Q Crumbs - Deathcation

Jun 16th, 2019
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  1. Deathcation has joined the chat
  2. RuckusDJ: she's still using a Commodore ^$
  3. RuckusDJ: huehuehue
  4. ramenz: zzzz
  5. RuckusDJ: i wonder how easy it is to visit Singapore for me
  6. Guest_Rebeca342476 has left the chat
  7. Deathcation: hah
  8. ramenz: oH
  9. ramenz: z
  10. Deathcation: i was called a bitch because i wanted to pet a dog
  11. ramenz: om
  12. ramenz: Wow david
  13. ramenz: z
  14. Trypzl has left the chat
  15. Deathcation: that was quite magical
  16. Guest_xoali3 has left the chat
  17. ramenz: i
  18. RuckusDJ: sounds like u were in an imvu room
  19. ramenz: Yes it was
  20. RuckusDJ: or u mean irl?
  21. Guest_myee9922 has left the chat
  22. RuckusDJ: u like my attemp at Barbie?
  23. Deathcation: i was totally in an imvu room
  24. RuckusDJ: ofc u were lol
  25. Deathcation: trying to pet a pixelated dog with my pixelated hand
  26. RuckusDJ: lols
  27. Deathcation: it was very nice
  28. RuckusDJ: u can pet my pussy if you like
  29. ramenz: barBay
  30. ramenz: z
  31. RuckusDJ RuckusDJ Narrate buys you dolls to play with
  32. RuckusDJ: :P
  33. Deathcation: im ur dad
  34. RuckusDJ: i think the term is "daddy"
  35. Deathcation: interesting
  36. Deathcation: soon i will be 96
  37. RuckusDJ: oh wow
  38. ramenz: I'm 69
  39. Deathcation: with a heart condition luv
  40. RuckusDJ: ill be 99 next week!
  41. RuckusDJ: ii
  42. Deathcation: will u come visit me in my coffin next week?
  43. RuckusDJ: you are the definition of 69 to me <3
  44. Deathcation: that seems like it’s supposed to be sweet
  45. Deathcation: it really does
  46. RuckusDJ: im smooth asf
  47. Deathcation: im sandpaper
  48. ramenz: I'm a pebble
  49. Deathcation: straight sandpaper
  50. RuckusDJ: i was trying to remember the measure used to grade sandpaper but failed
  51. RuckusDJ: 120grit
  52. RuckusDJ: thats it
  53. ramenz: zzzz
  54. RuckusDJ: :P
  55. RuckusDJ: ROUGH ASF!
  56. Deathcation: ;)
  57. Guest_Briana308605 has left the chat
  58. ramenz: xD
  59. Deathcation: ecksdee
  60. ramenz: sieks
  61. ramenz: cX
  62. ramenz: z
  63. RuckusDJ: marry me!
  64. ramenz: I'm not les
  65. ramenz: z
  66. RuckusDJ: phew
  67. Endulge has joined the chat
  68. Deathcation: sometimes i wonder if people wonder if other people wonder about if people wonder that but sometimes i just feel completely insane
  69. ramenz: Gae
  70. Deathcation: I think that was too confusing
  71. Deathcation: ahem
  72. Endulge has left the chat
  73. ramenz: n000
  74. ramenz: z
  75. RuckusDJ still wondering
  76. Deathcation: x = y + q + r + n + z = answer
  77. Deathcation: that’s my school year
  78. RuckusDJ: RDRR
  79. Deathcation: “now calculate how far the moon is from venus*
  80. ramenz: I'm hUngry
  81. RuckusDJ: formula and fuckin macros eww
  82. RuckusDJ: omfg i WISH we lived together IRL id spoil you!
  83. Deathcation: same here
  84. RuckusDJ: when my new websites launch i just wanna dump tons of cash ijn ur account fr
  85. Deathcation: no idea who that small person is tho
  86. Deathcation: but still
  87. RuckusDJ: yea i just met her
  88. RuckusDJ: fedll in love instantly
  89. ramenz: wut
  90. ramenz: z
  91. RuckusDJ: actually i did fall for you quite quick
  92. Deathcation: imamillionairethat95andahalfalkost96withaheartconditionandispickingoutmtcoffij
  93. RuckusDJ: but i was/am purdy realistic
  94. Deathcation: coffin fuck
  95. ramenz: ii
  96. Deathcation: capn
  97. ramenz: kAppa
  98. Deathcation: my sister is cooler than me and doesn’t even like animals
  99. Deathcation: wtf julia
  100. Deathcation: wat is wrong with u
  101. ramenz: z.
