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Jun 2nd, 2013
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  1.  E N Z O: We have decided that we will stop charging for citizenship
  2.  E N Z O: this will create many good results and one or tw negatives
  3.  "Yeshua": whats the catch :o
  4.  E N Z O: the "catch"
  5.  E N Z O: AW will offer an economy model similar to a restaurant
  6.  E N Z O: You join for free
  7.  E N Z O: NAME
  9.  E N Z O: EMAIL
  10.  E N Z O: you will have one of several "Basic CAV Templates"
  11. E N Z O: with a limited choice of "clothes"
  12.  E N Z O: if you desire to customize your av... purchase credits and use them
  13.  E N Z O: or win credits in a game like bingo
  14.  E N Z O: and use them
  15.  E N Z O: noone "has" to buy anything
  16.  E N Z O: all legacy avs will still be there
  17.  E N Z O: thats for cits...
  20. World Owners:
  21.  E N Z O: there will no longer be a fee to license the server
  22.  E N Z O: at least not the 69.95$
  23.  E N Z O: world pricng will be based on size
  24.  E N Z O: user counts will be upped
  25.  E N Z O: likely to 50
  26.  E N Z O: as a base
  27.  E N Z O: no Voip charge for worlds you host yourself
  28.  E N Z O: there will be no tourists at all
  29.  E N Z O: all users will be cits
  30.  E N Z O: free cits
  31.  Chris the Pegasus: (no costs for voip on worlds you host yourself , means free voip)
  32.  E N Z O: world cost will be similar to "world renewal pricing "
  33.  E N Z O: world hosting will likely remain the same
  36. Current World Owners:
  37.  E N Z O: a. your worlds will be reset to the larger user counts
  38.  E N Z O: b. depending on size and options you will get credits in your account
  39.  E N Z O: the idea here is not to upset you but to make your worlds larger and cheaper
  40.  E N Z O: all recurring fees will be discontinued
  41.  E N Z O: most cits are on monthly billing
  42.  E N Z O: annual cits will (like world owners) get a chunk of credits deposited
  45. Credits:
  46.  E N Z O: credits initially will be able to purchase these items:
  47.  E N Z O: 1. Custom Avatar Items
  48.  E N Z O: 2. World Licenses
  49.  E N Z O: 3. World Renewals
  50.  E N Z O: our plan will be to open up the ability for artists to contribute to the CAV path
  51.  E N Z O: and recieve credits for their work
  54. Universal Path:
  55.  E N Z O: ulimately a Universal Object Path...
  56.  E N Z O: will allow you to purchase Models that can added to your inventory and built into any world allowing that path to operate
  57.  E N Z O: but this is a future plan
  58.  "Rinzler": Will we be able to convert the credits back into real currency, a la Second Life?
  59.  E N Z O: initially not Rinzler
  60.  E N Z O: the OP for the worlds will stay the same
  61.  E N Z O: just like your avatar path
  62.  E N Z O: but if you want Uni CAVs you can set that into the field and allow people to use them
  63.  E N Z O: so for instance...
  64.  E N Z O: who here is an artist
  65.  E N Z O: ?
  66.  E N Z O: Ms Julie makes the MissJulieBESTHOUSEEVER.rwx
  67.  E N Z O: she submits it to the Uni Path
  68.  E N Z O: I buy the ablitiy to build it 1 time
  69.  E N Z O: i go to my spot in Mars (which has allowed the Uni OP)
  70.  E N Z O: and I can build the house 1 time
  71.  E N Z O: anyway...
  72.  E N Z O: that is a future goal
  73.  E N Z O: for now the three items are:
  74.  E N Z O: Av Items/ World license/world renewal
  75.  E N Z O: the focus is that Cits will be free, worlds will be bigger, there will be no initlail license fee, and credits will be used for many in uni purchases
  76.  E N Z O: there are many items that perhaps seemed not to make sense that were neccessary...
  77.  E N Z O: like the new browser support etc.
  78.  E N Z O: we plan to have the credit system rolled out by the 15th
  79.  E N Z O: June 15th
  80.  E N Z O: we will also release a couple new av types
  81.  E N Z O: Male/Femal Default have had improvements
  82.  E N Z O: Anime M/F
  83.  E N Z O: there will now be Teen Girl and Teen Boy
  84.  E N Z O: no tails yet
  85.  E N Z O: and Kids
  86.  E N Z O: I would love to have the entry world be a simple tutorial with a revolving teleprt list for whatever the top worlds at the time were
  87.  E N Z O: Roy had made a nice one
  88.  E N Z O: do you think a simple tutorial world with a choice between several popular gates to worlds make sense?
  91. tl;dr:
  92.  E N Z O: world sizes will remain the same
  93.  E N Z O: cits will be free
  94.  E N Z O: all worlds get voip
  95.  E N Z O: no tourist is needed
  96.  E N Z O: and more users will be applied by defualt
  99.  E N Z O: one more biggie
  100.  E N Z O: since we will go to credits for world renewal....
  101.  E N Z O: we will also offer (at least on renewal)
  102.  E N Z O: monthly
  103.  E N Z O: as well as annual
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