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  1. 1. Identify Yourself, Micronian!
  3. 1a. Name: Hasan Mahmood, Age: 25, Email:
  5. 1b. Multiverse Crisis MUSH: Negi Springfield, Roronoa Zoro, M. Bison, Raditz, Bruce Banner, Mojo Jojo.
  6. SRT: Joe Maya, Katina Tarask
  8. 1c. Shotaro Kaneda
  10. Name: Shotaro Kaneda
  11. Gender: Male
  12. Faction: EFA
  13. Squad: Civilian
  14. Rank: 0/Boy Genius Detective!
  15. Callsign: Tetsujin-28 Control
  16. Unit: Tetsujin-28
  17. Assignment: Tetsujin-28
  19. Quote: "Tetsujin-28! Switch on!"
  21. Profile: Shotaro Kaneda is a twelve year old boy, the owner and custodian of Tetsujin -8, and he's the son of Professor Kaneda, the creator of the giant robot. He's a pleasant and outgoing boy, willing to make friends with anyone who'll GIVE him the opportunity, though this might also make him somewhat naive. He's reputed to be a genius, and a remarkable detective for his age, and he's surprisingly skilled, able to drive a car, and knows how to use a handgun. Tetsujin-28 is remotely controlled by control console that Shotaro carries with him at most times. With Tetsujin-28, Shotaro travels around the world and resolves conflicts and cases that have yet been solved, and takes on any threat to the peace of a region.
  23. Origin: Tetsujin-28 (1980)
  24. BGM: Tetsujin-28-go (1980) OP
  25. Skills: Boy Genius Detective!, It's Like Playing A Video Game, But With Explosions, Remote Control Butt Whooping, Got My Driver's, Pilot's, And Gun License At 12!, I've Got Friends Everywhere, 'Suing Daisaku For Copyright Infringement', Who Needs Missiles When You've Got This Guy?, Negotiator And Conflict Resolver, Tetsujin-28 FLEX! LENS FLARE!, A Teeny Bit Naive, 1980's Version.
  27. 2. The Real History
  29. IN an effort to encourage robotics development IN less developed nations within the EFA, the government sanctions Project: Iron Man. This project had been going on for several years, and UP to this point twenty seven Iron Men have been developed around the world.
  31. Shotaro Kaneda is the son of the renowned Professor Kaneda, a genius IN the field of robotics, and the creator of Iron Man #28, better known as Tetsujin-28. When his father disappeared, Shotaro moved IN with his uncle and inventor, Dr. Bob Brilliant, and was bestowed the custody of his father's last creation.
  33. With the power of Tetsujin-28 IN his hands, Shotaro, a genius IN his own right, travels around the world to resolve conflicts peacefully and fight crime. He has also been known to assist the EFA when necessary, sending IN Tetsujin-28 to aid them when additional damage control is needed.
  36. 3. A Pithy Comment About Personalities
  38. Shotaro Kaneda is a very pleasant and friendly kid, who's able to make friends without trying very hard, and thanks to his high intellect, even adults who would ordinarily NOT take him too seriously tend to like him. That said, he can be a tad naive IN some cases, with the belief that nobody can be truly evil, and will often try to convince people to redeem themselves. Some listen, some DON'T. There's a good reason he's got a good reputation as a negotiator.
  40. As a detective, it's also his duty to fight crime wherever it happens. Shotaro prefers to NOT get himself involved IN unnecessary fights, preferring to resolve conflicts as peacefully as possible, deploying Tetsujin-28 only when there are no further options that can be used to end conflicts without a fight. Criminals may force him to bring OUT Tetsujin-28 earlier than he plans.
  42. Shotaro is very close to his uncle, Dr. Bob Brilliant, who raised him as his own son after the disappearance of Shotaro's father, Professor Kaneda. It was Dr. Brilliant that taught Shotaro the value of non-violent resolutions to problems. Shotaro also finds a father figure IN Inspector Blooper, whom teaches the importance of determination IN the face of mistakes made.
  44. Tetsujin-28 was NOT built to be a war machine, that much Shotaro knows, and thus it hadn't been fitted with weaponry that would be for war machines. This suits Shotaro just fine as Tetsujin-28 is, to him, more of a companion than a weapon. He doesn't believe that a robot can simply be tossed aside as replaceable tool as easily as one thinks.
  47. 4. Blue, Red, Green, or Yellow?
  49. With a war involving giant robots going on, that a civilian is IN control of a giant robot is, while NOT unheard of, NOT something that one comes across all the time. Shotaro Kaneda is a civilian IN the EFA, and would like to see the wars ended as much as the NEXT person. Since he can't control the outcome of the war, though, he'll settle for assisting IN damage control. If a city was being attacked, Tetsujin-28 is capable enough of keeping civilians safe, and damage to a minimum (as much as possible).
  51. As far as the other factions go, Shotaro can understand the intentions of the DC and the Orb Union, but he feels that they're going about carrying them OUT the wrong way, and will put UP a fight if they insist on making senseless destruction.
  53. Shotaro supports the efforts of the Trailers IN their endeavors of making it IN the world. Once again, though if push comes to shove and they becoming a serious problem, he'll deploy Tetsujin-28 to see to it that they settle down.
  55. The Unknowns are the ones that seem to test Shotaro's patience. There's no knowing what the intentions of a given Unknown are, and there's no knowing whether they're peaceful and will listen to reason or will require Tetsujin-28 knocking sense into them IN order to cease their destructiveness.
  58. 5. COME OUT, Gundam!
