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  1. Sordida Tellus - Today at 7:53 PM
  2. Terinas I gotta kill your friends, ask me why.
  3. (This isn't serious btw.)
  4. Terinastiger - Today at 7:53 PM
  5. Why?
  6. Sordida Tellus - Today at 7:54 PM
  7. Well I work for the DHS who classified AntiFa as a Terroist Organization., which consitutes the vast majority of most lefitst and by proxy Furry and by proxy proxy tabout 80% of babyfur ideals and you most likely have friends in AntiFA and since The Coast GAured works for the DHS that means your friends are at risk of being killed by enemy combatans.(edited)
  8. See also; Me.
  9. Terinastiger - Today at 7:55 PM
  10. That's... absolutely ridiculous on SEVERAL levels
  11. Sordida Tellus - Today at 7:55 PM
  12. I know right?
  13. But my friends still kick up moral Shit and ask me to question my loyalties.
  14. They are having existential crisisis (Crisee?) because of it.
  15. And I think it's ridiculous.
  16. Terinastiger - Today at 7:57 PM
  17. Yeah
  18. Sordida Tellus - Today at 7:58 PM
  19. Yeah but people who support AntiFa would honestlly starts fights if the institution I work for see's them as terroist.
  20. Obviously they are enemy Combatants.
  21. I don't like it, But I understand it.
  22. Terinastiger - Today at 7:59 PM
  23. Having little knowledge of Antifa, I can't really comment on that. But I will say I'm skeptical that an anti-fascist organization is inherantly as antagonistic as you state them to be.
  24. Terinastiger - Today at 8:00 PM
  25. But also, I'm not here to get into a fight.
  26. Sordida Tellus - Today at 8:01 PM
  27. Well, they aren't Anti-Fachist, there Neo-Marxist. I mean. Think about it.
  28. What organization announces there intentions in there names?
  29. And yes, that is very apparent ignorance um, they use Black Bloc tactics and are classified as Terroist because they've caused tons and tons of property damage and activley attack people, labeling anyone they detest as Nazi's or Fachist.
  30. Look at Nazi's (Oooh, Godwins law.) They weren't 'The Fachist Party for the eradication of Judaism and Non-Arians.' They where 'The National Socialist German Workers' Party.'
  31. Which is strange because that sounds like a name a Communist party would use.
  32. Either way I digress. Both sides are Authoritarian brutes that use violence, Get Nazi flags and racism and replace it with Brown coats and the eradication of the Burgeoise.(edited)
  33. Terinastiger - Today at 8:07 PM
  34. yeaaah. Not that I don't trust you, but if I'm going to make decisions, I want to gatther my own informationa nd my own evidence. I'll take what you say at face value, but I'm also not going to inherantly make any judgement calls for or against Antifa until I do my own investigation on them
  35. Sordida Tellus - Today at 8:07 PM
  36. Just that for every 1 or so Nazi's there's 100 Black Bloc Ultra Leftist Radical Marxist who thinks it's a good idea.(edited)
  37. Terinastiger - Today at 8:07 PM
  38. I get tthis stuff from my parents and fox news already, Sordida.
  39. Sordida Tellus - Today at 8:08 PM
  40. Which are both very conservative, something I am not.
  41. Terinastiger - Today at 8:08 PM
  42. Coulda fooled me. But I don't let conservative viewpoints, or for that matter, liberal ones, scare me away from considering sources of information
  43. I just also don't take most things at face value.
  44. Sordida Tellus - Today at 8:10 PM
  45. Me neither, but in this day and age Anything Right of Mao Zedong or Stalin is seen as >Neo-Fachist Ultra White Heteronormative Nationalism.
  46. Which is why Babyfurs block me, because I don't agree with them most of the time.
  47. Terinastiger - Today at 8:12 PM
  48. Having never seen what you say to other babyfurs, I can't comment on that
  49. But I'll say that most people are actually pretty reasonable if you're willing to talk with them respectably. You come on very strong
  50. Sordida Tellus - Today at 8:12 PM
  51. I mean, you said it yourself; "I try to keep a level head, and I try to be respectful and kind to people I meet... except Nazi's." when you heumanize someone into such a barbaric debasaed individual as a 'Nazi' you are free to treat them awfully as you want. - n-(edited)
  52. Terinastiger - Today at 8:13 PM
  53. I say that about nazi's becuse the nazis I've met have all advocated things that I find exceedingly morally distasteful. Such as the one who is earnestly running for office while advocating undoing the jewish influence on the nation
  54. Sordida Tellus - Today at 8:14 PM
  55. Yeah, something I obviously am not but you call someone that you might as well just put tape over there face because there is no reasoning with those kinds of people.
