Double Slave, Single Master

Jan 22nd, 2020
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  1. SCAT WARNING. I imagine this will require a creative dom into online scat humiliation and two curious but not experienced slaves for the most fun as I'm a beginner eater too!
  3. The game requires at least 2 slaves and one master, all three will be in a video chat. I WILL be wearing a mask for privacy, optional for all.
  5. The game is led by the dom... Start by having the two slaves chain themselves to a nearby object and take the combination lock code from them, from here onwards they're in your control, make sure you're fairly happy they can't escape. Both slaves MUST need to shit before the game begins so once they're locked up, get them to both shit onto a plate in-front of them, every last bit! Then it's over to the master to play!
  7. The master will then put the slaves against each over a series of games with the loser of each game obviously having a forfeit with that fresh shit. The winning slave is first to win or best of something like 5 games. Decide this before beginning but it's then over to the dom.
  9. Ideally looking for some new ideas but here's some rough ideas/inspiration:
  11. - A good one to start with: shit onto a plate on some scales the slave with the smallest shit eats a teaspoon. This just ensures both slaves are really pushing it all out and not trying to hold back before the fun begins ;P
  12. - Rock, paper, scissors. Best of 3 - Loser eats a teaspoon, chew 3 times before?
  13. - Games of battleships (maybe too long) - Previous loser holds a teaspoon in mouth throughout game?
  14. - Flip a coin - easy!
  15. - Roll a dice - odds v evens. Maybe both lose/win if a certain number.
  16. - Weigh the plate of shit on some kitchen scales (get beforehand), take it off and have the slaves spoon something small like 10grams without checking, put the plate back on the scales and the slave closest wins. The loser is eating whatever is on their spoon clean!
  17. - After shitting at the start of the game give yourself an enema. First slave to "leak" loses.
  18. - Both hold something like a sharpie in their ass throughout the games. If it falls we have a loser! Eat a teaspoon.
  19. - For added humiliation do this all in chastity!
  20. - Anything else!
  23. The winning slave then goes free so return their code, they can sit back and enjoy the rest of the game...
  25. Of course there's finally a bigger forfeit for the overall loser which is up to the master (feel free to discuss with winning slave).... Finally return the code after it's complete. Agree the forfeit upfront before the game begins, it adds an extra level of fear!
  27. Misc forfeit ideas:
  28. - Loser has to cum, wait 30 seconds or so and then eat a further teaspoon? Bet they won't enjoy it so much after that but they need that code!
  29. - Loser must eat the total number of teaspoons the winner ended up eating throughout the game. Risk here as could be 0, could be 4 but you won't know at the start of the game. Gamble for the slave.
  30. - Loser has to close their eyes, and scoop a spoon up. Eat the contents.
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