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  1. <p align="center">
  3. ||UIWebView|WKWebView|
  4. |:----|:----|:----|
  5. |Introduced In|iOS 2.0|iOS 8.0|
  6. |Framework uses|UIKit|WebKit|
  7. |Scale pages to fit available|Yes|No|
  8. |Performance|Low as compare to WKWebView| higher and efficient|
  9. |Extra support like IndexedDB and ObjectStore ArrayBuffer.|No|Yes|
  10. |CPU usage to render same particles|90%|25%|
  11. |Able to load local files|Yes|No|
  12. |Data get saved in cookies|Yes|No|
  13. |Crash rate|High|Low|
  14. |iOS web browser compatibility|iCab, Mercury, Dolphin, Opera, Opera Coast, Grazing, Bing, Y! Browser|Google Chrome, Firefox, Ohajiki, Sleipnir, Libing|
  15. </p>
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