Spoons (Silver Spoon) by Fonypan

May 29th, 2016
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  1. >Be Silver Spoon.
  2. >Young filly, stuck in a kennel like a mangy dog.
  3. >Those stupid humans took you away from your mom and dad.
  4. >They didn't have to hit your mom that hard, did they?
  6. > Or... dad...
  8. >You wipe the tears from your eyes.
  9. >Now's not the time to look weak in front of these stupid monkeys.
  10. >Why, if you weren't in this stupid cage in this stupid pet store you'd-!
  11. >You raised your hoof to strike the plastic floor of your kennel.
  12. >Oh what's the point.
  13. >You set your hoof back down, you wipe your tears before laying back down your arms, providing the only comfort in this tiny plastic cell.
  15. >The bell at the store's entrance rings, telling you that more annoying small humans were here to poke and prod you with their weird claws, or, petting, is what they call it.
  16. >They can't keep their paws off of you.
  17. >You adjust your glasses on your nose to see the approaching bipedal rodents.
  18. >They don't fit as good as they used too, but at least the crack only slightly obscures your vision.
  20. >The monkeys, or, Hyoomans as they like to call themselves get closer, walking down the isle.
  21. >The tall one, a human mare, with long yellow hair, guiding a human filly.
  22. >This filly is different.
  23. >She's quiet, and looking at the animals, instead of poking at them with her claws like normal.
  24. >She stops when she sees you.
  26. >She stands still and stares.
  27. >Her mother looks at her daughter, and watches quietly.
  28. >"Mom, Why is this pony so sad?"
  30. >That caused your breath to catch in your throat.
  31. >The mother looks at you, she kneels down to get a better look at you, she wears a saddened expression.
  32. >"I don't know, why don't you ask?"
  34. >You tense up.
  35. >This is strange.
  36. >Humans can't have emotions, can they?
  37. >With the way the little one looks at you, you're almost fooled.
  39. >"Eh-excuse me? Uhm, why are you so sad?"
  41. >You don't know what to say, you're shocked into silence.
  42. >But the kindness in the girl's eyes makes you break down and start crying aloud.
  44. "I... I miss my mom... and dad..." You sob loudly.
  46. >The filly and mare look at you with a sad eyes.
  47. >The mother stands up and walks away.
  48. >The little one steps closer, she places her hand on the front of the kennel.
  49. >"Y-your...? What happened?"
  51. >You suddenly see red and lean your face against the cage door as hard as you can.
  52. "You stupid humans! You hurt them! You hurt my friends!" You slump, its no use. "And... now their all gone... and I'm alone..."
  53. >You tuck your face down into your arms and cry, your fur absorbing the tears, but not fast enough to hide them.
  55. >The mother comes back, she has a leash and a plastic bag.
  56. >A man steps into view next to the mother, you recognize him as the store owner.
  57. >He looks at you with an annoyed, disproving look.
  59. >"Well? Are you going to unlock it or not?" The mother asks the clerk.
  60. >"Right, sorry." He puts a key into the a lock and you hear a click as chains come loose and they click as they are dragged around the top of the kennel.
  62. >"Mom? Really?" The girl asked.
  63. >The mom just nods and you feel your world start to move.
  64. >"Come on Jenny, lets get in the car." You hear the mother's voice from above as the door to the store moves into view and moves closer.
  66. >The carriage ride was a little longer that you expected, but you're glad its over.
  67. >Those things move way to fast, and being stuck in a plastic box poorly balanced an inch from the edge of the carriage's seat didn't help the motion sickness one bit.
  68. >You'd almost be proud to admit that you only puked a little bit inside your mouth.
  70. >"Welcome home pony!" The little girl shouts as her mother sets the kennel down inside somewhere in the house.
  71. >Looks like a living room.
  72. >The mother leans down and looks at you.
  74. >"I'm going to let you out now, okay?" She triggers the latch on the cage door and swings it open.
  75. >You back up to the back wall of the cage.
  76. >"Look, we're not going to hurt you, this is your home now." The mother guides the girl back away from the kennel.
  77. >The tall one sit's weird, crossing her legs, it looks painful.
  78. >You shake your head to get you legs moving.
  79. >After the long stressful journey to the front of the kennel, you carefully lift your hood over the lip of the cage and press it onto the carpet.
  80. >You look down in shock. This has to be the single most softest thing in the world.
  81. >You step the rest of the way out of the kennel and look around, it defiantly is a living room, though a pretty big one.
  82. >A couch, two chairs, a coffee table, those are all normal, but for some reason, those were all facing a large black foggy mirror.
  83. >You look around in awe, you've never seen walls so white.
  84. >And out side a large window you can see the carriage sitting on a path that leads to a large path, all surrounded by green fields with some trees in the distance.
  85. >You never would have thought of green fields of grass as such a beautiful sight. What with Ponyville being in surrounded with the stuff.
  87. >"You're kinda dirt, Pony."
  89. >And the reverence was gone.
  91. "I've been stuck in that box for months, and in case you didn't notice, it doesn't have a restroom."
  92. >For some reason that only caused the girl to giggle.
  94. >"Well then, I guess the first thing we need to do is give you a bath." the mother said.
  95. >"Ooh! I wanna wash the Pony, mom!" The little girl was up, running for the leash set on the table, you didn't notice before.
  97. >Luckily, the mom was faster than the girl.
  98. >She stood up, and in a swift motion she scooped the girl off of the ground so quickly, the girl's feet kept running for a few seconds before going slack.
  99. >"Awe, mom!"
  101. >"Sorry, Jenny, but I don't want water all over the bathroom, I'll take her, you wait here and watch the TV."
  103. >"Oh, fine." The girl, or, Jenny, as you've picked up on, relented as she was playfully dropped on the big soft couch.
  105. >She leans down to you, a smile on her face.
  106. >"Sorry, but she gets excited easily."
  108. "Oh, um, no problem."
  110. >"Now then, would you care for a bath?"
  112. "Yes please."
  114. >You follow the mother through the house, down a hallway and into the bathroom.
  115. >Again, this room is big, or is it just because the people who used it were big?
  116. >You see a sink, a toilet, and a bathtub.
  117. >The woman leans down to the tub and twists some knobs to start the water running.
  119. >"Do you like the water hot or cool?"
  121. "Oh, um, hot." You reply.
  123. >She beacons you over to her, now next to the tub, you realize your eyes are barely over the rim, looking in.
  124. >You hop your front hooves up to the side and rest your chest on the edge as you reach down to feel the water.
  125. >You've never felt water this hot, outside the time your mother was cooking, and you accidentally set your hoof in a pot of boiling water.
  127. "Ah...! Can you make it not so hot?"
  129. >After a moment you feel it again, its still hot, but nice hot.
  130. >Using your front hooves, you pull yourself forwards into the tub, but your rear is stopped.
  131. >You look back to see that you can't get your hind legs over the side.
  132. >You look up at the woman with an embarrassed blush.
  134. "Cou-could you um...?"
  136. >With a giggle, she grabs your body just above the hips
  137. >Her hands are so warm, and nearly wrap around your whole waste.
  138. >She carefully lifts you into the water, letting your acclimate to the water temperature.
  139. >You look up to thank her, but you're stopped by the look she's giving you.
  140. >Its like she's seen a ghost.
  142. >"When was the last time you've eaten?"
  144. >Only now, that you're out of that box and in proper lighting do you see how thin you've become.
  145. >You run a hoof down your side, feeling the rib bones of your barrel.
  147. "O-only a week or so, not that long ago."
  149. >The lady was visibly angered and saddened by that.
  150. >"Well, now that you're living under my roof, you're going to eat dinner every day, got it?"
  151. >The mock sternness is only broken by the light in her eyes.
  153. "Y-yes ma'am."
  155. >"Now then, its still bath time."
  157. >She kneels by the side of the tub and starts working the warm water into your mane and back.
  158. >You can feel it working into your cramped muscles from being stuck in that box.
  159. >You hum in approval as she scoops more water up and runs it down your sides.
  161. >You jump a little as you feel ice running down you spine.
  163. >"Sorry, I know it's cold."
  165. >You feel the clumps in your fur star to melt away as she works the shampoo into your coat.
  166. >Her hands rub a little harder at certain spots, loosening the muscles, and making you melt.
  167. >You feel her pour more shampoo into your mane.
  168. >Her fingers are magic, you yelp a little as she works at your knotted mane, working slowly down to your scalp.
  169. >Her fingernails scratching lovely, making your fur stand on end.
  171. >And your tail.
  173. >You blush, and will your tail back down against your rump.
  174. "Ooh... yeah... I've needed this..."
  176. >She lets out a pleased hum as her hands start to scrub down your neck.
  177. >"Turn around please." You turn to face her, eyes closed in enjoyment. "And sit back so I can clean that tummy of your's."
  178. >You comply without a thought.