  102. Deathcation: how do u not like animals
  103. RuckusDJ: shes not THAT cool if she doenst like animals
  104. Deathcation: exactly
  105. ramenz: Does she like ants
  106. RuckusDJ: ants are insects
  107. Deathcation: but im quite loser myself
  108. ramenz: Yes ik
  109. Deathcation: insects are ants
  110. ramenz: If she doesn't like animals
  111. RuckusDJ: i killed a sugar bag full of them today tbh
  112. ramenz: She probably likes insects
  113. RuckusDJ: i saw where u were going
  114. RuckusDJ: i gotchu
  115. RuckusDJ: ;)
  116. Deathcation: not all heroes wear capes
  117. RuckusDJ: lols
  118. Deathcation: but not all capes wear heroes
  119. ramenz: gaye
  120. RuckusDJ: true
  121. RuckusDJ: some capes wear villains
  122. Deathcation: but some villains don’t wear capes
  123. RuckusDJ: black is not always white
  124. ramenz: ye
  125. Deathcation: white is not always green
  126. RuckusDJ: so what is the definiition of nothing?
  127. Deathcation: outer spaces
  128. Deathcation: LOL
  129. RuckusDJ: no
  130. ramenz: black h0le
  131. Deathcation: my apologies
  132. RuckusDJ: you were closer when you said nothing lol
  133. Deathcation: im canadian and have no idea who u two are
  134. RuckusDJ: as in no comment nothing
  135. RuckusDJ: but even that is something
  136. ramenz: Nothing is nothing
  137. RuckusDJ: nothing ius still something
  138. Deathcation: but wat is nothing
  139. ramenz: I am gae
  140. RuckusDJ: lols
  141. RuckusDJ: ur fuckin HOT!
  142. RuckusDJ: dats what u are
  143. RuckusDJ: and i LOVE ur BRAIN!
  144. ramenz: My brAin
  145. ramenz: z
  146. RuckusDJ: yup
  147. ramenz: haha
  148. Guest_Baddest947631 has joined the chat
  150. RuckusDJ: E8 Lattice and the theory of everything ;)
  151. Deathcation: oh jesus christ help
  152. RuckusDJ: THAT is the shit!
  153. Deathcation: that’s humiliating
  154. Deathcation: that’s my sister
  155. RuckusDJ: Julia?
  156. Guest_Baddest947631 has left the chat
  157. Deathcation: oh jesus no
  158. Deathcation: too many sisters
  159. Deathcation: aryn
  160. ramenz: How many sisters do u have?
