[KS] The Divine Tragedy

Nov 12th, 2013
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  1. Original post:
  3. I wished for a birthday that I would never forget.
  4. Instead, that heavenly body cast its celestial inferno upon me.
  5. Never will I forget it now.
  6. I curse my fate borne of the stars.
  8. In that suffocating purgatory I lay, terrified; alone in the world.
  9. Shielded from everything to ensure my survival,
  10. I could not even turn my head to look out the window at the stars.
  12. I met him by chance: that boy, who would be my guide into paradise –
  13. Whose smile beams comforting warmth,
  14. Whose heart beats both weak and strong,
  15. And whose eyes sparkle like the stars.
  17. ==========
  19. This KSFic was written for Weekly Writing Wednesdays, as sponsored by Mehkanik. The prompt was "Brevity: Write the most poignant story you can in under five hundred words. Hard mode: Under 100.". I derived much inspiration - both in terms of the subject matter and the format, down to the number of lines and words - from Dante Alighieri's "The Divine Comedy".
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