  179. >Rolling your hips forward and leaning your back against the side of the tub.
  181. >You sigh in delight as those wonderful hands continue scrubbing your neck, under your chin.
  182. >She begins to work down your chest, scrubbing the soft tuft, freeing all the trapped dirt and rinsing it away with a splash of water.
  183. >You can feel her scrubbing and working away the caked on dirt and sweat stuck to the short hairs of your belly.
  184. >You try not to giggle, but fail.
  186. >She reaches for a rag and dips it in the soapy water.
  187. >You feel the rag digging into the grime, finally getting through the gross gunk.
  188. >She pulls the rag up and wrings the water out, then squirts a glob of shampoo into it and works it to a foam.
  189. >The soapy rag rubs at your flat belly and the tender protrusions.
  191. >When the leased moan escapes, your push her hand to stop her.
  192. "Ooh, careful, that's, up, I have tender teats."
  194. >"Oh," The mother blushes. "I'll just let you wash that area."
  196. "Th-thank you."
  198. >She hands you the rag and starts working the knots out of your tail.
  199. >You try to stifle a moan as you tugs your tail as you scrub your crotch with the soapy rag.
  200. >Your eyes are half closed as you look into her eyes while she works, her pulls on the stubborn hairs tugging your tail occasionally.
  201. >You bite your lip as she finishes and leans back.
  203. >"Okay, now stand back up so we can finish up."
  205. >She pulls the drain plug and starts the water again to run clean water over your body.
  206. >You watch as your coat goes from a dusty brown to a bright shiny grey.
  208. "Mm, thank you, it feels so good to be clean again. You do a twirl in the shallow water."
  210. >She smiles at your happiness and lifts you out of the tub.
  211. >You yelp, but it's muffled by the towel suddenly covering your eyes then it moves rappidly, scrubbing the water out of your coat.
  212. >You happen to see yourself in the mirror, you look like a big fuzz ball.
  214. >After drying off, the woman ran a comb through your coat to get it to lay down.
  215. >Once your coat was straight, she lead you to the kitchen.
  217. >"So, what are you hungry for?" She opened a large metal door showing a world full of food.
  218. >You feel crisp cold air rolling out of the magic box.
  220. "Oh, um... anything really." You notice some blocks of pink and red stuff wrapped in plastic. "Anything but meat."
  222. >"Hmm... how about peanut-butter and jelly sandwich?"
  223. >Your eyes lit up and you mumbled out a whispered yes before you could think.
  225. "I, ahem, I mean, y-yes, please."
  227. >No longer transfixed by the icebox, you look around the kitchen.
  228. >Most of the counters are to tall to see the tops of, but you can see an oven and a sink.
  229. >This kitchen looks surprisingly familiar.
  230. >You some how were expecting to see more fancy machines.
  231. >And, for some reason, a whole lot more chrome.
  232. >You spot the kitchen table and make your way over.
  233. >Pulling out a chair and hopping up, to watch her work.
  234. >You can now see above the counters and spot something tantalizing.
  236. >I great big cookie jar sitting atop the icebox.
  238. >You smell something amazing just below your nose.
  239. >A figure moves into your field of vision, snapping you out of your longed staring.
  240. >You shake your head and look up at her.
  242. "S-sorry, what?"
  244. >"I asked, "what's your name"?"
  246. "Oh, right. My name's Silver Spoon."
  248. >You hold out a hoof to bump, your's startled when your hoof is grabbed and shook up and down.
  250. >"Nice to meet you, my name's Janice, but you can call me Janny."
  252. >You quietly nod, that amazing smell is back.
  253. >You look down, oh, right, the sandwich.
  254. >You carefully pick it up and take a bite.
  256. >Its like an orgasm in your mouth.
  258. >Well, compared to cold dry grain and dead grass since you've been captive.
  260. >The bred is perfectly toasted, the peanut-butter is chunky, with the satisfying crunch of peanuts, and strawberry jam, sweet with large slices of strawberries adding a different satisfying crunch, almost juicy.
  262. >You feel your eyes sting as tears start to roll down your cheeks.
  263. >"Are you okay?"
  264. >You start to reply, but then remember your mouthful.
  265. >You chew slowly to savor the flavors as you nod your head.
  267. >"Mom, can I have a sandwich too?"
  269. >You're startled slightly by the sudden appearance of Jenny sitting next to you in her own chair.
  270. >Almost as if summoned, you hear the toaster pop.
  271. >"Sure thing, honey."
  273. >You quietly ate your sandwich while Jenny ate hers, bouncing in her seat.
  274. >You would occasionally glance at Jenny out the corner of her eye.
  275. >She was blatantly staring at you, curiosity in her eyes.
  276. >Janny had begun washing the dishes.
  277. >Glancing out the window it was hard to gauge the time, but a safe guess was around two in the afternoon.
  278. >You would also catch Janny stealing glances at you.
  280. >The silence was beginning to suffocate you.
  282. "So.. um..."
  284. >You set your sandwich on your plate.
  285. >Jenny seems eager to hear anything you have to say.
  286. >You hold your hoof out to her.
  288. "My name is Silver Spoon, what's yours?"
  290. >"My name is Jenifer." She grabs your hoof and shakes it giddily.
  292. >Her happiness is infectious.
  294. >And so were her sticky fingers, you note, looking at the jelly stuck in your fur around your hoof.
  296. >Yet you can't find it in you to be upset.
  297. >You giggle and point a her, somehow Jenny managed to get jelly all over her hands and mouth.
  298. >Jenny looks at herself and joins in the laughter.
  299. >"Oops, look like I made a bit of a mess."
  300. >You both finish your sandwiches, Jenny hops down and walks over to the sink by her mom and washes her hands.
  301. >You decide its best to follow the lead and trot over to join them, mostly to get the jelly out of your fur before it dries.
  302. >After a quick scrub Jenny walks back to the living room, you look up and Janny.
  304. "So, um... is there anything you wanted me to do?"
  306. >"Mm, no, not really."
  308. "B-but aren't I your um... sl-"
  310. >You were cut off by a finger over your mouth.
  312. >"Nuh uh, none of that." Janny looked at you sternly. "While yes, legally, I do own you, but I promise you I don't want you as a slave."
  314. "Then why did you buy me?"
  316. >"Because I couldn't stand the idea of you winding up in the hands of someone who would use you as a slave."
  318. "Oh... well, thank you."
  320. >Janny leans down and gives you a tight hug. "You're welcome."
  322. >You can't help but hug her back and cry into her chest, pressing your head up under her chin.
  324. >Janny lets go and stands up, you wipe your tears and clear your throat.
  325. >"Will you be alright?"
  326. >You nod.
  327. >"Okay, you go sit in the front room with Jenny, I have to get dinner started."
  329. >You walk slowly back to the living room, taking your time calm yourself.
  330. >You hear voices coming from up ahead.
  331. >As you step back into the living room, your attention is immediately drawn to the big mirror thing.
  332. >Some sort of strange play is on, a drawing of a bird is being chased through a desert by some kind of dog looking thing.
  334. >Jenny laughs when the dog ran of a cliff, not to fall until after he looked down.
  335. >You can't help but laugh at the strange sounds.
  336. >You pull yourself up onto the couch next to Jenny to watch the strange play.
  337. >Looking around the living room.
  338. >You see some family pictures on the wall, you can see the front think about trying to escape, maybe find a way back home.
  339. >You see the kennel you spent the last seven months in.
  340. >If you try to run away, they'd stick you back in the box.
  341. >It's what the owner of the store did each time he let you out to clean your cage.
  343. >He stopped cleaning your cage after the fifth escape attempt.
  344. >You made it two blocks that time too.
  346. >With a sigh you lay on your belly with your legs curled under you, your head resting on the couch arm.
  347. >This is so much more comfy than that plastic box.
  348. >Your eyes slowly grow heavy, you need to close them for just a minute.
  350. >What a soft couch.
  352. >The minute is over suddenly.
  353. >Your head snaps up from the couch at the sound of some loud crashing.
  354. >You're back in your home in Ponyville.
  355. >You think about the weird dream.
  356. >Stuck in some strange world with monkey people.
  357. >You laugh at yourself.
  358. >Monkey people.
  359. >Yeah right.
  361. >Their is another loud crash, you hear muffled yelling.
  363. >You bolt upright to your hooves and dash out of the room towards the sounds.
  364. >You come to the entry room of the house, the front door has been broken clean off of it's hinges, wood splinters everywhere.
  365. >Heart thudding in your ears like war drums, you hear shouting down another hall, you bolt to the sound.
  366. >You skid to a halt as your heart drops out of your tail.
  368. >It's them!
  370. >The monkey people!
  372. >You see they have your mom and dad cornered, your dad is trying to stand brave in front of your mom.
  373. >You can see their faces of horror, that you have come to the room where the monkeys are.
  374. >They are all in matching uniforms, armed with strange weapons, and large burlap bags.
