Ink & Quill: Prologue

Jun 7th, 2021
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  1. >It was another late night for you, like always.
  2. >Cans of empty energy drinks and snack wrappers are strewn about your desk, a result of you never leaving your computer.
  3. >You are Anonymous, and are writing the latest chapter to your Anon in Equestria; everyone has been waiting for it, and you can't let them wait any longer.
  4. >You've been writing for almost the entire day, with the only breaks being to go to the bathroom: hence the snacks everywhere.
  5. >You've been a member of the brony community since the newest generation started, and made quite a name for yourself with your work.
  6. >Hell, you've even made your own p0nysona.
  7. >It's almost like you live there with how well you know the characters.
  8. >Thousands of people read your work, and you couldn't be happier about that.
  9. >But when you have to spend writing sessions like this, you learn to hate it.
  10. >As the clock struck midnight, and you finish up the chapter, finally satisfied with your work, you save the final draft.
  11. >You sigh. Twenty four hours straight of writing, and it still seemed short.
  12. >Reading it over, your eyelids slowly seem to get heavier.
  13. >You go to grab another drink, but you're all out, and you have no more in the house.
  14. >After you get about a quarter of the way through, your head falls on the keyboard, yourself finally passing out from lack of sleep.
  16. (Cut to your dream.)
  17. >You're in Ponyville, again.
  18. >Writing this long usually does this to you.
  19. >As real as it may seem, it still isn't.
  20. >Might as well enjoy it while you can.
  21. >You walk off to Twilight’s'; if this dream is like the others, the mane 6 will all be there.
  22. >Opening the door, you were right.
  23. >All: “Hey, Anonymous!”
  24. “Hey girls, how are all of you?”
  25. >T: “Great!”
  26. >RT: “Marvelous!”
  27. >RD: “Amazing!”
  28. >AJ: “Jus' fine!”
  29. >PP: “AWESOME!”
  30. >FS: “Good...”
  31. >You walk around, exchanging hellos and hugs with all of them.
  32. “So, what do you all want to do today?”
  33. >RT: “It's up to you, darling. We decided last time, didn't we?
  34. >T: “She's right, Anon. What do you want to do?”
  35. >You think about it for a moment.
  36. >Then it hits you.
  37. “Picnic.”
  38. >They all seem to like the idea, but Rainbow Dash seems uninterested by it.
  39. >Go Figure.
  40. “Didn't you say you had some new tricks to show us, Dash?”
  41. >RD: “Yeah, why?”
  42. “Well, you can show us at the picnic, can't you?”
  43. >She sees where you're going with this, and instantly perks up.
  44. >RD: “You're right! I'll go find the spot!”
  45. >She flies out of the house.
  46. >FS: “I'll go make the food.”
  47. >T: “Rarity and I will find where Rainbow went.”
  48. >Rarity nods.
  49. >PP: “And I'LL get the balloons!”
  50. >Everyone looks at her.
  51. >PP: “What? You can't have a picnic without balloons!”
  52. >You laugh, and tag along with Twilight and Rarity.
  54. (Back to reality.)
  55. >You slowly open your eyes, experiencing one hell of a sugar-hangover.
  56. >The sun is blinding, and you decide to keep them closed.
  57. >Your head is killing you, and if you remember correctly, you'll have a keyboard imprinted on the side of your face.
  58. “I need to stop doing this to myself...”
  59. >You are still feeling tired, and you really don't want to get up.
  60. >Still, a splash of cold water on your face might do some good.
  61. >You rub your eyes, and head to the bathroom.
  62. >If there was a bathroom; it seems like only your bedroom is here.
  63. >Now what?
  64. >You walk over to the window, but there's a problem:
  65. >Why is it so high up?
  66. >And why are you on all fours?
  67. >You try to focus; there's a mirror over your bed, maybe that will provide some answers.
  68. >Looking in the mirror, you can't believe what you see.
  69. >A pony with a dark coat, light mane, and a horn is staring at you.
  70. >This pony looks familiar, but why is he replacing your reflection?
  71. >Then it hits you.
  72. >You do the only thing you can think of.
  73. >You laugh, and pass right back out.
  75. --
  77. >T: “Come on, Quill! We don't have all day!”
  78. >Quill? Who is she talking to?
  79. >And you don't remember her being the same height as you, either.
  80. >You look down at your feet:
  81. >They're replaced by hoofs, to your surprise.
  82. >You freak out, and land on your ass.
  83. >Twilight is startled by this.
  84. >T: “Quill?! Are you okay?”
  85. “Whats...whats going on...”
  86. >T: “What do you mean? We're going to have a picnic, just like you suggested!”
  87. “N-no, I was human when I said that...”
  88. >T: “What are you talking about?”
  89. >You stare at your hoofs, and your flank; an ink bottle and quill adorn it.
  90. >Who...who are you?
  91. >T: “Quill, are, you, okay?”
  92. >You look up at her.
  93. “Ye-yeah, I think so...Lets go.”
  94. >You get up, and start walking with Twilight.
  95. >Dash is off in the distance, underneath a tree by the pond.
  96. >You go up, and see that Pinkie and Fluttershy are there as well.
  97. >RD: “Now we're just waiting on AJ and Rarity.”
  98. “She's probably making sure her mane is perfect.”
  99. >The others chuckle with you, and Dash retorts back:
  100. >RD: “Your mane isn't much better, Quill. Have you SEEN it lately?
  101. >You look at her quizzically, and peek in the pond.
  102. >Damn, your mane is an absolute mess.
  103. >You laugh, and the others join you.
  104. >Applejack shows up shortly after with desserts, and Rarity shows up a few moments after her, her mane perfect as always.
  105. “Now that everyone's here, lets dig in!”
  107. --
  109. >You open your eyes for the second time that day.
  110. >The sun is starting to near the horizon now.
  111. >If you're where you think you are...
  112. >No. It was just a bad dream.
  113. >Within a dream?
  114. >You get up and look in the mirror.
  115. >You're still a pony, and from your dream, you assume your name is Quill.
  116. >And that was the name of your ponysona.
  117. >And you happen to look exactly like him.
  118. >This isn't making sense, but you won't find answers in here.
  119. >Figuring there is nothing here in your room that you need now that you're a pony, you decide to brave the outdoors.
  120. >Time to see if you are where you think you are.
  121. >You try to push open the door, and struggle to do it.
  122. >Damn this body; if this is real (which you hope it isn't at this point), this will take some getting used to.
  123. >After deciding on going through the window, you try to figure out where you are.
  124. >Even after all of the work you've done learning about Equestria, you have no idea where you are.
  125. >In the middle of a field is where your ruined bedroom lies, and you're surrounded by forest.
  126. >It looks like the Everfree forest, but nothing you read told you about this part of it...
  127. “Hell, might as well start walking.”
  128. >Walking into a part that didn't look too dense, you trotted off, hoping for the best.
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