Rafiel Aht

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  1. Name: Rafiel Aht
  2. Class: Dark Trainee -> Scholar -> Virtuoso
  3. Character Skill: Discipline
  4. Affinity:
  5. Personal Fault: Sins of the Father: Against any class with a rank in Dark Magic, use lower of DEF/RES.
  6. Personal Skill: I'll Do Some Research: Against enemies at 50% or greater HP, +15 Hit.
  7. //Personal Skill: A Discovery At All Costs:
  8. ////Personal Skill: For the Sake of My Name:
  9. Preferred Stats: Magic, Skill
  11. Weapon Profs: Dark (E) > Ancient (D), Dark (D), Wind (D), Anima (D)
  13. Level: 1 (Trainee)
  14. Total Level: 1
  16. Initial Stats - Progression Spent: (330%/330%)
  18. HP: 18 (40%)
  19. STR: 0 (0%)
  20. MAG: 5 (50%) (+2)
  21. SKL: 5 (60%)
  22. LCK: 0 (40%)
  23. DEF: 0 (40%)
  24. RES: 3 (40%)
  25. SPD: 3 (60%) (+2)
  26. CON: 5
  27. AID: 4
  28. MOV: 4
  31. INVENTORY:     Type ( ) | Rng | Wt  | Mt | Hit | Crit| QL
  32. Worm           Dred (E) | 1-2 |  6  |  6 |  80 |  6  | 40/40
  33. Vulnerary                                               3/3
  35. Bio: The Ahts are a proud and long-lasting family of Kizamo even though they have only minor discoveries accredited to them. These discoveries are mostly on dark magic or involve it in some way. Similarly, many of the Ahts were and are dark mages with a few anima mages mixed into the family bloodline through marriage. Despite their lack of acclaim, the Ahts are content to simply study dark magic and the schools within. The simple life of a scholar is a noble pursuit for the Ahts. Or it used to be anyway.
  37. Rafiel's father, Gregory Aht, was the first of the Ahts to dip his toes into the forbidden aspects of dark magic. It was originally out of a desire to protect his family during the Chaos War. However, even after the end of the war, he continued on with his research in an attempt to make a discovery that would make the Aht name renowned in Kizamo. Due to the chaotic aftermath that followed the war, he was able to continue his forbidden research undetected for a while longer; however, even with the extra time, he was unable to discover anything of note. Because of this, when he was caught, he was only given a warning and a minor punishment. The Aht name was left mostly untarnished and his offence would eventually be forgotten; the example he set, however, would not.
  39. Rafiel's elder brothers, both brighter and more determined than their father, would also come across forbidden magic over the course of their research. Micael, the eldest, desired to find a way to empower his spells and discovered a way to convert his own life energy into raw power. However, it was much too costly to use his own life energy so he took to hunting the monsters in the desert for their life energy. Gabrael, the second eldest, wanted to use his magical talent to heal others, but he could not use staves. Using Micael's research as a basis for his own research, he learned he could heal by giving the life force of another being to the injured and ill. While his method was more potent than basic healing staves it was greatly limited in quantity. And so the pair of brothers began to work together to further the research that had already pushed both of them into nearly forbidden territory. Many thought it was only a matter of time before they crossed the line and, as fate would have it, they were right.
  41. The brothers foray into the forbidden was more of an accident than a deliberate act. They had realized the inefficiency of gathering life energy from monsters that would resist until death but had no idea of an alternative source or method. While struggling to come up with a solution their camp was set upon by bandits. Compared to the monsters the brothers fought daily the bandits were hardly a threat; it wasn't until the battle was over that they realized what they had done to the bandits. They had treated the bandits no different than monsters and had taken their life energy. Micael quickly realized the yield from the bandits had been much better than the yield from far stronger monsters. This was the breakthrough they had been looking for. After assuaging Gabrael's concerns about using forbidden magic and convincing him they were doing a similar service the pair became bandit hunters instead of monster slayers. However, it wouldn't be long until they were caught in the act and swiftly brought before a council. Since they hadn't gone truly berserk with their magic and harmed innocents they escaped death but were still sentenced to spend the rest of their days in prison. Their research was destroyed and the Aht's reputation was tarnished, now only seen as ticking time-bombs by their peers who would do anything in the name of research.
  43. Rafiel was but a boy when his brothers were brought before the council. While he hadn't seen much of them after their research started he had still looked up to and admired his brothers for their intellect and dedication to their research. They had even allowed him to copy their notes after he had displayed such an enthusiasm for following in their footsteps. When their research was destroyed by order of the council, his copy became the surviving evidence of their research as he had been studying in Auroch with his mother's, an anima mage, family to gain an understanding of that school of magic. When he returned home nearly a teenager his brothers were already serving their sentence and his peers gave him the cold shoulder. He quickly realized that pursuing the same research as his brothers would only paint a target on his back. He couldn't bring himself to destroy his brother's research and instead carried it around in his robes as a sort of good luck charm.
  45. As for his studies, Rafiel conducted his research alone. He could've joined an academy or had a private instructor but he knew that as long as he was an Aht he and his research would be met with scepticism no matter what he pursued or who taught him. He eventually viewed his natural talent with dark magic with disdain for linking him to his family name. That isn't to say he hated his family, he still loved and respected them; he just wished that he wouldn't be judged for the mistakes of his predecessors. As his disdain for dark magic grew he turned to studying the other schools of magic and most of his free was spent trying to understand them. Thanks to his time with his mother's family he was able to mostly grasp anima magic and had some success with the basic spells. Light magic proved to be much harder for him to grasp without an instructor but that has not stopped his attempts to learn even with no proof of progress.
  47. Rafiel turned his main focus back to research when his sister, Raguela, was born. Above all else, he came to desire for his sister to be able to grow up and pursue what she wanted without the Aht name burdening her. However, even after including dark magic back into what he was willing to research he was stuck in the same place as his ancestors before him. Anything that he pursued would only be minor in its discovery. He could borrow from his brothers' research but that was both risky and it was roughly ten years old; anything that could be gleaned from it would either have already been discovered or would only be a minor contribution to the work of others. That would not be enough to restore the Aht name in time. He needed to make a big discovery.
  49. When news of the rumored treasure slumbering in Auroch reached him, his course was quickly set. This was a chance for him to discover something that no one else had laid claim to yet. A brand-new discovery. Surely that would be enough to restore his family's name, even if he needed to share it amongst multiple people.
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