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  1. # Basic config file for tircd (http://code.google.com/p/tircd)
  2. # Each line is in the format of [key]<whitespace>[value]
  3. # Lines starting with # are ignored
  5. # This controls what address / port the server listens on
  6. # As of tircd 0.3, the server only listens on localhost by default, but you can change that below
  7. # Comment out the address line to listen on all interface
  8. address
  9. port 6667
  12. ## SSL Support
  13. # set use_ssl to 1 to have the tircd daemon use SSL when connecting to twitter
  14. use_ssl 0
  15. # If tircd is not being started with either HTTPS_CA_FILE or HTTPS_CA_DIR
  16. # environment variable set, AT LEAST one of the following must be set. These
  17. # tell Crypt::SSLeay where to find the local root certificate store.
  18. # https_ca_dir  /usr/share/ca-certificates/
  19. # https_ca_file /etc/certs/ca-bundle.crt
  20. https_ca_dir
  21. https_ca_file
  24. # This controls where tircd will store it's configuration data
  25. # This is used to store per-user preferences and channel lineups
  26. # If not set, data will not be saved between user sessions
  27. storage_path /tmp/tircd
  29. # This controls how POE logs data
  30. # Current options for logtype are 'stdout', 'stderr', 'file', or 'none',
  31. # If file is chosen logfile must be set to a path for the log file
  32. logtype stdout
  33. logfile tircd.log
  35. # This option turns on lots of extra debugging.  The default setting is 0 or off.
  36. debug 0
  38. # All settings below this line are user configurable. Settings below will be used as defaults until a user opts to change them
  39. # See the /stats command for settings these parameters on a per-user basis
  41. # This controls how often we check with twitter for updates (in seconds)
  42. # Currently The twitter API enforces a limit of 100 api calls per hour
  43. # Updating the timeline takes 2 calls, while direct messages takes 1  
  44. # It's a good idea to ensure your settings don't cause tircd to make more calls than that our you'll get errors
  45. # The default settings will cause ~ 60 calls per hour
  46. update_timeline 180
  47. update_directs 180
  49. # This controls how many updates we'll ask from twitter at a time.  Valid values are 1 to 200.  The default is 20
  50. timeline_count 20
  52. # This controls how we handle tweets longer than 140 characters. There are three options
  53. # ignore - This is the default behavior, tircd will not do any checking and just pass what is entered to twitter.  Twitter will automatically cut off messages longer than 140 chars.
  54. # warn   - tircd will warn you that the message was too long, and it will not be sent.
  55. # split  - tircd will split your message into multiple tweets.  The min_length setting is the minimum length a split message has to be to send.  This keeps tircd from sending a 1 character tweet if you had entered 141 characters.
  56. # Be careful with the split option, it can send many twitters at once if you enter a long message, and annoy your followers.
  57. long_messages ignore
  58. min_length 20
  60. # This controls how tircd behaves when you join #twitter.
  61. # 0 - This is the default behaivor, when joining #twitter, you will receive the 20 most recent updates, @replies, and dms.
  62. # 1 - tircd will be silent when joining the channel, and only show new messages / dms as they come in.
  63. join_silent 0
  65. #Until 0.9 tircd would filter out messages sent by you from other clients, so only traffic sent from irc would show.
  66. #You can now set this as an option, if you want to see your update from other clients, set this to 0.  1 is the default and previous behaivor.
  67. #Note: this can cause duplicate messages to show, as timeline updates can be delayed coming back from twitter.
  68. filter_self 1
  70. #tircd will use the tinyurl api to automatically shorten URLs in your tweets if this is set to one.
  71. #You must also have the URI::Find module installed so tircd can extract the URLs from your message
  72. shorten_urls 1
  74. #If set tircd will concert <username>: <msg> replies into @<username> <msg> replies so you can use your irc client's tab complettion to send twitter apis
  75. #Currently '<username>: ' must be at the start of the message, and the user must be in #twitter for this to work.
  76. convert_irc_replies 0
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