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  1. info t=2014-12-06T10:58:26.360Z loading default theme
  2. info t=2014-12-06T10:58:26.540Z loaded at Sat Dec 06 2014 12:58:26 GMT+0200 (EET)
  3. info t=2014-12-06T10:58:27.516Z Loaded applet in 969 ms
  4. info t=2014-12-06T10:58:27.525Z Loaded applet in 6 ms
  5. info t=2014-12-06T10:58:27.555Z Role locked: panellauncher
  6. info t=2014-12-06T10:58:27.555Z Loaded applet in 28 ms
  7. info t=2014-12-06T10:58:27.568Z Role locked: windowlist
  8. info t=2014-12-06T10:58:27.568Z Loaded applet in 10 ms
  9. info t=2014-12-06T10:58:27.579Z Role locked: notifications
  10. info t=2014-12-06T10:58:27.584Z Loaded applet in 15 ms
  11. info t=2014-12-06T10:58:27.628Z Loaded applet in 41 ms
  12. info t=2014-12-06T10:58:27.643Z Loaded applet in 11 ms
  13. info t=2014-12-06T10:58:27.681Z Loaded applet in 36 ms
  14. info t=2014-12-06T10:58:27.724Z Loaded applet in 39 ms
  15. info t=2014-12-06T10:58:27.830Z Loaded applet in 103 ms
  16. info t=2014-12-06T10:58:27.875Z Loaded applet in 43 ms
  17. info t=2014-12-06T10:58:27.892Z Loaded applet in 14 ms
  18. info t=2014-12-06T10:58:27.900Z Loaded applet in 7 ms
  19. info t=2014-12-06T10:58:27.922Z Loaded applet in 20 ms
  20. info t=2014-12-06T10:58:27.933Z Loaded applet in 8 ms
  21. info t=2014-12-06T10:58:27.951Z Loaded applet in 15 ms
  22. info t=2014-12-06T10:58:28.006Z Loaded applet sysmonitor@orcus in 54 ms
  23. info t=2014-12-06T10:58:29.464Z Adding systray: redshift (20x20px)
  24. info t=2014-12-06T10:58:29.467Z Adding systray: input-method (20x20px)
  25. info t=2014-12-06T10:58:39.094Z Adding systray: redshift (20x20px)
  26. info t=2014-12-06T10:58:39.096Z Adding systray: input-method (20x20px)
  27. error t=2014-12-06T11:00:22.217Z GSettings schema not found: undefined
  28. trace t=2014-12-06T11:00:22.218Z
  29. <----------------
  30. check_schema_and_init@/usr/share/cinnamon/js/ui/overrides.js:24
  31. overrideGio/Gio.Settings.prototype._init@/usr/share/cinnamon/js/ui/overrides.js:71
  32. init@/home/erdem/.local/share/cinnamon/applets/system-monitor@ebbes/applet.js:98
  33. main@/home/erdem/.local/share/cinnamon/applets/system-monitor@ebbes/applet.js:1123
  34. createApplet@/usr/share/cinnamon/js/ui/appletManager.js:329
  35. addAppletToPanels@/usr/share/cinnamon/js/ui/appletManager.js:243
  36. finishExtensionLoad@/usr/share/cinnamon/js/ui/appletManager.js:56
  37. loadExtension@/usr/share/cinnamon/js/ui/extension.js:386
  38. onEnabledAppletsChanged@/usr/share/cinnamon/js/ui/appletManager.js:192
  39. ---------------->
  40. error t=2014-12-06T11:00:22.218Z [Applet "system-monitor@ebbes"]: Failed to evaluate 'main' function on applet: system-monitor@ebbes/26
  41. error t=2014-12-06T11:00:22.218Z Could not load applet system-monitor@ebbes
  42. info t=2014-12-06T11:00:22.229Z Adding systray: redshift (20x20px)
  43. info t=2014-12-06T11:00:22.233Z Adding systray: input-method (20x20px)
  44. info t=2014-12-06T11:00:22.302Z Adding systray: redshift (20x20px)
  45. info t=2014-12-06T11:00:22.305Z Adding systray: input-method (20x20px)
  46. error t=2014-12-06T11:01:31.841Z GSettings schema not found: undefined
  47. trace t=2014-12-06T11:01:31.841Z
  48. <----------------
  49. check_schema_and_init@/usr/share/cinnamon/js/ui/overrides.js:24
  50. overrideGio/Gio.Settings.prototype._init@/usr/share/cinnamon/js/ui/overrides.js:71
  51. init@/home/erdem/.local/share/cinnamon/applets/system-monitor@ebbes/applet.js:98
  52. main@/home/erdem/.local/share/cinnamon/applets/system-monitor@ebbes/applet.js:1123
  53. createApplet@/usr/share/cinnamon/js/ui/appletManager.js:329
  54. addAppletToPanels@/usr/share/cinnamon/js/ui/appletManager.js:243
  55. finishExtensionLoad@/usr/share/cinnamon/js/ui/appletManager.js:56
  56. loadExtension@/usr/share/cinnamon/js/ui/extension.js:386
