Another 7 years

Dec 30th, 2015
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  1. Backstory: The 7 years war goes differently, in Europe total victory for France and Austria, in India France and her Indian allies dominate and the British are ejected from the continent, and in North America France wins tactical victories but unable to overcome the population and material advantage of the thirteen colonies status quo. Following this France enters a golden age of commerce and her North American colonies grow sizably in population, fearing growing French power the thirteen colonies stick closer to the British crown. Meanwhile Austria, overextended by wars and maintaining its position as #2 great power is rocked by economic crisis and liberal revolution, ultimately the Habsburg monarchy is toppled and revolutionary forces seize power before going on to invade and dominate most of central and eastern Europe. The Ottomans are removed the Balkans and Poland restored as a revolutionary puppet, the British, seeing a chance to regain lost ground provide support to the revolutionaries and launch attacks on the colonial possessions of the coalition, in the chaos the Dutch grip on the East Indies is largely destroyed and a powerful Chinese merchant house, already shadow rulers of Malay seize Java. Ultimately the revolution is put down by a coalition of Russian, French and German troops and the Habsburg absolute monarchy restored to its pre-revolution borders, with the exception of Poland who using the newfound revolutionary principles of the nation at arms manages to hold on to its independence.
  3. Other divergences of note: Without the Napoleonic wars Spanish and Portuguese America is much more stable, though the revolutions are just kicking off as of 1836 for the Spanish.
  4. Christianity has much more of a foothold in Japan, and the Sengoku era never finished, the feuding Japanese states are split between Christian Daimyos in the south and native Shinto ones in the north, loosely grouped into Portuguese and Dutch spheres of influence respectively.
  5. The Russians are much more interested in colonial ventures than OTL.
  6. Without Napoleon's invasion the Knight's Hospitaller are still in control of Malta, as well they maintained their 17th century Caribbean colonies.
  9. Version 0.3 download http://www.mediafire.com/download/laxj9llrvf8aqlr/7yearsV0.3.zip
  10. mirror https://mega.nz/#!YIhl0KZD!7K-s95bU7g4f4ny-ax3_07GcvV5L6MCETB4tCsTsc_A
  12. Known bugs: These will be fixed for next version, in the meantime watch out, I'll push out a hotfix if there's anything gamebreaking
  13. None yet!
  16. You can find me on /gsg/ with the trip !GG1SfzBGbU or on discord as Girlfucker420 please contact me about any bugs or suggestions.
  17. Muchos Gracias to Rylocke for NNM which forms the base of the mod, HPM for certain features and work I've integrated and AFPG and unHPM for flags.
  20. version 0.3 changelog
  21. Made Choshu Catholic and forming Christian Japan changes your religion to Catholic just in case of shenanigans
  22. Made the pops in Gorlitz to South German so that Silesia isn't required to form the NGF
  23. Fixed the EIC events
  24. Doubled Poland's soldier pops and gave them two additional starting armies
  25. Gave Poland cores on Danzig and Tuchel
  26. Forming Germany no longer requires Alsace-Lorraine
  27. Added an event to form a democratic Germany if there's no Germany, NGF or SGF by the 1880s, it will form a very Klein deustchland without Holstein, Prussia or Saxony and remove German cores from those countries and Alsace-Lorraine
  28. Fixed Indonesia's liferatings
  29. Redrew Mozambique
  30. Added two decisions for Portugal, to move their capital to Brazil if Lisbon is threatened and to add Brazilian as an accepted culture
  31. Fixed the USA not getting cores on Tennessee
  32. Stopped British pops from leaving USA cores for Halifax after the Revolution
  33. Made the American Revolution a little harder for the British to win
  34. Japanese flags, thanks to unHPM
  35. Fixed a conflict with an existing decision making forming Japan as a Shinto not work
  36. Removed a Basotho core that makes no one colonize the Northern Cape
  37. Fixed the Northern Cape events to cede land to the Dutch properly
  38. Redrew Taiwan, added Taiwanese aboriginal pops
  39. Creating Yugoslavia will now include the Kingdom of the Balkans
  40. Integrated HPM's Communism and Fascism flavour
  41. Fixed a broken event in joining Canadian Confederation
  43. version 0.2 changelog
  44. Renamed Malta to Knights Hospitaller
  45. Changed the capital of the Kingdom of the Balkans to Belgrade, gave them cores on Serbia and Bosnia and make Bosnia non-colonial
  46. Switched the Indian Princely states from EIC to French puppets to ensure they stay puppets after the annexation of the EIC
  47. Gave Poland tech
  48. Stopped Spain from taking the Conquest of Auracania decision in the middle of the Latin American revolutions
  49. Increased Dominican pops to match HPM
  50. Raised SE Asian liferatings
  51. Changed Indonesia's starting situation, it's now mostly in the hands of uncivs, the most prominent of which are the Koh Kongsi a Chinese merchant power, with the Europeans confined to trading posts
  52. Changed Indochina's starting situation, Vietnam's southern colonization has been slowed with most of the land in Cambodian or Kongsi hands, changed pops in the region to have much more Khmer. Vietnam is now the hegemon in Laos instead of Thailand
  53. Changed Japan's starting situation, it's now a patchwork of rival feudal lords, Catholics supported by the Portuguese in the West and Shinto's supported by the Dutch in the East
  54. Fixed Japan's events to work with the new scenario
  55. Tweaked the Latin American revolutions slightly so you don't see the three viceroyalties every single game
  56. Gave the Dutch back the Cape
  57. Added events for American independence, tweaked existing ones
  58. Fixed Mobile having a port while being landlocked
  59. Megali idea now gives cores on Constantinople
  60. Added Brazilian minor cores
  61. Added an event chain to deal with the fate of the Austrian Netherlands
  62. Added a decision for player controlled Constantinople to revoke its neutrality, gave them Russian tech
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