  375. >One of them sees your parents see you, he turns to look.
  376. >His greedy eyes light up in joy, his hideously tiny blue eyes.
  377. >You turn to run away before he can grab you.
  378. >His hand is already around your throat before you were able to take a step.
  379. >You're lifted off of the ground without effort, your hooves kicking and swinging, but too short to do anything to the creature.
  381. >"You let her go!"
  383. >You've never heard your mother roar like that.
  384. >You turn to see her already standing on the shoulders of another monkey with her forehead coming down in a mighty headbutt.
  385. >She's subdued quickly by a club to the back of the head.
  386. >Your father suffers a similar fate, the crack of the weapon striking his face ringing in your ears.
  388. >The creatures laugh as dad is knocked out cold.
  390. >The creatures pick your mom and dad up in the sacks before you're tossed into a bag, only to watch the blue eyed monkey grin as he cinches the bag closed.
  392. >You feel a rocking sensation.
  393. >Something warm is rocking you from side to side.
  394. >Your body decides to investigate, causing your eyes to slowly open.
  395. >The first thing your eyes focus on is a face an inch from your own.
  397. >With a panicked yelp, you press both hooves forward in an attempt to get away backwards.
  398. >Your hooves contact something warm and squishy, a half second before your back collides with the floor.
  399. >The jolt from your head hitting the floor, snaps you back to your nightmare.
  400. >You take stock of the world around you.
  401. >You're on your back, on the floor.
  402. >Your breaths are fast and panicked.
  403. >Instinct is telling you to find cover, just now noticing the human face looking at you from the couch you were once on.
  404. >Flash backs hit you hard, in the next second you're on your hooves looking to hide.
  405. >You dive into the dark space behind the couch, ducking into the far corner to make yourself as small as possible.
  406. >The predators can't get you in here, you're safe.
  408. >"What's all the commotion?" You hear a worried motherly voice ask.
  410. "Mm-mom...?" Your whimper causes your body to shake harder, mind racing on adrenaline.
  412. >"Mom, I think Silver Spoon was having a nightmare." You hear Jenny's voice say. "I tried to wake her up, but then she kicked me and ran away."
  414. >"Where did she go?"
  416. >A shuffling later and Janny's face comes into view at the end of the couch, a looking at your worriedly.
  418. >"Silver Spoon? Are you alright?" Her voice is calm and light.
  420. >It's a trap.
  421. >It has to be a trap.
  422. >You just kicked her daughter.
  423. >The second she gets her hands on you, she's going to skin you alive.
  425. >You shrink yourself as tightly as possible.
  426. >You hope that by holding perfectly still, she won't be able to see you, and she'll lose interest.
  428. >Or was that dragons?
  430. >Janny eventually stood up and stepped away, telling Jenny to give you your space.
  431. >Not sure what to think, you decide to stay behind the couch.
  432. >Your breathing started to calm down, with the rest of your body.
  433. >Its becoming easier to think.
  434. >Thinking back to when you hit the floor, you could see Jenny looking down at you.
  435. >She looked scared.
  437. >Scared for you.
  439. >Breathing and shaking under control, you take a long slow breath to steady yourself.
  440. >Using trembling hooves to wipe the tears away and adjust your glasses.
  441. >You slowly start edging towards the light beyond the couch.
  442. >Keeping an ear out for... something. Anything.
  443. >What exactly? You don't know.
  445. >The carpet under your hooves makes your movement silent.
  446. >You peak your nose out from behind the couch to look around the room.
  447. >Jenny is sitting on one of the large comfy looking chairs.
  448. >The magic mirror is still playing those pictures.
  449. >A cat with a large club chasing a mouse.
  450. >But Jenny is ignoring it to play with two stuffed dolls.
  452. >Something smells good.
  453. >Salty.
  454. >Savory.
  455. >Mouth watering.
  456. >The sounds of cooking are coming from the kitchen.
  457. >Deciding to investigate the smells you creep out of your hiding spot.
  459. >"Are you better now?"
  461. >Like a dear in a head light, you freeze.
  462. >One hoof mid air, head low, crouching like a cat.
  463. >Jenny is looking at you.
  464. >Maybe she wants an answer.
  466. "I... think so."
  468. >You kicked her.
  470. "I kicked you... Are you okay?"
  472. >Throat tight, muscles tense.
  474. >"Yeah, I'm okay. It's kinda my fault for scaring you." She absentmindedly rubs her belly.
  476. "Wha- No, no, its my fault. I shouldn't have reacted the way I did."
  478. >Jenny looks at you.
  479. >She looks at the dolls.
  480. >She holds one of the dolls out to you.
  481. >"You wanna play with me?"
  483. "Ruh...I... um, er..."
  485. >Good job words.
  487. "Uh... s-sure."
  489. >Trying to relax your jittery electrified nerves, you trot over to her,
  490. >Carefully taking the doll in your teeth, and stepping a few paces back, you sit on your rump and drop the doll into your lap.
  491. >Jenny eyes you wearily, unconsciously licking her tongue against her teeth.
  493. >That concerns you.
  495. "What?"
  497. >"You put it in your mouth...?"
  499. >Oh.
  501. "Well, I don't exactly have claws like you."
  503. >You wiggle a hoof in the air to make the point.
  504. >She holds up her hand and wiggles her fingers.
  505. >By Celestia, that's creepy.
  506. >As she's stepping down from the chair, Janny steps into view from the kitchen.
  508. >Time freezes.
  510. >Don't panic.
  511. >Maybe holding perfectly still will work again.
  512. >You hug the doll to your chest, hopefully it will provide enough padding if need be.
  514. >She takes a slow step into the room and then lowers herself to one knee.
  515. >Closing your eyes you take a slow breath.
  516. >When you open them again, you see Janny is sitting with her legs crossed again.
  518. >"How are you feeling?"
  520. "S-scared."
  522. >"You don't need to be scared of me..."
  524. >For a split second, you could have sworn you were looking at a yellow pegasus with a pink mane.
  525. >Blinking the ghosts away, you nod and try to talk passed the knots in your chest and throat.
  527. "Am... Am I going to be in trouble?"
  529. >"No, but you might not get a cookie after dinner-" You hear Jenny gasp in horror at the thought. "We do have to have a sit down, and talk about what happened."
  531. >You cringe.
  532. >Nodding you look up at her, much more relaxed, but still weary.
  534. >"So, when you woke up, you kicked Jenny, - I'm not mad, just..."
  535. >She motions Jenny over too her.
  536. >When the little girl sits in her mom's lap, she lifts the shirt up, showing a slightly pink pair of circles on the girl's belly.
  538. >"We got lucky that you only grazed her, I know how strong hooves can hit,"
  539. >You gulp, nodding.
  540. >"but I also know you didn't do it on purpose."
  541. >You look into Jenny's and Janny's eyes, and see the forgiveness.
  543. "I'm sorry for hitting you."
  545. >Jenny rubs her belly. "S'okay."
  546. The smile she gives you could light up the darkest of dungeons.
  548. >"But Jenny, will also have to be careful to not startle you again. Right Jenny?"
  549. >She nods, looking upside down at her mom.
  550. >"Now, I'm going to go back to the kitchen, dinner is almost ready."
  551. >After getting out from under her daughter, Janny looks at you with a smirk.
  552. >"I hope you like broccoli and alfredo pasta."
  554. >Suddenly reminded, the smell hits you like a train.
  555. >Rich savory smells assault your seances.
  556. >You hear your belly growl.
  557. >Followed by Jenny giggling.
  558. >You blush.
  559. >"Yeah, I'm hungry too. But I hope she wasn't serious about you not getting a cookie, no one deserves that."
  560. >She picks up her doll and resumes playing with it.
  561. >You've finally started to truly relax again.
  562. >Playing with the doll seems to have helped the most.
  564. >You hear a loud roaring slowly getting louder.
  565. >It's far to regular sounding to be a dragon.
  566. >The roars settle to a loud purring, like a large cat.
  567. >Looking out the front window, you see a second carriage has pulled up.
  568. >The purring stops as someone steps out of the carriage.
  570. >It's a human stallion- or, man, as they say.
  571. >He walks passed the window up to the front door.
  572. >The door opens without knocking.
  574. >The fur on you back starts to stand on end.
  575. >Eyes are glued on the door.
  576. >Body frozen in anxious anticipation.
  578. >A deep baritone voice to end all deep baritone voices.
  580. >"Honey I'm- oof!"
  582. >"Daddy!" Jenny hugs the man around the legs at a dead sprint.
  584. >Her forehead hits him square in the groin in her attack hug.
  585. >He goes down like a sack of potatoes.
  586. >You wince as the house shakes with his weight hitting the floor.
  588. >"Hnnng... hey pumpkin... s'good to see you too..."
  590. >He slowly assumes the fetal position, hands cupping his groin tenderly.
