From Her Lips

Apr 18th, 2021 (edited)
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  1. [[Avaris prayed to Lantra.]]
  3. My Lady. I hope that You are well, glad of heart, and content. I admit that I am not quite so, entirely, for I am troubled still by the hold the Wyrd has upon those of the Light. I have spoken with Gurashi and Cheliyi about it, and it is clear to me that their hearts and eyes are clouded still with shadow from their time in that place. It will not be easy, I think, to bring them to see true - If it can be done at all. More worrisome still, is that one of Yours walks with the favour of the Mistress of the Glomdoring, and sees it only as right and proper - and that I am foolish and ignorant to take such a dim view of the Wyrd. I /know/ that I am not. I feel it in my heart, and know that place to be a vile and corruptive influence. I have tried to sway them with words, and remind them of Wisdom, but I feel I have failed You in this, my Lady. Do You truly not mind Her stench upon one of Yours? I do not seek to bring Your censure upon anyone, merely to understand, so that I can better act, and speak of You in a manner that You would approve of. Ah, and Gurashi informed me that You will be healing a Priest of the Thousandfold's - I wish You well with that, and hope that it is as smooth a process as it can be. Light's blessings upon You, my Lady.
  5. [[The next IRL day or so, got a message that I'd been sent a really gorgeous sounding lotus origami by a dove! I thought it might be a letter or something similar, but it is /so much cooler/, oh my gosh.]]
  7. A dove comes flying into the room, deposits a misty lotus blossom folded from water and starlight
  8. into your hands, warbles cheerfully, and flies away.
  10. Neither vellum nor parchment has been used for this Divinely crafted
  11. origami water lotus, which exudes a calming, celestial glow. Rather,
  12. this beautiful flower has been folded carefully from a ray of starlight
  13. woven with a translucent sheet of water, forming a misty lotus blossom.
  14. A starry heart radiates out from the lotus's watery petals, beckoning
  15. for attention and release.
  16. It has 64 months of usefulness left.
  17. It weighs 1 ounce(s).
  18. It bears the distinctive mark of Lantra, the Empyreal.
  20. Avaris cups the origami gently within his upper pair of hands, all about him
  21. ignored as he turns his face down to regard the blossom with quiet reverence.
  23. You think to yourself: A gentle ripple of benign emotion stirs within his soul, a quiet wave of awe,
  24. of admiration, and the sweet, clarion notes of simple adoration and joy. "Ah, my Lady. You are too
  25. kind to me, to have given me such a gift. How am I to do anything but cherish it? It seems a
  26. terrible thing, to undo such a wondrous working, even if that is the intent."
  28. Avaris lingers over the lotus for a moment that stretches on, so still that it
  29. seems a work of art placed within the hands of a statue carved from marble. Eventually, however, he
  30. stirs, with no small amount of reluctance.
  32. A misty lotus blossom folded from water and starlight unfolds and sings to you, "My attentions will
  33. be brief this coming year upon the mortal realm. Yet I note this path you are on causes you great
  34. distress and pain. Not all battles are best fought on the frontlines, My child, and part of Wisdom
  35. is knowing how to enact change. Consider the patience and skill of the healer - trust that small
  36. ripples in the water can travel further than crashing waves. Until We next speak, I ask that you do
  37. not throw yourself against the shore to no avail. It is a lonely path to walk."
  38. A misty lotus blossom folded from water and starlight flutters apart in wisps of vellum and
  39. disappears from your hands.
  41. As the Divinely crafted lotus drifts apart into wisps of mist and glimmering starlight, Avaris allows
  42. his hands to lower, so that they clasp one another upon his abdomen, his head lowered in thought.
  44. You think to yourself: Faint shame accompanies the needle of self-recrimination that jabs into him at the words, a disappointment in his brashness, in his unsubtle approach. He would listen, of course, and do as his Lady bade him. He would hold his tongue and strive for a gentler tactic, and await either instruction or admonishment from Her, when She returned. He would be better, for Her, for the Light.
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