  56. Terinastiger - Today at 8:14 PM
  57. When you can find me an example of a fine, upstanding nazi who does community work and wants everyone in he world to get along in peace and DOESN'T advocate the marginalization or exttermination of a people group or the inherant superiority of one over another, then I may reconsider my stance
  58. for now however, nazis are up there iwth the KKK on  my shit list
  59. Sordida Tellus - Today at 8:15 PM
  60. I mean, i'm not saying otherwise, it's what those ideas represent.
  61. Terinastiger - Today at 8:16 PM
  62. "I'm not saying otherwise" is what you say, but you are advocating for tthem right now as much as you can be without saying you are actually advocating for them
  63. Sordida Tellus - Today at 8:16 PM
  64. But seeing as Nazi's are a number less then 1% of any given population (except maybe Greece or radically islamaic Country's.) And AntiFa is a Org that has already causes Millions in damages.(edited)
  65. And Nazi's have caused Zero since like, the death of The Fuher.(edited)
  66. I will tell you right now that youa re biased.
  67. Terinastiger - Today at 8:17 PM
  68. Again, I have 0 information on Antifa
  69. Sordida Tellus - Today at 8:17 PM
  70. Because they are leftist.
  71. Like you.
  72. It's kind of hard to miss a group of people who cause millions in damage.
  73. Terinastiger - Today at 8:17 PM
  74. I admit and own my biases. And if my only bias is against people groups whose ideology is fundamentally dangerous to tthe continued existance of other people groups, I think I can get through my life pretty happily
  75. Sordida Tellus - Today at 8:18 PM
  76. Sure, but they aren't the only ones.
  77. Terinastiger - Today at 8:18 PM
  78. I'll state right now that if I see evidence that Antifa is as bad as the Nazi party is, ideologically, then I may change my stance. But, in both conservative and liberal media, I haven't SEEN that
  79. Sordida Tellus - Today at 8:18 PM
  80. Because they don't cover it, atleast Liberal Media.
  81. Tell me, what do you want to see? I'll find it.
  82. Terinastiger - Today at 8:19 PM
  83. And I'm not going to change it just by you telling me "Antifa is bad: Rrrr, they break shit and hurt people" for the same reason that I'm not going to change my beliefs on jesus christ because someone on the streett tells me he was a watermelon
  84. Sordida Tellus - Today at 8:20 PM
  85. That's a False Dichotomy, when was the Last time any Nazi' ORganization did anything of significance?
  86. Terinastiger - Today at 8:20 PM
  87. they beat people with tiki torches.
  88. Sordida Tellus - Today at 8:20 PM
  89. No offense but what you'll tell me will most likely not be Nazi's.
  90. Yup, that right there.
  91. Not Nazi's.
  92. Terinastiger - Today at 8:20 PM
  93. Fine.
  94. Sordida Tellus - Today at 8:20 PM
  95. I saw it a mile away.
  96. Terinastiger - Today at 8:20 PM
  97. Oh my god.
  98. Sordida Tellus - Today at 8:20 PM
  99. They where Right wingers and there are RAdicals on all sides.
  100. There Fachist, Anti-semites and Maybe White Nationalist. But not Nazi's.
  101. Terinastiger - Today at 8:21 PM
  102. Yeah, I'm stopping this conversation right here. I'm not one to shy away from a political debate but I told you att the sttart of this I wasn'tt looking for that tonight
  103. You conttacted me, either intentionally or unintentionally, to pick a fight. I'm choosing ot walk away from it
  104. Sordida Tellus - Today at 8:21 PM
  105. Yeah you don't shy away from a political debate but you're not looking for what exactly?(edited)
  106. Ah, there, more like C.S. Fox, I didn't pick a fight. I disagree'd.
  107. Do not put words in my mouth.
  108. Shut down conversations that don't go your way, threatened to block me right now most likely.(edited)
  109. If I don't stop, because it's not going your way.
  110. Terinastiger - Today at 8:23 PM
  111. ...your LITERAL FIRST STATEMENT was "Terinas I gotta kill your friends, ask me why", which is intended to invite discussion and inquiry. Your SECOND statement was to take an adversarial position on Antifa based on your real world experience. Ttaking both these statements togetther, it implies you believe that I have friends associatted wtih Antifa or sharing beliefs with them, and that you want to discuss it
  112. Sordida Tellus - Today at 8:23 PM
  113. I also said that statement wasn't serious, Strawman.
  114. Okay, you do not take an adversarial positions on Nazi's, TErinas.
  115. Terinastiger - Today at 8:24 PM
  116. Yeah, because adding a smiley face at the end of what you says negates what you said
  117. Sordida Tellus - Today at 8:24 PM
  118. "It implies you believe that I have friends associatted wtih Antifa or sharing beliefs with them, and that you want to discuss it."