  161. RuckusDJ: String Theory is DEAD!
  162. RuckusDJ:
  163. RuckusDJ: check THAt shit out!
  164. RuckusDJ: its SO dope
  165. Deathcation: lol i would say 2 but here’s 12
  166. Deathcation: theres*
  167. Deathcation: use a condom dad
  168. Deathcation: hard to believe
  169. ramenz: 12
  170. ramenz: Omf
  171. ramenz: Z
  172. Deathcation: let’s just say 2
  173. RuckusDJ: i ACTUALLY for the first time want to get a girl pregnant and love her forever
  174. Deathcation: she’d be lucky
  175. RuckusDJ: ill be happy if she's ALWAYS preggo
  176. Guest_jacksonmarcus77 has joined the chat
  177. ramenz: zzzzzz
  178. ramenz has left the chat
  179. RuckusDJ: so much LOVE in da HOUSE!
  180. Deathcation: i have a woman
  181. Deathcation: her names liz
  182. RuckusDJ: fr?
  183. RuckusDJ: thats nice
  184. RuckusDJ: hold onto her
  185. Deathcation: yea
  186. Deathcation: since 13
  187. RuckusDJ: do u know ramenz?
  188. Deathcation: nope
  189. Guest_jacksonmarcus77 has left the chat
  190. ramenz has joined the chat
  191. RuckusDJ: brb
  192. Deathcation: ramenz
  193. RuckusDJ: oh THERE she is :D
  194. ramenz: hi
  195. RuckusDJ: Can I love you?
  196. Deathcation: I SAID FOLLOW ME PLEASE
  197. ramenz: yes
  198. ramenz: z
  199. Deathcation: JUST THIS ONCE
  200. ramenz: n o
  201. Guest_skxttles17 has joined the chat
  202. Deathcation: LUKES AWFUL AND GROSS
  203. RuckusDJ: i wanna know what love is
  204. Deathcation: ah hello
  205. Deathcation: im back once again and sorry
  206. RuckusDJ: n o?
  207. Deathcation: don’t worry bro
  208. ramenz: who's luke
  209. ramenz: z
  210. RuckusDJ bottom lip quivers
  211. Deathcation: she loves u
  212. Deathcation: ah
  213. Deathcation: me
  214. ramenzramenz : I said yEs
  215. ramenzramenz ramenz : z
  216. ramenz: hi
  217. RuckusDJ: oh
  218. ramenzramenz : I'm garce
  219. RuckusDJ: followed by n o
  220. RuckusDJ: lol
  221. RuckusDJ: typical women
  222. Guest_skxttles17 has left the chat
  223. ramenz: zzzzz
  224. RuckusDJ: XD
  225. RuckusDJ: Do you think you could ever love me?
  226. ramenz: yEs
  227. RuckusDJ: aww
  228. ramenz: Ye
  229. RuckusDJ: That's a nice thought :)
  230. Deathcation: i feel like my relationships crumbling
  231. RuckusDJ: i just got a warm fuzzy
  232. Guest_SavannahXx3 has joined the chat
  233. RuckusDJ: i havent "been" with someone in about 4 years now
  234. RuckusDJ: longest time singloe
  235. Guest_SavannahXx3 has left the chat
  236. Deathcation: idontloveliz
  237. Deathcation: goodness gracious
  238. Deathcation: oops
  239. Deathcation: garcious*
  240. RuckusDJ: has it moved into u love her but ur not IN love with her now?
  241. RuckusDJ: thats what happened in my last relationship
  242. ramenz: w0t
  243. Deathcation: ye
  244. Deathcation: kind of
  245. RuckusDJ: since then i have been worried about falling in love again, cause i broke her lil heart so much
  246. Deathcation: im scared of women
  247. ramenz: rip
  248. RuckusDJ: im scared of hurting them
  249. xoQUEENIExo has joined the chat
  250. RuckusDJ: reality is made of information?
  251. Deathcation: they cry and they blame u for it and then they realize that they made a mistake for saying shit about u and telling her friends that hate u now and im scared of hurting them so much and it hurts me to see them so heart broken and i just wish I could fix it
  252. RuckusDJ: thats nothing to be scared of bro
  253. Deathcation: i feel like i can’t love her enough
  254. RuckusDJ: thats part of the journey in "growing up" for most people
  255. Deathcation: hah
  256. RuckusDJ: unless ur lil Gracie here
  257. Deathcation: HAHAHAHAHAH
  258. RuckusDJ: She's hella mature for her age
  259. Deathcation: garce
  260. RuckusDJ: :)
  261. Deathcation: WAIT
  262. DefineDignity has joined the chat
  263. ramenz: nani
  264. Deathcation: ok nvm
  265. Deathcation: lol my sisters are tiny
  266. ramenz: Oh haha
  267. RuckusDJ: meaning is subjective and requires "choice"?
  268. RuckusDJ: :O
  269. Deathcation: one of my sisters 19 and is 5’4
  270. DefineDignity has left the chat
  271. ramenz: Oh my
  272. ramenz: I'm 5'3
  273. RuckusDJ: small girls are sexy asf
  274. Deathcation: ur tiny
  275. Deathcation: seriously
  276. ramenz: tf is she Tryna do
  277. ramenz: .-.
  278. Guest_jleveron4 has joined the chat
  279. Deathcation: impress with her pixelated body
  280. ramenz: LMAO.
