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  1. Brandon, forgive me for this, but I just have to say something. You have so much hypocrisy. what are you doing? You’re telling me all these things like I don’t know anything. I mean, are you really asking me if I’ve talk to her recently because you don’t want her upset? Or are you asking me that because you don’t want me talking to her? Either way, I do not understand. Do you want to know the answer? Because I’ve talked to her on and off for the last four years. I’m pretty good friends with her. And yes, I have talked to her recently. Do you want to know why? (I'm glad you asked...) Do you know how many times she has called me in the middle of the night, crying about how everything is? She is completely miserable with you. Dude, you’ve put multiple scars and bruises on her. I don’t care if it was during a fight, during this or that, for that reason or whatever, do I really have to remind you that you shouldn’t hit a girl for any reason? Even if she hit you first or second. That is so completely disrespectful, just even having the thought of doing it. I mean, I just don’t know. She has shown me multiple, and I mean a lot of screenshots of your messages over the years. Do you know what I have learned from that? From that alone, it is straight mental abuse. It's manipulation, it’s just total trash. How could you treat a girl like that? Remember when I said no means no? So what, you drag your mom into it, and try to get her to change Amanda‘s mind? Do you know how crazy and psychotic that is? Do you also know how psychotic it is to pretend like you’re someone else? That is just way beyond anything I’ve ever seen. Just take the hint already, she doesn’t want to be with you, and she hasn’t for a while. I mean seriously?! She has tried to break up with you multiple times.... I mean it seems like every week sometimes. And every single time, you say you’ll change, this that and the next thing. And then you'll start playing the puppy eyes game, acting all depressed, and saying that you don’t need that tonight. Take the damn hint. Leave her alone. She is not yours, you do not have ownership of her, and she is not your little slave. I don’t care if you’ve been together for three months or three years, nothing changes in that event. Ultimately, the girl is the one that has the say. If she doesn’t want to do this, have that, or deal with the other, drop it. Leave her alone. You have literally stripped her of any self-confidence, and any kind of dignity whatsoever. And you do it every single time, because you know she is weak, and if you just keep it up for a little while longer, you'll eventually get your way and you’ll get to keep her for another few days.
  3. Honestly, I was trying to be nice, and still give you advice - even though, I knew exactly what was going on and I knew how you were. To be honest, I’m not sure why you started a conversation with me. I honestly don’t think it was for advice at all. Because clearly, absolutely none of it has been used. I'm not a mean person, and I really hate calling people out --it’s really hard to not be calling you a bunch of names, because I take this very personally. My previous relationship that I’ve had, it was a bit toxic but it was nowhere near this level. I've had to deal with years of mental abuse as an outsider and an insider, with my so-called grandpa and my amazing grandmother that I absolutely adore. He treated her like absolute garbage --and her being a big believer in Christ, dealt with it for seventeen years before she couldn't take anymore. She kicked him out. And she hasn't ever been happier because now her family including me is very close to her once again, like never before.
  5. Moreover, I am sure you two have done enough damage with each other. However, do you know how many friends she has lost? Do you know all the stress and pain you have caused her? Dude...she's seventeen. She should not be dealing with this at this age, let alone at all. I don’t care if you have anger issues, any type of disability, or just not 100% clear of a mind... no woman should ever be treated in that way, ever. Not your mother, your grandmother, your girlfriend, your sister, your friend that is a girl, or even just a random stranger. There is no way that any of that is ever a correct answer, for any, ANY excuse. You are especially not a man (or a gentleman, hence the name) if you act that way, in any shape, or form.
  7. I don't care how many times that you say you’re going to change how you act. You don’t deserve her at all. I don’t care even if it’s been five years, if you’ve gone to rehab, done this or done that. She doesn’t need to rethink anything, her mind is more clear than ever. Her life is already hard enough, she doesn’t need to deal with anything more. You are seriously holding her back. You try to make it to where she can’t talk to anybody that you don’t approve of. You have all of her passwords and emails.
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