[RGR] Fleur Meets Anon In Canterlot

Jun 9th, 2018
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  1. [RGR] Fleur Meets Anon In Canterlot While His Girlfriend Is Off Shopping
  3. Written by: Anonymous
  4. Written on: 2018 March 18
  6. Original Post - https://desuarchive.org/mlp/thread/32055048/#32068854
  7. Revival Link - https://desuarchive.org/mlp/thread/32474032/#32491839
  9. >Be Anon
  10. >You were on vacation with your girlfriend Stacy
  11. >For some reason, your girl wanted you both to go to that weird new horse world that had the Australians had found
  12. >Oddly enough, thanks to the horses "magic" it was pretty much just a skip and a hop away
  13. >And there you found yourself, sitting outside a small cafe in the horseland capital, Canterlot
  14. >Your girlfriend was down at the market district looking at shit
  15. >You had elected to shit here because you were sick of walking and the idea of walking around looking for clothes made you want to leap off this fucking mountain
  16. >Sighing, you took a sip of your coffee and looked out at the street
  17. >Stacy had said that she'd meet up with you at sundown
  18. >Thankfully, you could do a bit of street watching
  19. >Ponies of all shapes and sizes were walking around
  20. >In the crowd, you could also see those weird bird lions, and even a few humans milling about
  21. >There was laughter, some good natured rough housing near a fancy fountain
  22. >A pair of minotaurs were talking with a really short dude in a hoodie
  23. >A pair was pretending to be a mime, making a box around herself
  24. >It honestly seemed like just around city
  25. >...Except, you know, horses and stuff...
  26. >"Bon après-midi, beau."
  27. >Out of the corner of your eye, you saw someone slipping into the seat next to you
  28. >You turned to see a rather large unicorn staring at you with a small smile on her face
  29. >It takes a few seconds, but you eventually realize that she was talking to you
  30. "Oh hello," you say, somewhat awkwardly
  31. >The mare smiles, her purple eyes boring into you
  32. >"I have not seen you around before. Are you new to Canterlot?" she asked
  33. >You nodded
  34. "Yes ma'am. My girlfriend and I decided to come here for vacation," you replied
  35. >The mare giggled, a hoof coming to get face to hide her smile
  36. >"Ma'am? Oh délicieux morceau, please call me Fleur," she said, leaning over to give your side a nuzzle
  37. >You shied away from the contact just a bit
  38. >You had heard from people that ponies were unusually
  40. >You had heard from people that ponies were unusually touchy-feely, but it still was a bit weird that some random one would come off the street and start rubbing against you
  41. >Even so, you could deal with weird
  42. >It's nice to meet you, Fleur. I'm Anon," you told the unicorn
  43. >"Anon. Anon..." Fleur said, rolling your name around in her mouth
  44. >She let out a hum, looking you up and down
  45. >She then leaned over and gave your side a sniff
  46. >"Tell me, Anon, Vous grand morceau de viande, where is your mare?"
  47. "She's somewhere in the market district I guess," you said, waving toward that part of the city. "I didn't feel like going, so I'm sitting here for the rest of the day."
  48. >Something flashed across Fleur's face that you couldn't quite identify
  49. >Her smile changed, becoming toothier, more...
  50. >Predatory?"
  51. >"Non, non, non, we can't have that," she said, rising to her hooves. "You're in the great city of Canterlot, mon cher! You need to see all that it has to offer!"
  52. >The tip of her horn glowed, and before you knew it an invisible force grabbed you by your hand and pulled you to your feet
  53. >You stumbled forward a bit, accidently bumping into Fleur's side
  54. >The unicorn let out a very quiet hum
  55. >If you didn't know any better, you would have said that she got a bit... fluffier when you can into contact with her
  56. >"Come, let me show you around town," she said with a little hop.
  57. >You looked back at your chair
  58. "That's real nice of you Mrs. Fleur, but I really should be stay here in case my girl comes early..."
  59. >"It will be fine, vous grand, beau singe."
  60. >Fleur gave your hand a little tug
  61. >"Come now. I cannot bare to see an unaccompanied stallion all by his lonesome."
  62. >With a few more tugs, you found yourself being led down the street
  63. >This...
  64. >This was kind of weird...
  65. >...
  66. >Still, you promised Stacy that you'd be here at sundown, so if you were there by then it would be okay...
  67. >And you did kind of want to see the city...
  68. "Alright... But I need to be back here by sunset."
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