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Dave's War Story is really Screwy!

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May 22nd, 2018
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  1. Howdy,
  3. Another story, sort of related to the first I sent. Years ago a server on site would reboot itself on Friday afternoons a few hours before end of shift was due. This would set off a time consuming disk check and people would be sent home early.
  5. Surreptitious video was set up to watch what was going on, and caught a lady going into a drawer of her desk, taking out a huge screwdriver, walking over to the server and rattling the screwdriver around inside the power supply area until something shorted out and reset the server.
  7. As the story goes, she wasn't fired for whatever reason, and of course these days she'd hate ZFS and its omission of FSCK or the equivalent.
  9. I wouldn't have tried such a stunt for fear of being electrocuted.
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