  57. onEnabledAppletsChanged@/usr/share/cinnamon/js/ui/appletManager.js:192
  58. ---------------->
  59. error t=2014-12-06T11:01:31.841Z [Applet "system-monitor@ebbes"]: Failed to evaluate 'main' function on applet: system-monitor@ebbes/27
  60. error t=2014-12-06T11:01:31.841Z Could not load applet system-monitor@ebbes
  61. info t=2014-12-06T11:01:31.851Z Adding systray: redshift (20x20px)
  62. info t=2014-12-06T11:01:31.854Z Adding systray: input-method (20x20px)
  63. info t=2014-12-06T11:01:31.916Z Adding systray: redshift (20x20px)
  64. info t=2014-12-06T11:01:31.918Z Adding systray: input-method (20x20px)
  65. info t=2014-12-06T11:03:43.534Z Loaded applet in 68 ms
  66. info t=2014-12-06T11:03:43.547Z Adding systray: redshift (20x20px)
  67. info t=2014-12-06T11:03:43.550Z Adding systray: input-method (20x20px)
  68. error t=2014-12-06T11:03:46.842Z device: eth0
  69. error t=2014-12-06T11:03:46.859Z Failed to execute child process "vnstati" (No such file or directory)
  70. trace t=2014-12-06T11:03:46.859Z
  71. <----------------
  72. MyApplet.prototype._updateGraph@/home/erdem/.local/share/cinnamon/applets/
  73. MyApplet.prototype._update@/home/erdem/.local/share/cinnamon/applets/
  74. MyApplet.prototype.on_applet_clicked@/home/erdem/.local/share/cinnamon/applets/
  75. Applet.prototype._onButtonPressEvent@/usr/share/cinnamon/js/ui/applet.js:284
  76. ---------------->
  77. info t=2014-12-06T11:03:50.489Z Adding systray: redshift (20x20px)
  78. info t=2014-12-06T11:03:50.492Z Adding systray: input-method (20x20px)
  79. info t=2014-12-06T11:03:53.704Z Loaded applet ifstat@tagadan in 49 ms
  80. info t=2014-12-06T11:03:53.716Z Adding systray: redshift (20x20px)
  81. info t=2014-12-06T11:03:53.719Z Adding systray: input-method (20x20px)
  82. info t=2014-12-06T11:03:59.134Z Adding systray: redshift (20x20px)
  83. info t=2014-12-06T11:03:59.137Z Adding systray: input-method (20x20px)
  84. info t=2014-12-06T11:05:45.643Z Adding systray: redshift (20x20px)
  85. info t=2014-12-06T11:05:45.647Z Adding systray: input-method (20x20px)
  86. info t=2014-12-06T11:05:49.562Z Adding systray: redshift (20x20px)
  87. info t=2014-12-06T11:05:49.566Z Adding systray: input-method (20x20px)
  88. info t=2014-12-06T11:05:52.941Z Adding systray: redshift (20x20px)
  89. info t=2014-12-06T11:05:52.943Z Adding systray: input-method (20x20px)
  90. info t=2014-12-06T11:05:56.168Z Adding systray: redshift (20x20px)
  91. info t=2014-12-06T11:05:56.171Z Adding systray: input-method (20x20px)
  92. info t=2014-12-06T11:06:03.710Z Adding systray: redshift (20x20px)
  93. info t=2014-12-06T11:06:03.713Z Adding systray: input-method (20x20px)
  94. info t=2014-12-06T11:06:11.624Z Loaded applet window-buttons-with-title@fmete in 29 ms
  95. info t=2014-12-06T11:06:11.637Z Adding systray: redshift (20x20px)
  96. info t=2014-12-06T11:06:11.639Z Adding systray: input-method (20x20px)
  97. error t=2014-12-06T11:07:04.660Z [Applet "cinnamon-maximus@fmete"]: File not found: /home/erdem/.local/share/cinnamon/applets/cinnamon-maximus@fmete/applet.js
  98. error t=2014-12-06T11:07:04.661Z Could not load applet cinnamon-maximus@fmete
  99. info t=2014-12-06T11:07:04.670Z Adding systray: redshift (20x20px)
  100. info t=2014-12-06T11:07:04.672Z Adding systray: input-method (20x20px)
  101. info t=2014-12-06T11:07:04.742Z Adding systray: redshift (20x20px)
  102. info t=2014-12-06T11:07:04.744Z Adding systray: input-method (20x20px)
  103. info t=2014-12-06T11:09:01.325Z Adding systray: redshift (20x20px)
  104. info t=2014-12-06T11:09:01.327Z Adding systray: input-method (20x20px)
  105. info t=2014-12-06T11:14:07.263Z Loaded applet toggle-on-screen-keyboard@glebihan in 22 ms
  106. info t=2014-12-06T11:14:07.274Z Adding systray: redshift (20x20px)
  107. info t=2014-12-06T11:14:07.277Z Adding systray: input-method (20x20px)
