toph in the shower

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  1. Taking advantage of a blind person is a terrible thing to do. It didn't stop the earth rumble 6, but it did give them pause for thought. A brief aside to themselves of whether or not they still held any honor, any pride after such a perverse and horrible thing as the act they committed every day. Yet, the sweet thrill, the temptation of doing something so wrong, so passionate swept and crashed those thoughts in moments as they stood in the change room.
  2. Toph Beifong, champion of the ring, barely 2 digits to her age stood at her locker. The men stared on as she removed each article of clothing, each silken layer peeled off. As more and more flesh became visible, the men began to rub themselves. It was a dangerous game, one they'd played so many times before but routine had not dulled the ease of failure. A stroke coming off too loud, or too quick could give away what they were doing.
  3. There were some things that the men could not hide; breathing, adjusting, footsteps as they came in; these were things Toph couldn't ignore if she wanted to, so they made no effort to hide that they were there. Sometimes they'd even talk to her and amongst themselves, throwing an air of normalcy onto the operation. Sometimes it was to heighten things, change the subject to something perverse, tempt themselves and the others to speed up their movements in front of the unwitting pre teen.
  4. Another layer went over her head. The wrapping around her chest was visible to the room. Toph's fingers wrapped themselves around the linen, and began to peel layer after layer, winding around her torso until her budding breasts were finally visible to the room. Boulder had been talking about laundry and getting stains out, and had to stumble just to keep up, the illusion never breaking. Toph didn't seem to notice. Her hands went to her hips, and her pants fell to her ankles, then her panties. Headhunter began to speed up a little, treading a dangerous line. Toph paused as she heard the rapid shuffling in the background.
  5. "What, did you fall into some poison ivy or something?" There was a giggle to the question, a beautiful 12 year old innocence to the idea that it was a small dose of misfortune. The one that had sped up coughed a little.
  6. "Yeah, some prankster put some in my pants while we were fighting. Hell of a rash spreading."
  7. "Can I feel?" The entire room almost went silent. Almost. Some of the fighters were disciplined enough to keep going.
  8. "Um... I don't know... it's in sort of a grown up area." Headhunter stammered, unsure whether to encourage the touch or push her away so she didn't notice the erection. Thankfully, today wouldn't be the day for such a thing.
  9. "Oh, that's unfortunate. Can someone turn on the shower, or click in its direction or something?" The nozzle turned and the sound of hot water pelting the ground guided Toph towards the spraying jets. "Thanks." The water came down on her in sheets, hugging every curve, trickling over her chest, dribbling between her legs, hugging the smooth curves of her hairless cooch. Her eyes calmly shut, in the relaxing tide of warmth falling on her. A small smile playing on her lips.
  10. The team began to speed up, now more bold and confident now that the water was covering the sound of their stroking. Gecko was the first to finish, shooting a load down the drain of the communal room, but the others weren't far behind. Right at the last moment, just as everyone was wrapping up, gopher made a mistake. Some of the other fighters had been shooting closer and closer to the young girl as a sort of dare, a perverse test of bravery. Gopher had shot against the girl's stomach.
  11. Toph blinked twice. Something was odd. A small spurt of liquid that didn't quite feel the same as the rest. The men held their breath. Her hand drifted to the white on her stomach. A glob of it on her fingers, rubbing it back and forth, testing the viscosity. Curiosity across her face.
  12. "Did someone loose some oil or something?" Gopher was fast to hide the situation.
  13. "Yeah! That was me, some of it flew out of my hands and I was using it for... uh... for shaving. Don't even worry about it." Toph gave it a few experimental sniffs and flicked it down into the drain below.
  14. "Watch where your throwing that stuff, I hear it costs alot."
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