Sunny Delights

Jul 7th, 2018
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  1. >The bed creaked
  2. >The sounds of bodies sliding against each other filled the air
  3. >Celestia leaned back, a hum escaping her throat as she felt the cock inside of her hilt
  4. >She held the position, closing her eyes to properly enjoy the smell of sex and sweat, the feeling of her lover's hands helplessly paw at her rump, the musky hotness of the room
  5. >The alicorn grinded her hips in lazy circles
  6. >The cock inside of her twitched
  7. >A grunt could be heard as the hands tightened around her flank, causing her to smile to herself
  8. >She lifted her hips, raising herself from that cock, allowing half of it's length to withdraw from her before it felt unnatural and she let herself fall down
  9. >A satisfyingly wet, meaty slap filled the air as her rump connected his lap
  10. >The grunt came again, this time from the chest instead of the throat
  11. >Her human squirmed gently from underneath her, his legs brushing against her ever-moving tail
  12. >A part of her felt a little disappointed that her lover rarely moaned aloud
  13. >She did enjoy the sound so, even though he found it oh so embarrassing
  14. >Time and again he insisted that such sounds weren't supposed to be made by his kind's stallions
  15. >At length the two of them had spoken about sex, in fact, and it had amused Celestia to absolutely no end
  16. >Breathing through her nose, she opened her eyes, shifting her weight forward
  17. >The cock inside of her twitched again, it's mushroom head ballooning, though she paid it no mind, leaning down until she was muzzle-to-nose with her lover
  18. >His face was flush and his eyes were half-lidded
  19. >To her delight, he also looked like he had just sucked on a particularly sour lemon
  20. >Grinning, she raised and lowered herself in rapid succession
  21. >His face scrunched up more and more each time she forced him to hilt her, lips drawing back to reveal teeth
  23. >Such a willful stallion
  24. >Aggressive, uncompromising, even on occasion loud and as stubborn as any being that she had ever met
  25. >More than once she had seen him try to pick a fight with dragons, yet here he lay under her like some blushing colt
  26. >A shiver ran up the length of Celestia's spine as a twinkle of pleasure made her back arch
  27. >Oh, he had tried his dominance
  28. >Carried her to this very bed, thrown her onto it and began kissing and nipping at her coat
  29. >That delightful little tongue of his had turned her teats sensitive and hard to the touch
  30. >Both cutiemarks had been squeezed, groped, and slapped
  31. >He had also spend a good deal more time than was necessary licking her
  32. >And yes, he had mounted her like the mighty predator that he was, using full, slow thrusts to force his cock in and out of her
  33. >But, as always happened, there was a moment of weakness that made the mighty human seem not so mighty
  34. >A gasp, a shaky twitch of pleasure, hands gripping onto her flanks as if he were afraid that he was about to take off into the air
  35. >It was then she had him, though not without a fight
  36. >That was another thing--among many-- that she enjoyed about this alien being
  37. >Intimacy was always a battle
  38. >There was no lying there and waiting until climax was achieved
  39. >Celestia kissed her lover's cheek, savoring the taste of his salty sweaty
  40. >He twitched at the contact, muscles in his stomach and neck bulging as the bed's rocking picked up
  41. >His eyes focused, settling on her face
  42. >She smiled at him, planting a loving kiss on his lips
  43. >His hips jerked, forcing every inch of his cock inside of her
  44. >And what a wonderful cock it was
  46. >Nothing like a stallions
  47. >Those long, thick appendages that battered the inside of a mare
  48. >It was much thinner, and it's tip more suited for penetration
  49. >This was a member that one didn't have to brace for
  50. >Every inch was felt, and every inch could be attacked with the full might of vaginal strength and sexual prowess
  51. >Celestia let out a groan, tossing her head as she rode her human fast and hard
  52. >She could feel him twitching inside of her regularly now
  53. >His breathing was shallow and quick, and his chest was beginning to grow flush
  54. >Her stomach tightened in excitement
  55. >She used a millennia of tricks to shave what little stamina that he had left
  56. >He hated when she did this, tried to make him finish before her
  57. >He wanted to her feel good, wanted to make her cum
  58. >But the face that he made, that unfocused, almost pained look as she forced him to unload everything inside of her was beyond gratifying
  59. >It made her feel proud, sexy
  60. >A quieter, more arrogant side felt proud and boastful
  61. >That side was the part of her that knew that the human under her wouldn never lose interest
  62. >He'd never pick a different mare, or show any interest in herding
  63. >Luna would never feel his embrace as she did
  64. >Twilight would get nothing more than a friendly pat on the head
  65. >If a human female would proposition him she'd be laughed at
  66. >Because he was HER'S
  67. >Nopony else could make him feel like she did
  68. >Nopony would make his cock twitch with a few licks, or taste feel his seed as it plastered her face