  591. >Without a second to let him breath, Jenny moves up to hug the man across the chest, her arms barely wrapping around his shoulders.
  592. >Janny steps in from the delicious smelling kitchen to see what the commotion is.
  594. >"Jimmy?! Are you okay?"
  596. >She quickly kneels beside him.
  598. >"I'm okay, honey... Jenny just got my plumbs."
  600. >Janny breaks down into hysterical laughing as she pulls Jenny off of the fallen man.
  602. >"SNRK! Co-come on, Jenny, let your dad get settled before hugging him to death!"
  604. >"Awe... okay."
  606. >Its like a train wreck.
  607. >All you can do is stare, but no matter how you try, you can't stop watching.
  609. >As the man finally gets back to his (shaky) feet, he finally notices you.
  611. >"Oh, hello, there."
  613. >Janny to the rescue.
  614. >She kneels next to you, letting Jenny go.
  616. >"James, this is Silver Spoon."
  618. "Uh, hi."
  620. >Feeble hoof wave, activate.
  622. >"Hello Silver Spoon, you can call me Jimmy."
  624. >You nod.
  626. >You desperately try to ignore the need to raise your tail.
  627. >You mother always told you it was rude to do so.
  629. >"So..." He looks at Jenny as he limps over to the comfy chair, wincing as he sits down. "when did we get a pony?"
  631. >"Today. Saw the poor thing at the pet store today, she's had a bad first impression on humans, but you've seen some of the news reports of how some owners have been treating their ponies, and I couldn't stand the thought of her falling into the hands of another pervert."
  633. >"Yeah..." He looks down at you. "Look, I'm gonna be honest with you, Spoons,-I can call you 'Spoons', right?- you're lucky my wife found you when she did. people have been doing horrid things to your kind, and them bastards are only found out after the pony is broken beyond any therapy, or worse."
  635. >The thought hurts.
  636. >Stuck in a box being prodded by kids doesn't; sound so bad all of a sudden.
  638. >"Sorry to tell you, but until things cool down and people start treating ponies like they should be, or that damn war is over, you're stuck with us.
  640. >"But the second things calm down, and it's safe for you, we'll see to it about getting you home, okay?"
  642. >The sincerity in his eyes and words is hard to miss.
  643. >The tears are hot and heavy.
  644. >Closing your eyes to try to stop the tears, you're slightly startled to feel a pair a warm hands wrap around your waist and lift you into the air.
  645. >Your hooves fail involuntarily, but stop when you look into Jimmy's eyes as he sets you in his lap.
  647. >"Careful James, she's skittish, try not to surprise her like that. We don't want her accidentally knocking some sense into you."
  649. >You giggle at that line.
  650. >Holly Celestia hands are amazing.
  651. >You can't help but to lounge across his lap as his hands scratch your ears and back.
  652. >When did you become a house cat?
  653. >Oh, who cares, this is the best feeling ever.
  655. >Boy, your eye lids sure are heavy today...
  657. >An awe inspiring smell brings you back to the world of the living.
  658. >Your nose takes in a deep rich smell.
  659. >Slowly opening your eyes, first thing you notice, you're no longer in James' lap.
  661. >The blanket was the first tell.
  662. >The pillow was the second clue.
  663. >The blurry everything was the third.
  665. >After feeling around with your hooves, you find your glasses have been put off to your side.
  666. >Putting them on and looking around, you recognize the couch you're laying on.
  667. >Sitting up, you see that the coffee table has been pushed closer to the couch, and a glass of water sits not to far out of reach.
  669. >After a quick stretch of your legs, you roll off of the couch and drink the offered water.
  671. >"Ah, you're awake."
  673. >After snorting up half the cup's worth of water, then sputtering and gagging it back into the cup, you notice James stepping into the living room.
  675. >"Sorry, didn't mean to startle." He points back to the kitchen. "Well, I was just coming to wake you so you don't miss dinner."
  676. >"You are hungry, right?"
  678. "Uhhhh, I mean, eep, er... yes, thank you."
  680. >"Well, come on then."
  682. >Following him to the kitchen, you're greeted by the sights and smells of Jan putting noodles on a plate, then drizzling alfredo sauce with large clearly visible chunks of green broccoli.
  683. >The first plate is set before Jenny, the next two are set and empty seats before making herself a plate and sitting at the table.
  685. >As James sits in at the table, you hop up onto a chair and look at your plate.
  686. >A big pile of spiral noodles topped with a thick creamy white sauce with large cut chunks of broccoli, with a fork resting on the edge of the plate.
  687. >You pick up the fork and stab a noodle lying outside the reach of the sauce and dip it saintly in the sauce.
  688. >The spiral shape is perfect for trapping the alfredo.
  689. >You bring it up to your muzzle and sniff it.
  690. >You can't take it any more, and bite.
  691. >Flavor explosion.
  692. >Perfectly mixed spices and consistency, complemented by the chewiness of the noodle.
  693. >You hum in delight as you stab a chunk of broccoli, the tiny leafy tips coated in sauce.
  694. >The soft crunch, and the planty flavor of the boiled greens, again, mixing with the sauce...
  696. >Now it all makes sense, you died in that plastic box of starvation at the pet store and went to food heaven.
  698. >Next bite had a few noodles and a chunk of broccoli.
  700. >You can't contain your hunger.
  701. >As politely as you can, you start shoveling the pasta down your gullet.
  702. >Taking the time to chew and savor the flavors.
  703. >Closing your eyes with each bite and humming your bliss to the world.
  705. >"Someone's a hungry girl."
  707. >You notice the stares.
  709. >"Sorry, if you're hungry, don't let us slow you down."
  711. >Janny starts piling another plate high and sets it next to your current plate.
  712. >With seconds already served, you obey your body and soul, cleanimg this plate of its impossibly delightful flavors.
  714. >After dinner, you and Jenny go to the living room to watch more plays.
  715. >This one has a grey rabbit tricking a bald man with one of those human weapons.
  717. >Jan and James have disappeared after telling you and Jenny to stay in the living room,
  718. >Though, during dinner, they did act like your mom and dad do in the spring...
  719. >Stealing glances and making cutesy faces at each other.
  721. >That night, after Jenny went to bed, Jan came out and told you that you can sleep on the couch for now.
  722. >Her hair was all messy, and she had an airy happiness about her.
  723. >She said that some time this week, they'll look into getting you your own bed.
  725. >Sleep wasn't coming as quickly as you would like.
  726. >The sound of a clock ticking, and the occasional carriage lights going by outside keep you awake.
  728. >Tingling.
  729. >Sighing you push the blanket aside and get up.
  730. >When you enter the bathroom, you're confronted with a problem.
  731. >After flicking the light on, you eye the toilet.
  732. >Looking around, you find and stool.
  733. >Its not wide enough for all four hooves, but it'll have to do.
  734. >Scooting the stool into place, you hop up and do your thing.
  736. "Ahh..."
  738. >So much better than being stuck in that kennel.
  739. >Though, that did teach the shop owner to keep a bucket below your kennel.
  741. >Getting back on the couch and wrapping the blanket around you again, you finally fall asleep.
  743. >First day living with humans, and they aren't the same as the ones who foal-napped you.
  745. >And the nightmares have gone away too.
  746. >The next few days were uneventful.
  747. >Jan took Jenny to school in the morning, then picking her up after noon.
  748. >Jan had asked you what kinds of food you like, and what kind of foods were bad for you.
  749. >Dinner was different and seemingly better every time.
  750. >You also notice that you were given rather large portions.
  751. >Jan said it was to help get meat on your bones.
  753. >Meat.
  755. >Almost forgot that they ate meat.
  756. >Almost.
  758. >Luckily Jan managed to talk you down from that panic attack.
  759. >James' jokes didn't help any.
  761. >"What? I just said we didn't plan on eater her anytime soon!"
  763. >James had to sleep on the floor next to your couch that night
  764. >You tried to let him have the couch, but Jan wasn't having it.
  765. >Jan commanded with that tone that only a mother could.
  766. >Saying that you were to enjoy the couch and James would be perfectly happy on the floor.
  768. >"Right, honey?" She eyed him harshly.
  770. >"Yes dear..." His pout was almost tear jerking.
  772. >After a few minutes of silent breathing in the dark living room, you roll over on the couch and peek your head over at the man laying on the floor.
  773. >You never really got a good look at him before.
  774. >Always trying to not stare.
  775. >His arms were thick, stretching out his olive green t-shirt.
  776. >They kinda remind you of that big pegasus who was always shouting.
  778. >His square jaw and wrinkly face reminds you of a mix between a dragon and a minotaur.
  780. >You never did notice that scar before.
  781. >There was a lighter color jagged line, running across one cheek, up to the bridge of his nose.
  783. >You almost jump out of your skin when you notice his eyes staring at you.
  784. >"You need something?"
  786. "Oh, um... no... Goodnight."
