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  1. Description of yourself
  2. Hello, my name is Albin and im 19 years old and i come from sweden. I recently finnished school and nowdays i work at a school and help kids who need some extra help. In my free time i like to spend time with my friends/family and play some games, such as arma 3 and league of legends.
  4. Why do you want to join the APD and why would you make for a good officer?
  5. I feel like i want to join the police force because ive been police on another server and i found that quite fun, and at the moment my gang is inactive so i feel it would be a good moment to join the police force, aswell as i have some friends in the police that i would like to play with. I feel what i could bring to the police is a calm and fun attitude (as long as your not a retard) and a guy you can have some banter with. I also have alot of experience in arma 3 so i could bring some of that i guess, like shooting, marking comms etc. I also would like to join the police so i can always have someone to play with and not having to wait for people to come on to play seeing as in police there is always someone online to play with and have fun with. Thats really it i guess.
  7. Tell us in some detail what tasks you expect to be undertaking as a police officer
  8. As a police officer your tasks would be such as, keeping the people on the island safe and not let rebels harm them. Another task would be to stop the illegal drug trafficking on the island or atleast try to keep it in check. Another task i guess would be to stop rebels breaking in to the bank. But the most important role as a police officer i would say is to ensure that the civilians of the island can live a good life and not be harmed by anyone. And also ofcoures help in whatever task that is being handed to you, wheter that be a simple dipsatch with someone in a road accident or a fuel station getting robbed.
  10. Explain your characters backstory
  11. Hello, my name is Qetz. Ive come to Altis from another island, but me and my mates had to run away from it as it had a nazi goverment and in the end we were all banished from it. Ive been living on this island for about 2 years now in the start it was all good and i was doing just fine but due to the absence of the brotherhood im apart of im on my own now, and im starting to see all the illegal activity for what it really is and how much it hurts the people of the island, its because of that ive decided to apply for the police force.
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