  61. 5a - Me, Myself, And I
  63. While he's NOT directly piloting Tetsujin-28, Shotaro Kaneda has the drive and spirit of the NEXT super robot pilot. He typically focuses on defensive tactics when controlling the Giant Robot, IN his best efforts to avoid as much collateral damage as possible. Due to the nature of Tetsujin-28 being remotely controlled, Shotaro has the benefit of being able to get his robot right UP IN the fray without worrying too much about his own personal safety. He is personally able to avoid most of the fight, allowing himself to focus on controlling Tetsujin-28.
  65. Tetsujin-28 is the only mecha that Shotaro controls, and for that reason he knows everything about it. He's aware of how it moves, and how much damage it can take before
  68. Suggested Spirit Commands: Scan, Strike, Guard, Ward, Valor, Sacrifice.
  70. Suggested Pilot Abilities: Infight, Defender, Prevail
  72. 5b - And My Giant Robot Buddies
  74. Tetsujin-28 is a big robot. A very big robot, which stands at about sixty-five feet tall. It's built big, and it's built tough, very tough. Tetsujin-28 is a tank of a super robot, with immense strength to back UP that immense durability. As a tradeoff, Tetsujin-28's NOT built to be very fast, nor particularly dodgey. At least it can take the brunt of most hits with ease.
  76. It can also fly by way of a large rocket pack with wings on its back. The rockets also work beneath water to allowing it to traverse water with greater ease than by walking.
  78. Tetsujin-28 is controlled remotely, FROM a remote console IN Shotaro Kaneda' possession. The console is actually fairly sophisticated, allowing for Shotaro to GIVE Tetsujin-28 complex commands which include the ability to fight IN close quarters combat. Due to the fact that Tetsujin-28 was NOT built with any weapons systems to begin with, Shotaro has very little choice of how to go about dealing with opponents that won't listen to reason, leading to just sending Tetsujin-28 into the fray.
  80. Tetsujin-28 itself has a limited AI, allowing it to auto-correct itself when thrown off its balance, or knocked to the ground.
  83. 5c - Now With Karate Chop Action
  85. Fisticuffs - When Tetsujin-28 is UP close to his enemies, one of the best options when it comes to fighting is to just punch his opponents. Even the weakest of his punches and kicks are damaging due to the fact that Tetsujin-28's immense strength is backing it UP. Melee - Moderately Powerful.
  87. Throws - Quite often Tetsujin-28's got to pick UP his opponent, and simply throw them around, and Tetsujin-28 excels IN this kind of Mecha tossing, especially if his opponent is driven into the ground. He may even be required to drive his opponent into his own body, generally his knees. Powerful - Melee.
  89. Boulder Tossing - Sometimes when there's a measure of distance between Tetsujin-28 and his opponent, and he's NOT quite able to get IN as close as he would liken to them quickly enough, Tetsujin-28 has the option of grabbing the debris surrounding him, and simply lobbing it at his foe. Ranged - Moderate power - Counter
  91. Flying Punch - Tetsujin-28's giant rocket packs allow for him to fly himself close to his opponent really quick. Sometimes he doesn't have time to ready a combat stance, so the robot simply leads his flight with his big fists, which wind UP powered by the momentum of the flight, which allows him to DO all sorts of damage. Melee - Powerful - Counter
  93. Flying Kick - Like with the flying punch, Tetsujin-28 often incorporates its rocket pack into its combat. This time around, he flies UP into the air, and goes for a flying kick FROM above. The flying kick is the most damaging of Tetsujin-28's attacks, as it comes with the full weight of the giant robot behind it. Melee - Very Powerful
  95. Tetsujin
  99. 6. All That Other Stuff
  101. Shotaro Kaneda is a friendly kid, and as a result he's got friends IN all sorts of places. His uncle is Dr. Bob Brilliant, an inventor and scientist who helps with Tetsujin-28's maintenance. Shotaro's also friends with secret agent Dick Strong, and police Inspector Blooper, whom he assists professionally, IN return for their own help and connections as well.
  103. Reputedly a genius, Shotaro Kaneda puts his intellect to use as a detective, where he has provided a surprising amount of assistance to the authorities, and has solved many cases that they've been unable to DO on their own.
  105. Despite his young age, Shotaro has a driver's license, a helicopter pilot's license, and a gun license. As such, he owns a car and a helicopter, which he uses to travel around IN alongside Tetsujin-28. Though he DOES own a handgun, he prefers NOT to resort to using it, and generally doesn't have to.
  109. 7. My, How The World Has Changed
  111. For the past several years, the EFA has sanctioned Project: Iron Man, as an effort to encourage robots development IN their less developed nations, and it has been an very popular project among civilians, as it meant they could better showcase their creations without them being used IN the war. This has ultimately lead to the creation of twenty-seven robots earning the name 'Iron Man'.
  113. IN recent years, the creators of the twenty-seven Iron Men have either gone rogue or disappeared altogether, along with their creations. The reasons for their disappearances or madness are currently under investigation. Recently, Professor Kaneda completed the most stable Iron Man to date, number twenty eight, nicknamed... Tetsujin-28! Unfortunately, Professor Kaneda has also disappeared, but NOT before passing ownership of Tetsujin-28 to his son, Shotaro Kaneda. With Tetsujin-28, under his control, Shotaro intends to fight crime, and hopefully find his father again.
  117. That's it! Welcome aboard. PLEASE send your application, with the header Application - <Name> - <Faction> to; we will reply as soon as we can. App staff will contact you if any revisions or modifications are necessary, as well as to GIVE you your login information once the application is accepted.
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