  788. >"Goodnight."
  790. >You roll onto your other side, scooting up against the back of the couch.
  791. >Breathing slower, you can't help but think about that scar.
  792. >Trying to think of something else, you start counting sheep.
  794. >Sheep turn into the ticks of the wall clock.
  796. >Sleep claimed you eventually.
  798. >A fitful dreamless sleep.
  800. >Mmm... warm.
  801. >First thing you notice this morning, is being warm.
  802. >Also that the couch is a lot warmer than last night, and that it is moving.
  803. >And growling.
  804. >Lifting your face out of your drool puddle, you notice a face at the end of the couch, looking up.
  805. >And it's snoring.
  806. >Oh, not roaring, snoring.
  807. >Kinda the same really...
  808. >The couch cushion moves up and down in time with the snoring.
  809. >The arms wrapped around your back are nice.
  810. >The scratching on your ears feels good too.
  811. >Laying your head back down in your drool pillow, you start to nod off again.
  812. >You hear giggling and a clicking noise.
  813. >You ignore it for more sleep.
  814. >In the morning, everyone went their daily activities.
  815. >Though James kept stealing weird looks at you and blushing from his spot in the chair at the far end of the room.
  816. >Other than that, everything felt normal.
  817. >Jan had just gotten home from dropping Jenny at school, when there was a strange beeping sound.
  818. >It was coming from a strange rectangular stone James pulled out of his pocket.
  820. >"This is Jimmy."
  822. >After a series of 'uh-huh's, James put the thing in his pocket and stood up.
  823. >Jan made her way to stand besides him immediately.
  825. >"What was that about."
  827. >After kissing his wife, he looked at her worriedly.
  829. >"Sorry hone, but I just got called in. I'm being shipped out tomorrow."
  831. >Jan mods solemnly.
  833. >"You be careful out there, promise me."
  835. >"I promise."
  837. >After a kiss James went to their bedroom and came back out in a strange outfit and a large bag.
  838. >The jacket and pants had strange green, brown, and tan squares all over, seemingly without any pattern.
  839. >He had a strange looking hat, made of a red cloth, looking squashed down and slightly off to the side with some badge on the front.
  840. >The large bag was the same olive green as his shirt, slung over his shoulder.
  841. >Jan and James kiss again.
  842. >With a yearning look, she stood in the door way as James went to his carriage.
  844. >With a loud roar, his carriage came to life.
  845. >From the window, you can see a badge shaped like a running horse on the front of the carriage gleam in the sunlight as he pulled out of the driveway and sped off down the road.
  847. >You look on, the scene confusing and saddening all the same.
  849. "Janny? Where's he going?"
  851. >Jan turned and knelt to give you a tight hug.
  852. >She tried to hide the sniffling.
  854. >"He's on his way to work."
  856. "Oh... what does he do?"
  858. >Pulling back from the hug with a tear filled smile.
  860. >"His job is helping ponies get away from bad humans."
  861. >Wiping her eyes, she stands up and walks to her bedroom.
  862. >She comes back with her purse on her shoulder and a collar in her hand.
  864. >"Are you ready to go pick you out a new bed?"
  866. >The change is subjects was jarring, to say the least.
  867. >But you could see she didn't want to talk about James' job anymore.
  869. "S-sure. That sounds great."
  871. >You take note of the collar.
  873. "What's that for?"
  875. >Jan frowns at the collar in her hand and kneels down to you.
  877. >"I don't like it one bit, but there are laws that ponies must have a collar and leash with out with their owners."
  879. "Oh... okay."
  881. >She slips the collar around your neck and stands up.
  883. >"But I don't think you need a leash to get in the car, right?"
  885. >Getting into the carriage, or "car", was a little tricky.
  886. >The seats weren't made for ponies.
  887. >The handles on the doors can't be opened without fingers.
  888. >The seatbelt was to tall for you, the shoulder strap running diagonally tight across your muzzle.
  889. >But once you were situated, and Jan pushed the strap behind your head, it wasn't so bad.
  890. >It was also nice being outside the house for change.
  891. >And the windows on the side were neat.
  892. >Some kind of magic made them grow and shrink up and down to fill the side, or let the breeze in at the twirl of a handle.
  894. >When we reached a big road Jan called the freeway, you've never seen so many cars in your life!
  895. >There had to be fifty cars on this road at once!
  897. >Eventually, we pulled off of the big road and were now on smaller roads, all crisscrossing between giant glass buildings.
  898. >Many of the buildings had brightly painted signs at the base, above the doors, advertising their goods.
  899. >A few signs were disturbing, on signs with a big golden M they had pictures of sandwiches with big slabs of meat in the middle.
  900. >Eventually the car stopped against the sidewalk outside a store with different styles of beds and couches seen through the large glass windows.
  902. >"We're here."
  904. >After getting out of the car, Jan clipped the leash on and walked you up to the front of the store.
  905. >Inside the store was beds and couches and chairs, and couches that turned into beds.
  906. >After a few minutes of walking around, and looking at the furniture, a woman walked up to Jan.
  908. >"Hello, can I help you find anything?"
  910. >You and Jan eyed her strained smile.
  911. >Jan's attitude was surprisingly cheery.
  913. >"Actually, yes, could you help me find a good bed for my pony, here?"
  915. >"Ahh... sure. of course."
  917. >"We have a selection of smaller and cheaper beds for children who are just getting out of diapers."
  919. >She stops at a small lineup of small beds, the posts and frame are made of metal slats that squeak and rattle with the faintest touch.
  920. >Jan helps you up onto the mattress.
  921. >You sit and lay down, rolling side to side a bit.
  922. >Loud crinkly plastic that is sure to make you sweaty and uncomfortable.
  924. "I don't like this one... do you have anything softer and less crinkly?"
  926. >The woman almost snorts indignantly that you had the gall to speak up to her.
  928. >"Well, we do, but I doubt that your owner would want to spend too much on you."
  929. >Jan leveled a glare at the woman for that.
  931. >"Well, that is for me to decide, isn't it?"
  933. >Hopping down, you follow Jan following her over to a line of small beds, but clearly for older children.
  934. >One bed catches your eye.
  935. >A deep stained wooden frame with fancy carved posts, and a large poofy mattress.
  936. >After hopping up and rolling around, you're amazed to find this bed feels even softer than the couch back home.
  938. "I like this one."
  940. >"Yes, well, this one is terribly expensive, especially for a pet."
  942. "What did you just-"
  944. >Before you could finish your though, Jan had already stepped forward.
  946. >"Looks like I'm purchasing this bed."
  948. >The woman sputtered at that.
  950. >"Eh, uh. Well, okay, I'll write up the recite."
  952. >After Jan had given the lady a hand full of paper, (not a single gold coin, humans are weird) a man with a large box on a cart stepped forward, and loaded the box into the back of the car.
  953. >More fumbling with the car's seats and belts, and we were off.
  954. >You were confused at first as to what Jan had in mind.
  955. >But after coming up to a shop with a sign shaped like a giant pair of glasses, it became more apparent that a new bed wasn't the only shopping to be had.
  957. >Walking up to this building was a different experience.
  958. >Primarily being instead of a grumpy woman, they were immediately greeted by a man with a warm grin.
  960. >"Hello, how can I help you two today?"
  962. >You look up at Jan questioningly.
  964. >"Well, my pony friend here needs a new pair of glasses."
  966. >"Oh, well, I'm sure I can help."
  968. >With a kind smile, he helped you up into a comfy chair.
  970. >You pull off your glasses and look at them.
  971. >The frames were crooked and scratched from being roughly handled by the foalnappers.
  972. >The left lens had a smart crack running diagonally through it.
  973. >The tape on the bridge was starting to loose its hold, you were planning to replace the tape soon anyway.
  975. >You look up and the fuzzy shape of the man.
  977. "Can... can you fix these? They... they mean a lot to me."
  978. >The man carefully takes the glasses in his hands and looks them over.
  980. >"I may not know much about ponies, but I do know glasses. And these glasses have been through a lot."
  982. >"I can't imagine half the things these glasses have seen. And you don't strike me as a very old pony, do you?"
  984. "I- um... no sir."
  986. >"I'll see what I can do. No promises though, these glasses have been through hell and back."
  987. >"Almost hard to believe it was my fellow man who would be heartless enough to put anyone through this."
  989. >"But for now, I'm going to need time to fix these glasses, so I'll have to give you a loaner pair, okay?"
  991. >You nod, not sure what else to do.
  992. >You can't tell what he's doing, but he has picked up some kind of tool and is holding it on your old glasses.
  993. >After some "hmms" and "uh huh"s he walks into the back room.
  994. >You look up at Jan confused.
  995. >You can only make out that she shrugged.
  997. >The man comes back and holds something out in front of you.
  999. >"Try these on."
  1001. >You carefully grab the offered glasses and put them on.
  1002. >You haven't seen this clearly in months.