  119. Good job proving my point by the by, shutting down conversations and antagonizing people who do not see things your way.
  120. I added no smiley's.
  121. Terinastiger - Today at 8:25 PM
  122. Ok. Oh my god. This whole conversation is ruining what was largely an enjoyable evening. You want to talk politics and philosophy? Fine. I'm happy to discuss it whenever you want that's not the night i'm getting to play with friends I haven't seen in months for the first time in a long LONG while
  123. Sordida Tellus - Today at 8:25 PM
  124. Latter statement; I do not know this, also a conveniant one.
  125. Terinastiger - Today at 8:25 PM
  126. Also, if you can't understand what I meant by saying "smiley face" in tthat sentence, you're missing the forest for the trees
  127. ...fine. Fine. You want to do this?
  128. Sordida Tellus - Today at 8:26 PM
  129. If one conversation with a person online ruins your evenings, then you have exceeeedingly sensitive sensibilities and shows lack of constitution to the thoughts and ideals of others. :\
  130. Terinastiger - Today at 8:27 PM
  131. Fine. You officially got me tto clear off my schedle
  132. Let's talk
  133. Sordida Tellus - Today at 8:27 PM
  134. Terinas, we are both Liberals, left leaning individuals.
  135. My problem is that you put Nazi's in the spotlight,
  136. I'ma be blunt.(edited)
  137. They(edited)
  138. DO NOT EXIST.
  139. Your statements is to give you a party you can detest because you cannot see that while you are sneering at Nazi's, you are sneering at the shadows.
  140. And the shadows are a bunch of black Clad Anti-Fachist who are themselves the FAchist.
  141. AntiFa are the Enemy, not people wiht Tiki torches who have had violence comitted upon them and think the answer is to radicalise themselves.
  142. And they are standing behind you, not infront of you.(edited)
  143. That is all I wanted to stay.
  144. Don't clear your schedule for someone who has Liberals attack him because he works for the Country.
  145. Terinastiger - Today at 8:30 PM
  146. sighs
  147. Sordida Tellus - Today at 8:31 PM
  148. I'm just having a bad day because everytime I talk to a Liberal Nowadays, they have a fit.
  149. For what? I didn't insult you. I didn't demean you, I did nothing and I get responses like >Oh My God.
  150. As if I trangressed you for having a wrong opinion.(edited)
  151. Terinastiger - Today at 8:32 PM
  152. Ok, first off, let me set a record god damn straight. Nazi's exist. The people who beat people with tiki torches may not have been SPECIFICALLY nazis, but there is an actual nazi party IN america right now, and stating that they don't exist is morally dishonest.
  153. Sordida Tellus - Today at 8:32 PM
  154. I'm not saying they don't exist, i'm saying the ones you think are aren't, therefore they don't exist. Of Course Nazi's exist.
  155. Terinastiger - Today at 8:32 PM
  156. They may not be guilty of the crimes I discussed, and I'll ACKNOWLEDGE the gulf in my knowledge if it exists. Because I didn't research this
  157. Sordida Tellus - Today at 8:32 PM
  158. But they have less then Zero Sway in this country, if anything, they get attacked.
  159. Which should be.
  160. Terinastiger - Today at 8:33 PM
  161. ...yes, becuase the people advocating hitler's ideologies are really people we should be pitying.
  162. /sarcasm
  163. Sordida Tellus - Today at 8:33 PM
  164. Of course not, but they have the same rights as anyone else, and we have the right to tell them they are wrong.
  165. Terinastiger - Today at 8:33 PM
  166. Look, even if they aren't international terrorists, it's worth noting that the ideology espoused by that party is fundamentally dangerous
  167. Sordida Tellus - Today at 8:34 PM
  168. It changes when you discuss them as if they are a problem, they are as much a problem as Mortality, you can combat it and it's bad but it's an inevitability.
