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  1. The school bell rang and Jessica eagerly exited the building with Rachel in tow. They waded through the sea of students before them and approached the curb where the dark purple van of Jessica’s mother waited for the two girls. Rachel pulled out her cell phone as Jessica and her mother waited for Rachel to call her own mother. The phone was a light shade of pink and had a sequined back which sparkled dimly in the autumn light. Jessica tapped her foot as Rachel hit the speed-dial for her mother’s number and waited for the woman to pick up.
  3. “Hey, ma? Hi! I wanted to call and ask you if I could sleep over at Jessica’s house.”
  5. There was a pause as her mother responded.  Rachel frowned and retorted to her mother’s words.
  7. “Yeah, that's right, but I will be back in the afternoon. Jessica's mom will take us to school and I'll just get home the usual way.” A brief pause. ”Okay, cool! Bye ma."
  9. Jessica subconsciously knew her friend’s mother had agreed to the request and Rachel climbed into the van and Jessica followed suit. She slid the side door shut and plopped down next to Rachel, buckling her seat belt as the car peeled away from its parking space and joined a plethora of vehicles that crowded the streets around the elementary school. Rachel couldn’t contain her happy response and eagerly bounced in her seat.
  11. "This is going to be, like, so fun! I love sleepovers!" She cried.
  13. Jessica laughed. "Yeah, totally.” She sighed and tapped a finger on her chin, lost in thought with a pensive look on her face. “I'll have to make sure we've got enough to do…"
  15. The two girls continued to laugh and joke around before the van pulled into the driveway of Jessica’s home and the pair followed her mother into the large abode. They promptly dumped their backpacks off at the front door and prepared themselves for a night of fun.  Jessica ran into the kitchen and prepared some drinks as Rachel flipped through her friend’s collection of movies. When Jessica returned, she had found her friend had picked a movie by the title of "The Great Gangrene" and didn’t disagree with her choice. They eagerly sunk back into the sofa and watched the film play out before them. It was a truly riveting film and evoked emotions from the two girls in an expertise fashion. Whence it ended, they were unwillingly reminded by Jessica’s mother that they had homework to do and so they trudged up the stairs in a defeated fashion, lugging their book bags behind them. Jessica’s room was rather large. It had walls of a deep shade of pink with white trim and the carpet itself was magenta colored. Her bed was fashioned of rosewood with half-transparent drapes of a light white color to clash with its white-pink bed sheets. The room also contained a rosewood dresser and two bedside tables, and a modern desk stuck out against the wood with a computer hooked up. They removed their books and things from their bags and laid down on the floor together, working hard at the work that which they were assigned. Once their homework had been completed, the girls worked diligently on the other’s hair, sprucing themselves up for school tomorrow blissfully unaware of how a long night’s rest would tear apart their hard work. As the night waned on, Jessica’s mother popped into the room to check on the two girls.
  17. "You girls had better get to bed, you do have school tomorrow". She said in a serious tone, her eyes clearly expressing her command to the two girls. They sighed and appeased her and she removed her head from the interior of Jessica’s room, shutting the door behind her. As Rachel exited the room to go visit the guest bath and prepare herself for the night, Jessica began to clean up the rubbish left over by their nighttime escapades. She threw the refuse out and into the garbage. Once her cleaning task was done, she undressed from her stuffy school outfit and slipped into a pair of loose-fitting pajamas of the flannel material. They, too, were a dark shade of purple. She exited the room to her personal bath and worked her teeth over, trying hard to eradicate any plaque that had take residence in the molars. When she was finished, she returned to the room and almost simultaneously Rachel did the same. Jessica walked over to her bed and sat down on it, shooting Rachel a quick glance.
  19. "Well, uh, we don't have sleeping bags or anything, but there is a spare room upstairs... do you want to sleep there? Otherwise my bed is pretty big…"
  21. She patted the large canopy bed. Indeed, it was a queen sized mattress and could easily fit both of the girls. Rachel thought for a few moments before she grinned and clasped her hands together.
  23. "Oh, for sure I'll sleep with you!” She paused and an evil grin crossed her face. “What if I need to talk about something with you? Isn't that he point of a sleepover?" She added slyly, winking at Jessica. The voluptuous flash had far too much of an effect on Jessica for her to shrug it off.
  25. "I guess so, haha…" She said nervously, trying to hide her sudden infatuation. She climbed into bed fully and slid her body under the covers, watching Rachel put a few items away in her bag. As her friend bent down to work with the bag, Jessica caught herself staring at her behind. Rachel’s outfit was far more revealing than her own. A pair of baby blue shorts and tank top that, although Jessica hadn’t noticed to this point, really pronounced her buxom figure. She smiled to herself and rolled over, sliding her hands underneath her pillow. She felt the mattress deflate slightly as Rachel climbed into bed with her, pounding her pillow a few times before she was content with her position. A content sigh came from Rachel.
  26. "Goodnight, I guess!" She said cheekily. Jessica chuckled to herself.