  281. Guest_arianadrake2 has joined the chat
  282. Guest_jleveron4 has left the chat
  283. Deathcation has left the chat
  284. Guest_arianadrake2: Oop she humpin the air
  285. Deathcation has joined the chat
  286. ramenz: lol
  287. Deathcation: im back
  288. ramenz: webaaa
  289. Deathcation: and
  290. Deathcation: uh
  291. Deathcation: HAH
  292. RuckusDJ: oh NOW i see what you's are on about
  293. RuckusDJ: lol
  294. ramenz: xD
  295. Guest_arianadrake2Guest_arianadrake2 WhisperAdd Friend: Listen to my song you should see me in a crown??????????
  297. RuckusDJ: nude even
  298. Deathcation: but then id feel bad
  299. RuckusDJ RuckusDJ Narrate covers Gracies eyes
  300. DeathcationDeathcation WhisperAdd Friend: im gonna log out
  301. ramenz: <.>
  302. ramenz: z
  303. Guest_arianadrake2 has left the chat
  304. RuckusDJ: u HAVE to "frape" her?
  305. RuckusDJ: lol
  306. RuckusDJ: put up some clever memes lol
  307. Guest_ImFineAsHell1 has joined the chat
  308. RuckusDJ: e.e boooring bro
  309. Deathcation: hm
  310. Deathcation: mummy taught me well
  311. Deathcation: it brings out the fun in life
  312. RuckusDJ: put up something from Adult Humour thats brutal about kittens lol
  313. Guest_ImFineAsHell1 has left the chat
  314. Guest_emiliod95 has joined the chat
  315. ramenz: uwu
  316. Deathcation: uh
  317. Deathcation: id still feel bad
  318. Deathcation: besides
  319. Deathcation: already logged out
  320. RuckusDJ: i used to work on radio
  321. Guest_emiliod95 has left the chat
  322. xoQUEENIExo has left the chat
  323. RuckusDJ: id frape other staffs FB's when they left the building for smokes
  324. Deathcation: i used to make 100 dollars just by doing a small amount of dishes
  325. Deathcation: it was a waste of my time but i got cool ninja turtle stuff and i was so happy
  326. RuckusDJ: i went FULL NOISE with my co-hosts profile grabbed all these girls kissing n photoshopped her face in really well
