The Future of Honeyslug

Sep 18th, 2015
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  1. We started Honeyslug seven years ago?! Wow! Seems a long time ago now, although some of the memories of starting out with just the 3 of us in a small room are still fresh in our minds. It's been a winding road, and along the way we released around a dozen games on almost as many different platforms, in collaboration with a load of super talented and lovely people - we're really happy with how we spent our time! (in case you missed some, there's a page with many of our games here:
  3. But over time things change, and people start to move in slightly different directions: This summer, the three founders of Honeyslug decided that the time had come to go our separate ways - split up the band and pursue solo careers (until we reunite for the lucrative sell-out 25th Anniversary Tour of course!). Don't worry! We're all going to keep making games and you'll be hearing much more about that in due course.
  5. We have no plans to close Honeyslug: lots of people love the games we've made and Honeyslug will stay in business to make sure that they can keep doing so - it's likely you'll be seeing some of them reach new audiences on new platforms in the future. Stay tuned to @thehoneyslug on Twitter, for news of this nature, as well as details of what the three of us are up to next. And if you're interested in talking to us about any of our games, we'll still be checking , and!
  7. Huge thanks to everyone who's supported us over the years - our publishing and development collaborators, press, and fans: it's been ace!
  9. Mark, Nat and Ricky x
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