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Apr 9th, 2016
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  1. Hi,
  2. My name is Mr Digs, AIR director, Alliance FC and SRP director for The Initiative. I have just stolen the Alliance SRP wallet for our Snatch Doctrine. Whilst on a Snatch fleet, killing the MBC.
  4. For some time, I have become tired with the way INIT approach the game, and the hypocrisy within the higher echelons of the alliance that "Don't see the bigger picture" and feel that fighting a useless fight in Syndicate for moons we're going to lose anyway.
  5. Although Sister Bliss believes that fighting this war is an honourable thing to do, as INIT owe The Imperium a great deal for picking up the alliance after the absolute disaster that was Querious.
  6. As one of the main "Skymarshal’s" of The Initiative, I always had a hand in when it came to alliance decisions, I was always the alliances go to guy if they needed jump freighter help for moon go. Or when we were leaving Tenal when the Russians turn coated against us. I stuck with it, I was happy.
  7. When the alliance Assets got stuck in OE-4HB, I had to ninja people’s items out at 2am knowing I had to work at 6am on the same morning.
  8. I would agony aunt Soraya after he welped Machariels to lesser alliances (TISHU/OSS and The Culture to name three). Countless nights, I would have slack conversations on my phone with bliss because he couldn't decide which fish restaurant in Brighton to go to the next day.
  9. But after yesterday, I'd had enough. Enough of the shitty fleet doctrines, enough of the retarded FC calls, enough of the countless whining and bitching in alliance mumble, and internal channels about "how bad are we?" and "We can't even beat a Suddenly Spaceships Bhaalgorn fleet in a Machariel fleet". Enough is Enough.
  10. I am leaving INIT and I will be taking my new wealth with me, whoever I decide to join you will get a nice bonus courtesy of The Initiative.
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