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  1. {"general": {"continent-code": {"value": ["EU"]}, "cost": {"value": 3205.0}, "country-code": {"value": ["BE"]}, "currency": {"value": ["EUR"]}, "cities": {"value": ["antwerp", "bruges", "leuven", "brussels", "ghent"]}, "timezone": {"value": ["UTC+02:00"]}, "location": {"value": {"lat": 50.83333333, "lon": 4.0}}}, "score": {"walkability": {"value": 84.0}, "traffic-safety": {"value": 100.0}, "safety": {"value": 79.904}, "quality-of-life": {"value": 70.646}, "people-density": {"value": 4.0, "unit": "ppl/km\u00b2"}, "nightlife": {"value": 68.0}, "internet": {"value": 44.0, "unit": "Mbps"}, "hospitals": {"value": 58.325}, "healthcare": {"value": 94.58999999999999}, "happiness": {"value": 86.66}, "fun": {"value": 64.0}, "friendly-to-foreigners": {"value": 76.0}, "free-wifi-in-city": {"value": 74.0}, "english-speaking": {"value": 68.0}, "air-quality-(now)": {"value": 39.0, "unit": "\u00b5g/m\u00b3"}, "cost": {"value": 3205.0, "unit": "$/month"}}, "guide": {"cashless-society": {"value": ["Yes, cards OK almost everywhere"]}, "gender-ratio": {"value": 53.0}, "internet-speed": {"value": 44.0, "unit": "Mbps"}, "power": {"value": {"voltage": "230V50Hz", "power-plug": ["c"]}}, "region": {"value": ["Europe"]}, "population": {"value": 11319511}, "capital": {"value": "Brussels"}, "subregion": {"value": "Western Europe"}, "borders": {"value": ["FRA", "DEU", "LUX", "NLD"]}}, "cost-of-living": {"1br-studio-rent-in-center": {"value": 808.6379999999999, "unit": "$/month"}, "beer-(0.5l)": {"value": 4.749999999999999, "unit": "$"}, "coca-cola-(0.3l)": {"value": 2.132, "unit": "$"}, "coffee": {"value": 3.3560000000000003, "unit": "$"}, "cost-of-living-for-expat": {"value": 1904.732, "unit": "$/month"}, "cost-of-living-for-family": {"value": 4115.659999999999, "unit": "$/month"}, "cost-of-living-for-local": {"value": 1175.902, "unit": "$/month"}, "dinner": {"value": 12.407999999999998, "unit": "$"}, "hotel": {"value": 105.56800000000001, "unit": "$"}}}
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