  1004. "Wow! How did you-?"
  1006. >You notice he's holding your glasses in one hand, and a mirror in the other.
  1007. >The blush is much more damning when you can see it as much as feel it.
  1008. >He's given you some kind of granny glasses.
  1009. >Like the ones you've seen Rarity wear.
  1010. >The rims are gaudy, a bright green base with a floral print of flowers spiraled all over.
  1012. >"Well, how are they?"
  1014. >You blink at that.
  1015. >Looking up at him, much clearer now, you see he's an old tall man with wild looking eyes and white hair sticking up like he was struck by lightning.
  1017. "I've gotten so used to everything being blurry..."
  1019. >Looking at your old glasses explains it, both lenses are badly scratched.
  1020. >The lenses only kinda pointing the same direction.
  1022. >"Don't worry about these, you couldn't have found better hands to work on them."
  1024. >He eyes them more closely.
  1026. >"But I must say, these were very finely crafted."
  1028. >The man pulls out a pad and paper.
  1030. >"Now then, what's your name?"
  1032. "Silver Spoon."
  1034. >He scribbles something on the paper.
  1036. >"There. This is just so I know who these glasses belong to."
  1038. >Putting away the paper, he holds out his hand.
  1040. >"My name's Emmett."
  1042. >After you shake limbs with him, Jan follows him over to the register to pay.
  1043. >Trying not to over hear, but hard not to, you hear them have a hushed discussion.
  1045. >"Are you sure?" Jan sounded genuinely surprised.
  1047. >"Indeed, I insist. And I won't accept your refusal."
  1049. >"Well, alright. Thank you."
  1051. >"No, thank you."
  1053. >Once Jan had ushered you out to the car, you can't help your curiosity.
  1055. "So... what was that about?"
  1057. >"What was what?"
  1059. "What did Mr, Emmett say?"
  1061. >"Hmm? Oh, nothing. Just that your glasses should be fixed in a week or two."
  1063. "Oh, that's not so bad."
  1065. "And these glasses are nice. I'm surprised how well I can see now."
  1067. >"Is there anything you would like to see before we head home?"
  1068. "No thank you, I'm just glad that we could get my glasses fixed."
  1070. >"Well, if you're sure, I guess we can head back to the house."
  1072. >Watching in silence as the world moves by outside the car in silence gives you an oddly calm feeling.
  1073. >Here, in the world of the people who invaded your world, sitting in one of their inventions, with one of them, who is pretty good proof that they aren't all the horrible monsters that foalnapped you.
  1074. >You just wish there was a way to know if your friends and family have been as lucky as you have.
  1075. >As unlikely as it is, it at least gives you hope to see them again.
  1077. >The car pulls up to a small building with lights and signs.
  1078. >This isn't the house.
  1080. "Um... why did we stop here?"
  1082. >"Well, I figured you'd like a treat. You do like ice cream, right?"
  1084. "Y-yes, I do."
  1086. >"Alright, you just wait here, and I'll be right back."
  1088. >After cracking each of the windows a few inches, Jan hops out of the car and walks into the food stand.
  1089. >You can't help but scratch at the collar hanging around your neck.
  1090. >Its a negligible irritant, but more so a constant reminder of where your freedom lies.
  1091. >Looking around, you take in the people and things around you.
  1092. >Quite a few more cars are parked near by.
  1093. >Several people walking by glance at you, but pay no more attention to you existence than they would any other person.
  1095. >You do however spot something that at first, seems like nothing, but the more you think about it, the more it makes the hairs of your coat on your back stand on end.
  1097. >Sitting at a bench outside the stand, you notice two men, staring at you.
  1098. >They make quick quiet quips back and forth to each other.
  1099. >You try not to panic as they stand up and step towards you, the car seems to interest them little.
  1100. >Lowering yourself til only your eyes are above the car's window, you try to stay calm.
  1102. >Maybe they're friendly?
  1103. >The men are standing next to the car, leering at you with disgust.
  1105. >"So, what's your name, pony?"
  1107. >You lower yourself even more.
  1109. "S-silver Spoon...?"
  1111. >"What a retarded fucking name."
  1113. >One of them grabs the door handle.
  1114. >You eep audibly.
  1115. >The handle only jiggles, its locked tight.
  1116. >You let out a breath.
  1118. >"Open the door, you little shit."
  1120. >You clam up.
  1122. >The second man pushes the first one aside.
  1124. >"You think she's retarded? You're worse."
  1126. >Maybe this one's nice-
  1128. >He reaches his arm through the window and pull the latch, unlocking the door.
  1129. >Panicked breaths rush through your rapidly drying mouth.
  1130. >The door is yanked open.
  1132. >"Come here you little bitch."
  1134. >He grabs the collar around you neck and lifts you up face to face with himself.
  1136. >"What do you think you're doing here?"
  1137. >"Just sitting around on your fat ares while you tricked that hot babe into doin' your work..."
  1138. >"Retarded little grass eater."
  1140. >Your hooves are straining and clawing at your collar.
  1141. >No fingers, can't get your hooves under the collar.
  1142. >Can't pull it away from your throat..
  1144. >Air.
  1145. >Can't breathe.
  1147. >You become aware of the light dimming around your vision.
  1149. "P-plss... hrr.."
  1151. >You try to beg, you can't get any air to yell with.
  1153. >Pain.
  1154. >Pain across your belly.
  1156. >They're still talking at you, but it all sounds far away and muffled.
  1158. >The thumping of your heart is really loud, thudding fast and hard in your ears.
  1159. >You can actually feel the blood pressure building around where the collar is choking.
  1160. >You come to as you feel something hard impact your body.
  1161. >The choking on your neck has ceased.
  1162. >Wheezing shaky breaths, your blurry vision slowly returns.
  1163. >After feeling around, you find your borrowed glasses, and slip them on.
  1165. >You immediately let out a terrified scream when you're face to face with one of the men.
  1166. >You hop to your hooves immediately.
  1167. >It took you a moment, but you soon notice something off about him.
  1169. >His face if bleeding, his eyes are shut, and his only movement is breathing.
  1171. >You look around to find the other guy.
  1173. >He's on the ground, laying on his back, with his hands poorly trying to cover his face.
  1175. >Standing above him is Jan.
  1177. >Her shirt is slightly torn.
  1178. >She has a blue bruise on her cheek.
  1179. >And her face is a visage of pure rage.
  1180. >You've seen that face before.
  1181. >On your mother's face.
  1182. >The day the bad humans kidnapped you.
  1184. >"I'm only going to ask you one more time."
  1185. >"What were you doing, touching MY Silver Spoon?"
  1187. >"Look, lady, this ain't none o-your business."
  1188. >"That pony done called me a disrespectful name and I was just putting it in its place."
  1190. >"Really? And you didn't think to talk to me?"
  1191. >"I'm her owner, so shouldn't you come to me about disciplining her?"
  1193. >"W-well, I guess, I mean - it's just a horse, why do you care so damn much about it? They need to be told what to do and what their place-"
  1195. >Jan's fist meet's the side of the guy's head with a meaty thump.
  1197. >"Shut up."
  1199. >He's out cold. Mouth agape, letting the flies in.
  1201. >Jan steps over to you and kneels, slowly picking you up, holding you against her chest.
  1203. >"Are you okay? Did the bullies hurt you?"
  1205. "B-belly..."
  1207. >Even to you, your whimper sounded shallow and weak.
  1208. >Jan stands, lifting you up, you head resting on her shoulder, looking over her back.
  1209. >She sets you on the hood of her car and leans you back.
  1211. >"...ho crap..."
  1213. >The whisper was quiet, worried.
  1215. "W-what?"
  1216. >"Don't look, and... try not to move to much."
  1218. >What's the matter?
  1219. >Why can't she-
  1220. >Why did you look down?
  1222. >There. Right there.
  1223. >You slowly move you hoof down to your belly, but you're stopped by Jan's hand.
  1225. >"Don't, don't touch it."
  1227. >Sticking out of your belly, just to the side of your belly button.
  1228. >The handle of a knife.
  1230. >Your hooves start shaking.
  1231. >Panicked tears drip from your cheeks to your chest.
  1233. "Wh-what do... t-take it out!"
  1235. >Jan is forced to hold you hooves down at your sides.
  1237. >"No, don't, we don't know how bad it is."
  1238. >"For all we know, it's the only thing keeping you from bleeding out."
  1240. "B-bleeding out? Wh-hat do you mean?"
  1242. >"I mean... its... complicated. Just, don't touch it, a doctor should be here soon."
  1244. >You can only stare.
  1245. >Dark red is very slowly oozing out around the knife.
  1247. >You're startled out of your thoughts as rubber gloved on his hands gently brush your belly.
  1248. >You look up to see a man kneeling in front of you.
  1249. >You don't know how long you've been here, but the sun has moved a considerable amount.
