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  1. /give @p written_book{pages:["[\"\",{\"text\":\"\\n\\u2554\\u2550\\u2550\\u2550\\u2550\\u2550\\u2550\\u2550\\u2550\\u2550\\u2550\\u2557\\n      \"},{\"text\":\" Welcome to\",\"bold\":true},{\"text\":\"\\n      \",\"color\":\"reset\"},{\"text\":\"Grindergard\",\"bold\":true},{\"text\":\"\\n\\u255a\\u2550\\u2550\\u2550\\u2550\\u2550\\u2550\\u2550\\u2550\\u2550\\u2550\\u255d\\n\\n\",\"color\":\"reset\"},{\"text\":\"      server rules\\n             &\\n        guidebook\\n\\n\\n         \"},{\"text\":\"Anarisis\",\"underlined\":true}]","{\"text\":\"Welcome to Grindergard!\\n\\nBefore you venture forth, you may find it useful to review the server rules. Failing to follow these rules may result in your removal from the server, so read carefully!\"}","[\"\",{\"text\":\"         PVP\",\"bold\":true,\"color\":\"dark_red\"},{\"text\":\"\\nPVP is allowed on the server only when all parties consent. Griefing (nonconsensual destruction of another player's build) is prohibited, and activities that will cause harm to the community space is prohibited.\",\"color\":\"reset\"}]","{\"text\":\"Pranks must follow the same rules as griefing, and lethal pranks may not destroy items.\\n\\nYou will note that these rules are modified by consent, so that players may opt into activities they find fun without bringing harm to unwilling players.\"}","[\"\",{\"text\":\" community space\",\"bold\":true,\"color\":\"dark_aqua\"},{\"text\":\"  \\n\\nThe area between x705 and x65. and between z-449 and z-65 is community space. Builds within this space should have a community purpose whether they be shops, decorations, or other structures. Bases are to be built outside this area.\",\"color\":\"reset\"}]","{\"text\":\"Outside that area you may build bases, farms, and more as you wish! Themed areas and contests may come in the future, but as of server launch there are no further build restrictions. Please do be thoughtful about your proximity to other builds, however.\"}","[\"\",{\"text\":\"       conduct\",\"bold\":true,\"color\":\"gold\"},{\"text\":\"  \\n\\nAs is true elsewhere in the community, bigotry and discrimination of any kind will not be tolerated on the server. Beyond that, the golden rule is to be good to each other. Grindergard is home to all of us!\",\"color\":\"reset\"}]"],title:"Welcome to Grindergard",author:Anarisis}
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