  28. "Yeah, rest well... wake me if you need something, otherwise we'll probably need the sleep as mom comes in to wake me up at 6:30."
  30. "Alright..."
  32. The two girls tossed and turned for quite some time and Jessica soon found herself in a deep sleep, snoring quietly. In her slumber, she turned to face her friend with her mouth slightly open, her snores quiet and endearing to Rachel who was still wide awake. The canine smirked at her friend and after a moment’s deliberation, she slowly leaned forward and kissed her friend on the lips. Jessica almost immediately woke up and hurriedly searched the room for the cause of this feeling. In her mind it must had been an accident as Rachel was feigning sleep and assumed it only to be a slight brushing of the lips. However her mind ran at the thought of the kiss that her partner had so unwillingly yet deviously shared with her, and soon found herself thinking of returning the favor. She slowly leaned forward towards Rachel’s face, feeling her hot breath against her own. She put an arm around Rachel’s torso and checked for a reaction, but the girl seemed dead to the world. With her heart in her throat, Jessica gently kissed Rachel on the lips with one eye open, checking for a stir beneath her friend’s eyelids. As her reaction remained dead, Jessica slowly increased the intensity of their lip-lock and felt her hand absentmindedly roll down to Rachel’s ass and grope it sensually. She savored the moment and blissfully made out with her friend, only to be shocked as her impromptu lover opened her eyes. She stumbled back with a horrified expression on her face, but Rachel sat up in bed and smiled at Jessica.
  34. "Hahaha you total lesbo! I knew it." She said in a sweet and teasing tone, striking a pose to plump out her breasts and frowning playfully at Jessica.
  36. Jessica buried her face in her hands and let out a shuddering sigh. “I’m… I'm sorry!"
  37. Rachel hurried to console her friend and placed her arm around Jessica, grinning widely. “No way, like, I wanted to test you! I kissed you first anyway…"
  39. Jessica raised her face to stare at Rachel. "T--Test me?"
  41. Rachel nodded. "Yeah.” She paused, thinking back. “I didn't really intend on it when I came over but when you got in the bed I thought maybe I could see if.." She stopped for a moment noticing Jessica was quivering with anticipation with each sentence that flowed forth from her mouth.
  43. “If what?!” She shouted.
  45. "If you're into girls! You always looked at me weird!" Rachel put it rather bluntly.
  46. Jessica averted her gaze from the girl and frowned, tears welling in her eyes. "Oh, god... I'm sorry... Let me go upstairs or something, I didn't... mean to…” She paused, wiping a few tears and sighing, hurriedly walking towards the door. “I did, but you said you were hard to wake up and I..." Rachel rose from the bed and grabbed Jessica’s hand, leading her back to the bed and then placing it on her breast. A look of shock flashed across Jessica’s face as Rachel grinned.
  48. "Don't worry! Relax! I wouldn't have done it if I was scared of it.” She blushed profoundly for a moment, looking away from Jessica. “To be honest it was kinda hot to have you kiss me like that. Do more if you like."
  50. "If I like? What do you mean?” She gently cupped Rachel’s soft tit in her hand and shuddered. “This... ah... I'm...”
  52. "Yeah, yeah... look, I don't think I'm a lesbian, but I'm your friend and I can kinda see what you do in girls... that's how I noticed.” She smiled a reassuring smile. “So between friends, if you want to do some of this, why not? It's not like we'll get married or anything."
  54. "I... yeah... okay.” Jessica blushed and looked up at Rachel’s endearing face. “I always thought you were hot, Rachel... you're my best friend but I found it hard not to notice how cute you are sometimes..."
  55. "And it wasn't hard to notice how your focus was never on boys we talked to." Rachel added in a chipper tone, winking sensually at Jessica. It put a small smile on her friend’s lips as she came to a realization.
  57. "Well, yeah. I guess that makes me one, huh?"
  59. Rachel giggled. "A lesbian, but that's fine! In fact that's extra fine because you got a hot girl in bed with you, right?” She fluffed her hair and pouted in a sexy way. “With a stylin' hairdo." Jessica couldn’t help but chuckle.
  61. "I guess...” She paused and took another quick feel of Rachel’s soft breast. “So... what you're saying is we can do more?"
  63. Rachel nodded profusely. "Yeah. Show me what it's like! I don't mind... I wouldn't mind some more kisses... “She paused a moment and sensually grinned at Jessica, making her friend’s face darken in a shade of red. “And your hands were just starting to go somewhere interesting..."
  65. Jessica was fully stunned, but gave her body out to pleasure and leaned in to kiss Rachel, with both parties involved. It quickly became forceful and Jessica felt her friend’s tongue dart in an out of her mouth, causing her to shiver from the shock of pleasure, the kiss that had tantalized her for so long. They broke apart and both gasped for air, a thin line of spit connecting their lips.
  67. "Oh, God... yeah, I think this is what I like." Jessica sputtered, panting and aroused. Rachel giggled loudly and raised a hand to her mouth.
  69. "You're pretty good at this! You might have even made me..." She trailed off, suggestively winking at Jessica. Her friend lit up immediately.