  108. info t=2014-12-06T11:14:10.668Z Adding systray: onboard (20x20px)
  109. info t=2014-12-06T11:17:00.237Z Loaded applet in 303 ms
  110. info t=2014-12-06T11:17:00.254Z Adding systray: redshift (20x20px)
  111. info t=2014-12-06T11:17:00.258Z Adding systray: input-method (20x20px)
  112. info t=2014-12-06T11:18:39.136Z Adding systray: onboard (20x20px)
  113. info t=2014-12-06T11:19:35.871Z Adding systray: redshift (20x20px)
  114. info t=2014-12-06T11:19:35.873Z Adding systray: input-method (20x20px)
  115. info t=2014-12-06T11:19:38.932Z Adding systray: redshift (20x20px)
  116. info t=2014-12-06T11:19:38.936Z Adding systray: input-method (20x20px)
  117. info t=2014-12-06T11:21:57.868Z Adding systray: redshift (20x20px)
  118. info t=2014-12-06T11:21:57.870Z Adding systray: input-method (20x20px)
  119. info t=2014-12-06T11:22:06.585Z Adding systray: redshift (20x20px)
  120. info t=2014-12-06T11:22:06.588Z Adding systray: input-method (20x20px)
  121. info t=2014-12-06T11:22:47.534Z 4 applet already loaded
  122. info t=2014-12-06T11:22:47.570Z 5 applet already loaded
  123. info t=2014-12-06T11:22:47.582Z 6 applet already loaded
  124. info t=2014-12-06T11:22:47.592Z 7 applet already loaded
  125. info t=2014-12-06T11:22:47.600Z 8 applet already loaded
  126. info t=2014-12-06T11:22:47.608Z 9 applet already loaded
  127. info t=2014-12-06T11:22:47.615Z 10 applet already loaded
  128. info t=2014-12-06T11:22:47.620Z 11 applet already loaded
  129. info t=2014-12-06T11:22:47.626Z 12 applet already loaded
  130. info t=2014-12-06T11:22:47.629Z 13 applet already loaded
  131. info t=2014-12-06T11:22:47.634Z 14 applet already loaded
  132. info t=2014-12-06T11:22:47.663Z Adding systray: redshift (20x20px)
  133. info t=2014-12-06T11:22:47.664Z Adding systray: redshift (20x20px)
  134. info t=2014-12-06T11:22:47.676Z Adding systray: input-method (20x20px)
  135. info t=2014-12-06T11:22:47.677Z Adding systray: input-method (20x20px)
  136. info t=2014-12-06T11:26:20.600Z loading user theme: /home/erdem/.themes/Minty/cinnamon/cinnamon.css
  137. info t=2014-12-06T11:26:20.710Z added icon directory: /home/erdem/.themes/Minty/cinnamon/
  138. info t=2014-12-06T11:34:33.841Z Loaded applet window-buttons-with-title@fmete in 32 ms
  139. info t=2014-12-06T11:34:33.855Z Adding systray: redshift (20x20px)
  140. info t=2014-12-06T11:34:33.856Z Adding systray: redshift (20x20px)
  141. info t=2014-12-06T11:34:33.863Z Adding systray: input-method (20x20px)
  142. info t=2014-12-06T11:34:33.864Z Adding systray: input-method (20x20px)
  143. info t=2014-12-06T11:34:46.940Z 4 applet already loaded
  144. info t=2014-12-06T11:34:46.969Z 35 applet already loaded
  145. info t=2014-12-06T11:34:46.994Z Adding systray: redshift (20x20px)
  146. info t=2014-12-06T11:34:46.995Z Adding systray: redshift (20x20px)
  147. info t=2014-12-06T11:34:47.002Z Adding systray: input-method (20x20px)
  148. info t=2014-12-06T11:34:47.003Z Adding systray: input-method (20x20px)
  149. error t=2014-12-06T11:37:35.809Z [Applet "cinnamon-maximus@fmete"]: File not found: /home/erdem/.local/share/cinnamon/applets/cinnamon-maximus@fmete/applet.js
  150. error t=2014-12-06T11:37:35.810Z Could not load applet cinnamon-maximus@fmete
  151. info t=2014-12-06T11:37:35.821Z Adding systray: redshift (20x20px)
  152. info t=2014-12-06T11:37:35.822Z Adding systray: redshift (20x20px)
  153. info t=2014-12-06T11:37:35.829Z Adding systray: input-method (20x20px)
  154. info t=2014-12-06T11:37:35.830Z Adding systray: input-method (20x20px)
  155. info t=2014-12-06T11:37:35.918Z Adding systray: redshift (20x20px)
  156. info t=2014-12-06T11:37:35.919Z Adding systray: redshift (20x20px)
  157. info t=2014-12-06T11:37:35.926Z Adding systray: input-method (20x20px)
  158. info t=2014-12-06T11:37:35.927Z Adding systray: input-method (20x20px)
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