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  1. SGD 274 Spring 2018 Narrative Document
  2. 1.0 - World building
  3. 1.1 - Character backstory
  4. 1.2 - Enemy backstory
  5. 1.0 World-building
  6. Mankind always thought they were alone in the universe. And, for once, humanity might not be so far off the mark. After several thousand years of expansion, humanity has yet to come across a single sentient alien life-form. It’s a golden era of prosperity for mankind, and despite the usual political turmoils, there hasn’t been a major war in hundreds of years.
  7. At least, that’s what the public thinks. Behind the scenes, Bulwark, the shield of humanity, does it’s absolute best to shield the populace from the truth. Humanity has encountered several alien races, but they have been brutally genocided in the interest of “the greater good”. Humanity is not the generous and benevolent watcher of the stars, but rather a brutal and conquering empire. Operating in absolute secrecy, Bulwark will go through any means necessary to maintain the current status quo of prosperity and expansion. They will exterminate any colony that discovers the truth, or will silence any politician who threatens to expose them. They utilize a highly experimental process called “Synthesis” to control massive machines of war called Frames. The origins of Synthesis are unknown, and its pilots are even more of an enigma. They say that a pilot who undergoes Synthesis enough starts to change, and that they are never seen or heard from again past their 25th birthday.
  8. Diana, having just completed her Synthesis “graduation”, is tasked with the extermination of a remote mining colony, Uraias, who have stumbled across something that they are calling “The Core”, and are threatening to spread their pseudo-cult across the sector. What she encounters there will challenge her and Echo’s perception of not only themselves, but of family, of what is right and wrong, but most importantly, what makes up who we are.
  9. 1.1 - Character Backstory
  10.     Main character - Diana, age 13, F
  11. Taken off the streets as an orphan at a young age and indoctrinated into the Synthesis program, she believes that despite her natural talent for being able to control any Frame, she is completely and utterly worthless, having been abandoned by her parents and forced into a paramilitary program. Despite an addiction to anti-depressants and sleeping pills, she tries to not show any of her emotions when on duty, and she comes across as the perfect cold and calculating tactician. Naturally brilliant, she has a heavy burden placed on her as the squad commander of Echo squadron, tasked with the dirtiest jobs the Conglomerate can come up with. Rumor has it that when off duty she can be found in her preferred frame, nicknamed Ia, and using her cockpits speaker system to play some strange music..
  12.     Supporting character 1 - Alex, age 18, F
  13. An unforgivably cheerful and optimistic character, Alex is the 2nd in command of Echo, and the contrast between her and Diana couldn’t be more pronounced. She is constantly spouting off whatever jokes she can come up with, with no filter, even during combat ops, and has been known to even skip around base with a contraband music player hidden behind her long hair. This cheerful exterior hides perhaps what is the most tragic story in Echo. Her parents willingly gave her to the synthesis program on her 10th birthday, and they even go so far as to make occasional trips to the base to see their “little girl” in action. While Alex seems to enjoy these visits, if you look carefully you can see the pain and anger she harbors towards her parents. Still, to anyone in her squad, who she considers her “real family”, she would lay down life and limb with no hesitation if required.
  14.     Supporting character 2 - “Gil” Gerald, age 22, M
  15. The newest addition to Echo, he constantly is trying to override Diana’s decisions as squad commander, as he resents being under the command of a young, orphan child, who he considers inferior to himself. He comes from a wealthy family, and rumor has it that he has had several illegal surgeries done to increase his control of his frame, Babylon, a unique multi-armed design. Borderline insubordinate, he is nonetheless the best shot in Echo, and his manic style combined with his unique frame makes him an absolute terror on the battlefield.
  16. “Gilgamesh, the tyrant king of Babylon. It really fits his image, doesn’t it?” - Alex
  17. 1.2 Enemy backstory
  18.     Primary antagonist - Alice “Ally”, Age 15, F
  19. The young and charismatic leader of the Uraias colony, she makes up for her young age by being unashamedly brilliant. Her father passed away when she was young, and she grew up with only long distance communication with her mother, she has spent her young 15 years of life immersing herself in politics and science, and has rightfully earned her place as governor of the colony. She is beloved by many, and her colony is one of the happiest and most succesful places in the sector. Which is why when she disappeared 3 months ago, without a trace and with no word, her people began to worry that she would never resurface. When she did, she seemed changed, and although her bright demeanor hasn’t changed, people who have expressed concern over her ability to lead are now disappearing. Something has changed, and nobody is quite sure what.
  20.     Primary antagonist - Slaine “the Snake”, age 32, M
  21. Ally’s second in command, Slaine was the former governor of Uraias before Ally soundly trumped him in the latest election. People were worried that he would take this shift in power badly, but he seems to have adapted well to his position as second now, and he seems to support Ally in what most people would call a “fatherly” way. When Ally disappeared, he stepped back up to lead the colony, and reassured them that the rumors that she was “Sick” were completely untrue, and that she simply needed a break. When Ally returned, different, rumors about what he could have possibly done to her began to circulate, leading some to call him “the Snake”. He leads the Cult of the Core, or C.C., as he prefers to call it, and despite these rumors, people are flocking to his congregations where he preaches enlightenment and family to all. Still, there are rumors that something terrible happens behind the doors of the C.C. facilities.
  22. 1.3 Mission dialogue
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