  1251. >"Try not to move to much, okay?"
  1252. >"Now be strong for me, this is going to feel weird, and hurt."
  1254. >One hand moves to rest on your belly near the knife.
  1255. >The other moves to carefully grab the knife handle.
  1257. "N-no, don't!"
  1259. >With a swift pull, the knife came free without tearing anymore skin.
  1261. >"Shh, stay strong."
  1263. >The man pulls a bottle of some kind out of his bags and pours something on the wound.
  1264. >You wince as you feel the cold tingling liquid dripping inside your body.
  1265. >It stings like a bee for a few seconds before a warm numbness covers the area.
  1267. >You try not to think about the weird feeling.
  1268. >You spot Jan talking to two men in dark blue uniforms.
  1269. >Three other men have put something on the bad men's hands before stuffing them into the back of a car with red and blue lights on the roof.
  1270. >You look back at your belly as you feel a tightness.
  1271. >The man with rubber gloves has placed a large spongy cloth pad on your belly.
  1272. >He follows the cloth up with wrapping gauze bandaged around your belly to hold everything together.
  1274. >"There. Now, this is only a field dressing, but it should do the trick until you get to a hospital, okay?"
  1276. >You nod.
  1277. >He suddenly puts on a stern face.
  1279. >"But, you were very brave, and I think that deserve an award."
  1281. >You're confused by his words.
  1282. >You don't do anything...
  1283. >What could he possibly think-?
  1285. >He holds a lollipop up to you.
  1286. >You don't even see your hooves move when the sucker suddenly appeared clasped in your hooves.
  1288. >Focused on trying to open the wrapper on your candy you don't notice Jan kneeling next to you.
  1289. >Or the rattly wheels.
  1290. >You do feel the warm hands lifting you off of the car and onto a bed with wheels.
  1291. >Startled, you slowly look up, nearly dropping your candy.
  1292. >Jan has a cardboard tray with two ice cream cones.
  1294. >"Save that for later."
  1295. >"Your ice cream is going to melt, and you can't eat ice cram warm."
  1296. >"That goes against like fifty laws."
  1298. >As the man straps you to the bed, Jan holds one of the ice creams out to you.
  1300. >You can't hold back the tears.
  1301. >You lean forward and wrap your hooves around Jan, hugging her tight as the sobs take over.
  1303. >"Shh... you're okay now. I've got you."
  1305. >Jan's return hug is made awkward by trying not to smear ice cream on your back.
  1306. >Eventually you're calm enough to sit back.
  1307. >You take the ice cream and gently lick at it.
  1309. >Vanilla swirled with sprinkles.
  1311. >They rolled you on the bed into the back of a big red and white car as you finished your ice cream.
  1312. >As they were packing you into the box car, Jan said she needed to go pick up Jenny.
  1314. >You're just hoping they won't do the live autopsy thing like the aliens did to ponies in those sci-fi comic books you totally didn't read when Diamond wasn't looking.
  1315. >That totally wasn't your favorite part.
  1316. >Pony guts were gross, and you did not find them neat.
  1317. >And you didn't ace your biology tests in Cheerilee's class.
  1318. >The nice medic man is sitting in the back with you, making sure you're comfy while he locks the bed into place.
  1320. >"Okay, now for the ride, we have to keep you calm so you don't disturb your injury, okay?"
  1322. >Makes seance, you nod.
  1324. >"Okay, I'm going to put this mask on you, just breath easy."
  1326. >You nod again as he places a plastic cup thing with a hose that leads to a large metal bottle over your muzzle.
  1327. >You breath like he said.
  1328. >Air is coming from the hose thing.
  1329. >Smells kinda... funny...
  1330. >You yawn.
  1331. >Today was rather exciting.
  1332. >Maybe a nap...
  1333. >Another yawn followed by a big deep breath of funny smelling air.
  1335. >Nap sounds good...
  1337. >...silver...
  1339. >...spoon...
  1341. >"...silver spoon..."
  1343. >The whole world is rocking side to side.
  1344. >With the rocking something is calling out to you.
  1346. >"Silver spoon."
  1348. ""
  1350. >Suddenly there is a tightness in your chest.
  1351. >On your chest.
  1352. >Warm fuzzy tightness wrapped around your chest.
  1354. >Light.
  1355. >You see a bright light ahead of you.
  1356. >You remember stories about a bright light.
  1357. >When Celestia helps a pony go home.
  1358. >But not home, like your house...
  1359. >The green fields of paradise.
  1360. >And the light was very bright.
  1361. >She should tone it town.
  1362. >Celestia's light hurts your eyes.
  1363. >That's kind of a jerk move.
  1364. >Blinding ponies after they...
  1366. >Die.
  1368. >Oh no...
  1369. >The bad men.
  1370. >The knife.
  1372. >Now a bright light...
  1374. >Your eyes begin to focus.
  1375. >Blurry shapes begin to form faces looking at you.
  1376. >That lamp above you has no right to be that bright.
  1377. >You look down at the tight feeling.
  1378. >Jenny is leaning over the side of the bed hugging you.
  1379. >You slowly move a hoof to rest on her head buried in your chest fluff.
  1380. >She looks up at you with a teary smile.
  1381. >Jan pries her off of you.
  1383. >"Silver Spoon, you're okay now. The doctor fixed you."
  1385. >You notice the face of the doctor.
  1386. >An old woman with kind sad eyes.
  1388. >You look down at the cut on your belly.
  1389. >The fur around it has been shaved off.
  1390. >You can see the thread of the stitches running along the wound in your smooth pink skin.
  1391. >Running your hoof over the stitches, you can fee the sting of the tender skin.
  1392. >Stinging is good.
  1393. >Stinging is pain, pain means alive.
  1394. >Coming to that thought, you've never been so happy to hurt.
  1396. >Jenny looks up at the doctor.
  1398. >"Can we take her home now?"
  1400. >"Yes, but you will have to make sure her belly is healing, so you will have to check up on her each night."
  1401. >The next week was slow.
  1402. >Everything seemed so normal.
  1403. >Each night Jan would rub a weird cream over the stitches.
  1404. >You couldn't stand how sticky it made your belly.
  1406. >Jan had cleared out one of the rooms to make room for your bed, and even gave you a small table and chair.
  1407. >You don't really have any thing that you could do with a table and chair...
  1408. >Maybe drawing or reading?
  1409. >But it's still makes the room look like a home.
  1411. >Jenny had been spending more time with you that she used to.
  1412. >You didn't mind, she was great fun to play with.
  1413. >But some times you two would forget yourselves and play too rough.
  1415. >You and Jenny were jumping up and down on her bed.
  1416. >A mistimed bounce caused you to tumble and crash into Jenny.
  1418. >Whap thump.
  1420. >"Oof..."
  1422. "Jenny!"
  1424. >The pink cowboy hat that Jenny was wearing had fallen off of her head when she bounced over the side of her bed.
  1425. >Rushing to the edge of the bed, you can see Jenny sprawled out on the floor.
  1427. "Jenny?"
  1429. >She slowly sits up and hold out her elbow.
  1431. >"I got a booboo."
  1433. >You wince when you see the scuff on her elbow slowly fading a from her normal soft cream color vibrant pink.
  1434. >Helping Jenny up, you hold her elbow and kiss it better.
  1436. >"Thank you."
  1438. >She scratches your ears, you can't help but hum and purr at the feeling.
  1440. "Its okay, it was my fault anyway."
  1442. >At that moment the door swings open to reveal Jan standing there with a stern motherly look.
  1444. >"What are you girls doing in here?"
  1446. >"Nothing."
  1447. "Nothing."
  1449. >"Right... is this the same nothing that broke my lamp in the living room?
  1451. >"No, that was a totally different nothing."
  1453. >The smirk Jan gives you relives some of your worry.
  1455. >"Well, its time for dinner, so wash up."
  1457. >Like every evening here, the exotic smells of Jan's amazing cooking was filling the house.
  1458. >Jenny didn't laugh each time you totally didn't wipe the drool from your chin.
  1460. >Jenny likes petting you.
  1461. >If it didn't feel so good, you might have objected at how touchy Jan and Jenny were.
  1463. >Dinner tonight was really good.
  1464. >I wonder why they didn't have it back home.
  1465. >Noodles covered in cheese.
  1466. >The chewy noodles and the gooey cheese was delicious.
  1467. >You couldn't help but blush at the looks Jenny and Jan were giving you
  1468. >Every bite you took was accompanied by happy moans of delight as the thick cheese sauce slid down your throat, filling your belly with a pleasant warmth.
  1469. >When you finished, you even licked the bowel clean.
  1471. >"So... was it good?"
  1473. >You had started to grow accustomed to the smirk Jan had each time she found out something you liked.
  1474. >When she did that smirk, you noticed that you would get more of the things you liked more frequently.
  1476. "Uh huh!"
  1478. >You hold the empty bowel up.