  327. RuckusDJ: brought her out the cdloset
  328. ramenz: zzzzzzz
  329. Deathcation: few years later i realized i could have bought some cool stuff with 100
  330. RuckusDJ: i was working too fast and accidentally put a tit in a pic, or didnt notice it
  331. RuckusDJ: FB took her account down and she was cryyyyying
  332. RuckusDJ: i felt bad about THAT one
  333. Deathcation: “accidentally”, “didn’t notice it”
  334. RuckusDJ: i emailed FB from the radio email account and they gave it back ofc
  335. Guest_JessDaLoser has joined the chat
  336. Guest_JessDaLoser: ;-;
  337. Deathcation: ur hot
  338. Deathcation: ilikeu
  339. ramenz: wot
  340. Deathcation: u have the name of my other sister
  341. ramenz: look inside nuTella
  342. Guest_JessDaLoser: Lol
  343. Deathcation: it’s
  344. ramenz: Glasses
  345. ramenz: And
  346. ramenz: Snake bites
  347. ramenz: Z
  348. RuckusDJ: lols
  349. Guest_JessDaLoser: Yep;-;
  350. Deathcation: it’s just funny how ur first instinct was to look inside
  351. Deathcation: hm
  352. Deathcation: jess
  353. Guest_JessDaLoser: .-.
  354. Deathcation: r u my sister
  355. Guest_JessDaLoser: ;-; no
  356. Deathcation: right
  357. Guest_KaylaBrummer has joined the chat
  358. Guest_JessDaLoser: ;-;
  359. RuckusDJRuckusDJ : i just looked up ur skirt
  360. RuckusDJ: instant hard on fml
  361. Guest_JessDaLoser: ....
  362. ramenz: z
  363. Deathcation: david
  364. RuckusDJ: not u
  365. Deathcation: that’s not gentlemen like
  366. RuckusDJ: ermm
  367. RuckusDJ: howd YOU know my name?
  368. ramenz: LOL
  369. Deathcation: im outside
  370. RuckusDJ: stahp
  371. Guest_JessDaLoser: XD
  372. Deathcation: julia would be into u
  373. ramenz: xDDDDD
  374. RuckusDJ: ive been getting hacked hard out oin all other platforms and kidnapped TWICE in a year
  375. Deathcation: aryn would also be into
  376. Deathcation: jesu christ
  377. ramenz: Well
  378. ramenz: I'm gonna go 0ff
  379. RuckusDJ: yea its no joke for me anymore
  380. ramenz: I have clAss 2morrow
  381. RuckusDJ: aww
  382. Deathcation: im actually outside
  383. Guest_PrincetonLymak has joined the chat
  384. Deathcation: check
  385. RuckusDJ: im gonna start missin you if i fall fully in love with you
  386. ramenz: Oh my
  387. Deathcation: Awh David’s in love
  388. RuckusDJ: ive restrained myself from fallin in love online for a long time cause of that
  389. Deathcation: Who’s David
  390. ramenz: HAHAHA
  391. RuckusDJ: wait
  392. RuckusDJ: where does it say my name?
  393. Deathcation: it’s kind of hard being in a house with 12 sisters
  394. Guest_KaylaBrummer: Hey
  395. Deathcation: everywhere david
  396. Deathcation: everywhere
  397. ramenz: okayy
  398. RuckusDJ: thats a LOT of PMS to deal with
  399. ramenz: I'm gonna go
  400. RuckusDJ: k babe
  401. RuckusDJ: <3
  402. ramenz: byeeee
  403. ramenz: <3
  404. Deathcation: yea julia would definitely be into u
  405. RuckusDJ: take care of ur lil selfie
  406. ramenz has left the chat
  407. RuckusDJ: bai
  408. Deathcation: hm
  409. lizaxox has joined the chat
  410. RuckusDJ: the age things scares me, but im so into her
  411. Deathcation: imsharingurusernamewithjuliacuzshewouldbeintou
  412. Deathcation: waitno
  413. Deathcation: arynwouldlikeumore
  414. Deathcation: imsharingitwitharyn
  415. Guest_Lolo581298 has joined the chat
  416. Guest_xxxQueenKiyahxxx has joined the chat
  417. RuckusDJ: why are you tryin to set me up with your sisters lol?
  418. Deathcation: imnot
  419. Guest_JessDaLoser: uwu
  420. Deathcation: theyrebotheringme
  421. Guest_Morika1 has joined the chat
  422. Deathcation: andwatchingthescreenthrutheirphonesverysecond
  423. RuckusDJ: i love all girls
  424. RuckusDJ: unfortunately for me
  425. Deathcation: justsayullhitthemup
  426. RuckusDJ: its SUCH a conundrum
  427. Deathcation: udonthaveto
  428. Guest_hxxmxn has joined the chat
  429. Guest_PrincetonLymak has left the chat
  430. Deathcation: If
  431. Deathcation: L
  432. Deathcation: L
  433. Deathcation: L
  434. Deathcation: lol
  435. Deathcation: L
  436. Deathcation: lol
  437. Deathcation: lol
  438. Deathcation: lol
  439. Deathcation: L
  440. Deathcation: Myth
  441. Deathcation: Gh
  442. Deathcation: Y
  443. RuckusDJ: im always happy to chat with girls and make em smile\
  444. Guest_Morika1 has left the chat
  445. Deathcation: Oh really?
  446. RuckusDJ: of course
  447. Guest_absyockers123 has joined the chat
  448. Deathcation: You wouldn’t have time for me cuz I’m a prick
  449. Deathcation: @faverit If you’re actually willing
  450. Deathcation: And
  451. RuckusDJ: nah ur a straight thinker i appreciate that
  452. Guest_JessDaLoser: ?? ?? ?? ?'?'\????\?=( ?° ?? ?°)=e/????/'?? ? ? ? ? ?
  453. Deathcation: OMG
  454. Guest_KaylaBrummer: Can anyone maybe see me ? Sorry i know its random but just wondering ??
  455. Guest_Livatt has joined the chat
  456. Deathcation: Okay well
  457. Deathcation: See you
  458. RuckusDJ: oh ur off?
  459. RuckusDJ: k well nice meeting u
  460. RuckusDJ: add me if ya like :)
  461. Deathcation: I’m always off
  462. Deathcation has been sent a friend request.
  463. lizaxox has left the chat
  464. Guest_absyockers123 has left the chat
  465. Guest_mrdellboy5 has joined the chat
  466. Deathcation: I’m not much of an actual dick I just have critical hits so
  467. Guest_mrdellboy5: Hello everyone
  468. Deathcation: K bye boo
  469. Guest_KaylaBrummer: Hey
  470. Guest_mrdellboy5: How are you all
  471. Guest_Livatt: Hey
  472. Guest_xxxQueenKiyahxxx has left the chat
  473. DeathcationDeathcation : help please
  474. DeathcationDeathcation : they’re always being very rude
  475. Guest_mrdellboy5: Wow ??
  476. Guest_mrdellboy5: Nice glasses ????
  477. Deathcation: it’s okay to tell them off when they’re being annoying david
  478. Guest_VinceLo has joined the chat
  479. Deathcation: and u don’t have to talk to her :)
  480. Guest_mrdellboy5 has left the chat
  481. Marcel787299 has joined the chat
  482. Deathcation: just the truth
  483. Deathcation: but
  484. Deathcation: it’s 5 am heres and everyone’s up so im going to get some sleep
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