  71. "… Can I?"
  73. Rachel pulled off her revealing tank top and allowed her teenage breasts breathing room. Jessica couldn’t help but stare at the tender mounds of flesh. "Do what you like! I'm here for you…” She paused and leaned forward, brushing her lips against Jessica’s. “…also I am pretty sure that mouth of yours is worth it."
  74. Jessica found a childlike fascination within Rachel’s bosoms, and she cupped them in her hands, feeling them and sliding her thumbs over their nipples. She leaned forward and began to suckle their tender points, lovingly nuzzling her face against the soft fur of Rachel’s breasts. “Oh God, they’re so soft.” She said, muffled by Rachel’s tender breasts. Rachel moaned softly and closed her eyes, tilting her head back as the pleasure encapsulated her body.
  76. "Jessica... I only brought one pair of panties and it's going to be ruined for tomorrow at this rate... I... aaah." Jessica raised her face to stare at Rachel, still biting gently on her tender nipple. Rachel continued to pant before gathering strength to speak. "I said you can do what you like... there's something I'd like right now, anyway…"
  78. Jessica took the hint and pushed Rachel onto her back in a playful manner. She slowly began to kiss her way to Rachel’s groin, feeling her body twist and contort with each lip press against her fur. She slid Rachel’s pants and panties off, exposing her eager and aroused vagina. She immediately got to work doing what you could call ‘cleaning up’, sucking the sweet juices of Rachel’s womanhood off of her legs and working her way over the lips and then finally the clit of her pussy. Rachel was forced to stifle her cries as Jessica continued to eat her out expertly, enjoying how her body twisted and contorted with the shock of pleasure that coursed through her body. Rachel’s moans quickly turned to Jessica’s as the flashback ended and Jessica was brought back to reality, feeling Rachel’s tongue penetrate her eager womanhood. She placed her hand over the back of Rachel’s head and really forced her into it, biting her lip and trying to stifle her moans of pleasure.
  80. "Damnit... ugh... Rachel, you're amazing to me sometimes, you know..."
  82. Between the sensual slurps of Rachel’s tongue eagerly lapping up the juices of Jessica’s womanhood, she spoke. "Hah... it's okay... you're always there when I haven't got a guy around…"
  83. They abandoned the conversation as Jessica’s body tensed up and she met her explosive climax. Her body dropped back down to the bed in a weak state and Rachel rose up from in between her friend’s legs, her face covered with her reward of womanly juices. She climbed on top of Jessica and gave her a tight hug.
  85. "This is a good arrangement, isn't it…?" She said, nuzzling Jessica’s neck.
  87. "Totally." She answered, panting heavily.
  89. "We just... make out with each other if we feel like it and hang out with boys if we feel like that instead, yeah?"
  91. "Uh-huh. It works out well for me." Jessica paused, blushing slightly. "Though..."
  93. Rachel looked confused for a moment. "Oh, are you thinking what I was...?"
  95. "…You mean?"
  97. "Yeah. I'd totally bag that Paulo guy if we invited him in on one of these things." She said slyly.
  99. Jessica frowned and gagged. "Eww! No way, I couldn't bear to see someone do a bad job on you."
  101. "Ha! Well, I have to say, you've always been the best at..." She was interrupted as Jessica’s hand felt its way to Rachel’s already spent pussy and squeezed it between her hands, grinning at her friend. Rachel returned the grin as Jessica removed her hand from her tender spot, resuming her earlier line of questioning. "But that's not what I was going to ask. I wanted to know, like... how we have this arrangement where we can go with guys?"
  103. "Ah! Uh, yeah…" Jessica said nervously, however she had a question of her own. "You wouldn't mind if I tried something out with a girl?"
  105. Rachel smiled and shook her head, waving her hand at Jessica.  "Oh, no way! That's fine! It's only fair.” She paused and winked at her friend. “Besides, you only really swing that way."
  107. Jessica sat back and took a deep breath. "I just have an idea."
  109. Rachel smiled slyly at her friend. “Oh? What idea? Who is the lucky lady?”
  111. Jessica frowned and blushed. "Well, I haven't approached her yet. You'll see."
  113. Her friend laughed and playfully slapped Jessica’s arm. "You're annoying!"
  115. Jessica leaned forward and kissed her friend. "I'm glad that's okay. I wasn't sure if you were going to act jealous or something." Rachel waved her hand in a dismissive fashion.
  117. "No way! I'm happy, as long as we get to keep hanging out together."
  119. Jessica laughed and sighed. "Sure. Hey, maybe we should put on a movie?"
  121. She dressed herself with Rachel and the two of them departed downstairs, flipping on the same TV from those many years ago. As the film played out before her, Jessica couldn’t help but let her thoughts wander to the girl she had loved so dearly. How would she be able to come out to this girl, and what would her reaction be? Rachel snuggled up close to Jessica as the horror film played out and only one thought crossed Jessica’s mind: She would tell this girl how she felt tomorrow.
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