  169. Look, Nazi's suck, they are bad, Of course. That's not my point.
  170. My Point is, is that you are somehow ignorant of people who are Legitmate Marxist, an Ideal as bad as Nazism. And are somehow ignorant of them but not people who had Tiki Torches like one time.
  171. Terinastiger - Today at 8:35 PM
  172. Fine. I'll agree to drop the nazis from the discussion if you do.
  173. ...so you're telling me what I think now? Apparently I'm ignorant of marxism?
  174. Sordida Tellus - Today at 8:35 PM
  175. No. Not Marxist.
  176. I mean-
  177. Not the idea of Marxism.
  178. But people who are.
  179. Terinastiger - Today at 8:36 PM
  180. "My Point is, is that you are somehow ignorant of people who are Legitmate Marxist". You imply that I can't rationally identify people who espouse marxist ideals wihtoutt even asking me if I recognise such thinsg or not
  181. To borrow your words, since apparently your view point is supreme here: "don't put words in my mouth"
  182. Sordida Tellus - Today at 8:37 PM
  183. Can you rationally identify people who espouse Nazi ideals?
  184. And that is a Non-seqtuitur, Identfying Marxist and Marxism are two diffrent things.
  185. Gosh, Don't put words in my mouth.
  186. And no you can't rationally identify people who espouse Marxist Ideals, since they are BLATANT.
  187. Terinastiger - Today at 8:37 PM
  188. This conversation is legitimately terrible
  189. Sordida Tellus - Today at 8:38 PM
  190. Oh yeah just start insulting things. :\(edited)
  191. What will make it better? Conceding to you and brownosing you from here on out?
  192. Because it feels like the only way to fix the conversation, is to not have it.(edited)
  193. You said that you are Ignorant of AntiFa, do not go back on it now.
  194. Yes, you can't identify them; You said this, not me.
  195. Terinastiger - Today at 8:40 PM
  196. I'll admit that my distaste for this is less tthe subject matter and more the tone. You're very confrontational about what you believe, which makes me feel like I'm being pushed into either agreeing with you wholeheartedly or taking an adversarial position even if I don't have the knoweledge I comfortably would like to have a debatte
  197. I don't even disagree with some of your statements, but the way you PRESENT them makes me want to oppose you purely on instinct
  198. Sordida Tellus - Today at 8:40 PM
  199. Tone, what tone? Want me to go on Vocaroo and record my statements?
  200. Because my Tone isn't what you think it is, and if Tone is really the height of your problems, then it's obvious you do less dislike the platter, not the dish.
  201. Truthes do not care about your feelings, suck it up and deal with it, pansy. <---- Confrontantional.
  202. I'm Sorry Terinas, if my tone bothers you, and yes, I do feel strongly over my ideals <---- Me trying to be nice because I know antagonizing people get's Zero things done.
  203. The reason I feel strongly is because i'm given this exact treatment you see before you by everyone else and THEN some, so sorry for assuming i'm about to get treated the same way.
  204. Terinastiger - Today at 8:43 PM
  205. The fact of the matter is you make me want to be inclined to like Antifa more becauase of how stupid you make me feel in this conversation even if I know literally nothing about them. You have consistantly come off as confrontational and hostile, you use snotty expressions like "don't put words in my mouth" instead of things more neutral like "I believe you've misstated my position", and things such as "suck it up and deal with it, pansy" and over all you come off as having the diplomacy of Matthew C. Perry
  206. Sordida Tellus - Today at 8:43 PM
  207. It's my bad, I try to explain myself and you respond in a way that I perceive as Antagonistic, it was obviously spurred by a confrantional attitude you apparentlly think I have.(edited)
  208. Which, by the by, Is not what I think, don't tell me what I think.
  209. Terinastiger - Today at 8:44 PM
  210. My god, if this is how you talk to people, I think people blocking you is less becuse of your opinions and more how you present yourself in public
  211. Sordida Tellus - Today at 8:44 PM
  212. My tone is what I say it is. Not what YOU say it is.
  213. I can't win, Terinas, you are saying i'm confrontational. I'm not.
  215. Sordida Tellus - Today at 8:45 PM
  216. Is this how you talk to people? Just make everyone out to be a villain hellbent on attacking your morals? Because what you're reading before you is the exact thing you hate.(edited)
  217. Literally pot calling the kettle black.
  218. What do you want? Because obviously Rational does not work, I need to curb my speech to satiate your desires.
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