pushes his nose when in thought
  59. —pulls at his fingers
  61. w h i t e l o v e
  62. what does your bio say — "it's ur favorite oppa & hyung!! saranghaeyo, everyone~"
  64. who are you closest to in the gc — @bbyirie
  67. what types of stuff to do you tweet/post —
  68. —"well maybe if I was a cactus, @bbyirie would listen to me more ㅠ—ㅠ"
  69. —"lel, I tried singing today and my mom slapped my shoulder /cries/"
  70. —"@bbyirie calls herself oppa but she doesn't even know what it means???"
  71. —"she's my oppa tho, so back off pls."
  72. —"all the haters can suck my booty."
  73. —"I'm as straight as a ruler. /whispers/ a wiggly ruler"
  74. —"idk why but my friends call me bunny"
  75. —"I'm the r e a l oppa"
  76. —"@bbyirie wants to reincarnated as a cactus and I as a bunny"
  77. —"lMaO sChOoL mAkEs Me WaNnA sTaB a HoE."
  78. —"boy, if I don't receive my coffee rn someone gonna have to pickup my dad self off the floor smh smh smh"
  80. why you decided to rt — because even though he's really fluffy and smol, he low key really likes to fuck shit up and wants to relieve his stress. also wants more online friends
  82. where do you go when you feel sad/upset —
  83. —he would go to his friends house and just laze around because his family is busy, and while he's doing that, he slightly bother's his friend.
  84. —will go to his favorite cafe, and call people he knows (it be online or irl friends) and talk to them about his problem or try to get cheered up because the sound of his friends voices cheer him up.
  86. any disorders? — nope.
  88. r o l l e r c o a s t e r
  89. suggested scenes —
  90. —he calls iris, talking to her about whatever that so happenes to be brought up and they don't stop talking till the sun rises
  91. —he makes someone from the group chat go and meet him at a cafe and hang with him
  92. —he recommends a lot of dramas to the gc and fanboys about each of them
  93. —pleads the people in the gc to give details, probably send pictures of themselves, because he wants to know more
  94. —tells the group chat about his day every night when he's about to go sleep
  96. love interest — @bbyirie
  98. message to gc — hi guys~ let's get along well, because that's what matters and hopefully no fights happen betweenness any of us!!
  100. message to kait chingu — like I mentioned before, hopefully this becomes famous and I'll still read!! though, I don't think I said that I hope you're very much healthy while working on this and pls don't see this as an obligation but as fun! and if you ever feel like it's not working out, and feel like discontinuing the a.f, we'll understand!!
  102. password — seola
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