  69. >No other mare would know what it feels like to stroke his length with her wings, or her hooves, or feel it buried deep in her ass
  70. >Because he KNEW that there was no pony better than the one riding him at that very moment
  72. >Fingertips dug into her coat almost painfully
  73. >Her lover's hips jerked and she could hear his legs dragging against the bedsheet
  74. >Then she felt it; that wonderful, fulfilling spurt of cum firing into her
  75. >Even now her human didn't moan or scream in ecstasy
  76. >He twitched and jerked, his eyes shut tightly as he bit his bottom lip
  77. >A low, throaty groan escaped Celestia's throat
  78. >She continued to ride him, feeling her own end drawing near as she did her best to wring out every bit of cum inside of him
  79. >Her mane bounced against her shoulders, her wings extended
  80. >All troubles were forgotten
  81. >All hopes and dreams and duties washed away
  82. >There was just her him, sweat, and that wonderful heat
  83. >With one last slap, Celestia settled herself onto her lover's lap, letting out a sigh as her orgasm washed over her
  84. >Her marehood tightened around the cock inside of her over and over again, coating her human's groin in such a way that he'd smell like her for the rest of the week
  85. >This thought only heightened her orgasm as she grinded herself against his lap
  86. >Her human, let out a whimper from underneath her
  87. >She could probably get another few orgasms out of him if she so desired
  88. >Just keep him hard and ride him until he was completely senseless
  89. >Celestia bounced a few times in his lap, thinking over the idea
  90. >Then, with a sigh, she flopped herself on top of him, muzzle pressed into the nape of his neck and her wing tips touching the floor on either side of the bed
  91. >Her human let out a shaky sigh, reaching up to play with her mane
  92. >She responded by wiggling on top of him, his cock still buried inside of her
  93. >Maybe another day
  94. >For now, rest
  95. "I love you."
  96. >"I love you too."
  98. ~_~_~_~_~
  100. >Raven was talking
  101. >It was important; new regulations, meetings, the odd business opening or two
  102. >Celestia listened as best as she could
  103. >Luna was half asleep, her head resting on the top of the stack of pancakes sitting in front of her
  104. >A yawn escaped Celestia's throat
  105. >Last night's activities had left her a bit more tired than she would have liked
  106. >She could feel a pleasant ache in her lower body with each breath that she took
  107. >That alone kept the smile on her face as she ate her bowl of oatmeal
  108. >Raven's report on a horseshoe store ceased for a moment
  109. >She looked away from the royal highnesses toward the door
  110. >A sound filled the quiet air
  111. >A sound almost totally unique to this castle
  112. >It wasn't the clip-clop of hooves or the scrape of claws on marble
  113. >It was a dull, fleshy noise
  114. >A pitter-patter; so silent that one needed to strain to hear it
  115. >Once, Celestia had heard one of her guards comment that it was probably the closest sound that death made as it walked
  116. >The princess's smile widened
  117. >Looking over her shoulder, she saw her human
  118. >He was barefoot, wearing a loose-fitting shirt and a pair of pajama pants
  119. >His hair was messy and his eyes were nearly closed as he made his way toward the table
  120. >With some pride, Celestia also noticed that his gaunt was a little stiff
  121. >Raven bowed her head and uttered a greeting
  122. >Her human let out a barely audible grunt in return, making his way toward the empty seat at the table
  123. >Celestia found herself shaking her head at the sight
  124. >What a silly creature...
  125. >She extended a wing, grabbing his wrist
  126. >Her lover twitched in startlement, and his eyes widened noticeably
  128. >She paid it no mind, gently but firmly guiding him toward her
  129. >With a spell she was able to push her seat up
  130. >With another spell her glass of orange juice was refilled
  131. >Her human mumbled and grumbled, but even so allowed himself to be seated in her chair
  132. >Humming, Celestia pressed him against her
  133. >Both hooves wrapped around his middle, her tail snaked around one of his legs
  134. >She nuzzled the top of his head, breathing deeply
  135. >She could smell sweat, the shampoo that he had used the night before, and the smell of iron
  136. >But there was another smell, pungent and delightfully powerful
  137. >So powerful that from across the room Raven's nose scrunched up at it's scent
  138. >It was this same scent that clung to every inch of her human
  139. >His face, his chest, his hands, every inch below his waist
  140. >Celestia laughed to herself, closing her eyes as she breathed deeply
  141. >Both of her wings wrapped around her lover, pinning him in place
  142. >He let out an irritated noise, trying to reach for the glass of juice
  143. >Kissing the back of his neck, Celestia used her magic to lift it toward his lips
  144. >She whispered something onto his ear
  145. >He looked back at her for a moment, rolling his eyes and placing a hand on her hooves to give it an affectionate pat
  146. >Across the table, Luna let out a princess-like snort, nuzzling her cheek against the top of her pancake
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