  1480. "Can I have more?"
  1482. >"Really? That was your third bowel, you don't want to get sick, do you?"
  1484. >Oh... right, the lasagna indecent...
  1485. >Lasagna doesn't taste as good coming up as it did coming down.
  1486. >All five helpings of it.
  1488. >"Besides, there won't be any room for cookies."
  1490. >Those cookies.
  1491. >Soft, nearly molten sugary dough goodness mixed with a heavy helping of chocolate chips.
  1493. >You glance up at the big jar atop the icebox.
  1494. >After dinner each night, Jan gave you and Jenny a warm cookie and a glass of ice cold milk.
  1495. >Those cookies ensured that you were on your very best behavior.
  1496. >Jan never gave you a reason to worry about not getting any.
  1497. >But you dared not take the chance ever since you first tasted one of Jan's home made cookies.
  1498. >You cleaned up after yourself when playing, and you even helped with some of Jenny's homework.
  1499. >Not that you were terribly good at it, but the math she did was always easy for you.
  1501. >After placing your dish in the sink, you wait patiently.
  1502. >You try not to drool all over yourself at the memories of cookies passed.
  1504. >Maybe being kidnapped by aliens wasn't such a bad thing.
  1506. >Mean men and jerky store owners aside...
  1508. >After Jan and Jenny had finished their dinner, a plate with two cookies and a glass of milk land before you.
  1509. >Over the next few weeks, Jan and Jenny have been watching the magic mirror more often.
  1510. >People were talking about the on going fighting between people who want to keep ponies, against people trying to free ponies.
  1511. >You understood that you were a slave to Jan and Jenny, but they did their best to let you be free within the laws.
  1512. >Ponies had no rights here.
  1513. >Apparently their leaders are still unsure if talking and being able to do math was smart enough to call us ponies 'sentence', which apparently means that we really can think like humans.
  1514. >That part seemed to get Jan really mad at the mirror.
  1515. >But the part Jan and Jenny were worried about was that the fighting was getting worse.
  1516. >And James was somewhere out in the middle of it all.
  1517. >You're most interested that, according to the news, the ponies have been getting help from the other races back home.
  1518. >The humans seemed to figure this out, when they showed a video of a big purple dragon coming through the portal and smashing a bunch of those fire spitting war carriages.
  1519. >The dragon looked angry too, maybe the humans stole his treasure.
  1520. >Even the princesses would never do that.
  1522. >While the dragon was attacking, the image on the mirror moved closer to the dragon.
  1523. >Jan and Jenny let out a gasp along with you at the pictures.
  1524. >A man in strange armor with one of those strange weapons was standing on the back of the dragon shooting at the humans on the ground.
  1525. >The man pointed the weapon at the mirror, then the image went fuzzy.
  1526. >The mirror went back to the people sitting at the desk, looking surprised.
  1528. >"Well, we seem to be having some technical difficulties."
  1530. >When mirror started playing those commercials, Jenny and her mom were both looking at each other.
  1532. >"Mom... was that?"
  1534. >"I... I don't know. I couldn't really see his face with that helmet on."
  1536. "What? What was what?"
  1537. >Jan turns the TV off as Jenny hops over and hugs you.
  1539. >"I think that was my dad."
  1541. "Your dad was riding that dragon?"
  1543. >"Uh huh!"
  1545. >The image of the dragon flashes across your minds eye.
  1546. >You haven't seen many dragons personally.
  1547. >But you were there when Twilight's dragon rampaged across Ponyville.
  1548. >And the dragon on the mirror was really angry.
  1549. >Those armored carriages didn't stand a chance.
  1551. "'But... that dragon looked really angry, like somepony stole it's treasure."
  1553. >"Treasure?"
  1555. "Dragons get big by collecting treasure, dragons normally don't attack like that one, unless its treasure has been stolen."
  1556. "They tell us this in school so no pony tries to steal from a dragon."
  1557. "Now seeing what a dragon can do, I'm glad I was able to talk my friend out of it."
  1559. >Jenny looked up to her mom, who was interested in what you were saying.
  1561. >"Mom, people wouldn't steal a dragon's treasure, would they?"
  1563. >"I don't know, but it looks like someone did, and if it is attacking those tanks and helicopters like that, it must really want that treasure back."
  1564. >A few weeks had gone by since the news report of the dragon attack had happened.
  1565. >Strangely enough, the news had stopped any reports about the fighting after that day.
  1566. >It's almost like they think people will forget if they stop talking about it.
  1568. >You had also noticed that you were sleeping more.
  1569. >And the pudge around your belly and hips was growing.
  1570. >You can't help but to poke it with a hoof and watch it jiggle.
  1571. >You feel something that wasn't your hoof poke your side.
  1573. >"You need to exercise."
  1575. >Poke.
  1577. "It's not my fault you mom cooks so much good food."
  1579. >Jiggle.
  1581. >"No, but you don't need to eat so much when she does."
  1583. >Poke.
  1585. "Okay, how can I exercise? Last time I tried to go for a walk, that crazy old lady down the street thought I was a lost house cat."
  1587. >"Geeze, you've got to be the fattest house cat I've ever met."
  1589. >You bat her poking fingers away.
  1591. >"I've got it, I can walk you, we have your leash, and we can go to the park and play on the playground."
  1593. "Well, alright, but shouldn't you mom come with us?"
  1595. >"Why? It's just the park, and today's Saturday, not really much else to do."
  1597. "Okay, but if anything bad happens, it's your fault. Deal?"
  1599. >"Deal."
  1601. >As you were walking down the street, the end of the leash in Jenny's hand, you couldn't help but notice the stares from other people who were out today.
  1602. >Most of them tried to pretend that they weren't staring, but you caught enough of them suddenly looking away when you look in their direction to no fall for it.
  1603. >But the walking was doing you wonders.
  1604. >It was summer, the sun shining, warming your back, the birds chirping happily.
  1605. >It was perfect.
  1607. >That is, as perfect as the situation could permit.
  1609. >Along with the sunshine there was a pleasant sweet spicy smell in the air.
  1610. >Probably some kind of flower.
  1611. >Humans were like earth ponies, planting flower plants and bushes everywhere they could fit them.
  1612. >The colors and smells they put off helped to calm your mind and just drift away as you walked.
  1614. >You could see the park getting closer.
  1615. >Paths flow in irregular organic shapes around a duck pond.
  1616. >Large shade trees.
  1617. >Off in to the side, our of the way is a large mishmash of brightly painted colored pipes and platforms bolted together in a mad disorganized chaos.
  1618. >Other children playing on the equipment as mothers sit on the near by benches.
  1620. >Jenny unclicks the leash and stuffs it in her pocket before running to play.
  1622. >"So, what should we do first? Tag, slides, or just climb?"
  1624. "I think I'd like to just climb."
  1626. >It was an impressive jungle-gym.
  1627. >Three stories tall, and an absolute maze to climb to the top.
  1628. >Several slides swoop and twist through other parts of the metal monstrosity on their way to the ground level.
  1630. >As you're following Jenny to the top, you can't help but feel a little vertigo from up here.
  1631. >You can see the whole park, and all the people enjoying this hot summer day.
  1633. >This is it.
  1634. >You're standing next to Jenny at the top of the big slide.
  1636. >"Don'y be such a scaredy cat, I slide down this slide all the time,"
  1638. >Jenny sits in the big plastic tube and scoots forwards.
  1639. >Suddenly she's rocketing down, you lose sight of her after only a second as she rounds the first bend.
  1640. >Okay, you can do this, it it perfectly safe.
  1641. >If foals got hurt on this slide, they probably would have torn it down.
  1642. >Gosh it's hot today.
  1643. >You're sweating up a storm.
  1644. >But because it is hot out.
  1645. >Not because you're nervous.
  1646. >And your sweat smells like spicy flowers.
  1648. >You step into the tube and sit on your rump.
  1649. >Now all you have to do is scoot forwards, just like this...
  1650. >And...
  1651. >The moment gravity gets its hold on you, your rump suddenly takes off.
  1652. >Sliding fast down the sun cooked plastic slide.
  1653. >Wow, you really are putting on some speed.
  1654. >Turns out, furred pony buns are low friction.
  1656. >And the light at the end of the tunnel is approaching at an alarming rate.
  1658. >The same could be said for the sand pit just beyond the light at the end of the tunnel.
  1660. >Sand isn't very soft at high speeds.
  1662. >Huh...
  1664. >Is this what it's like to be a pegasus?
  1666. >Rapidly approaching sand.
  1667. >Time slows down around you.
  1668. >You have time to count the grains of sand.
  1669. >To take in the surprised face of Jenny standing just a step off to the side of the slide's exit.
  1670. >Time to watch in awe as the sand slowly contours to caress the shapes of your rear hooves, then feel the sand slowly envelop your face as the world suddenly goes dark.
  1671. >To feel your spine slowly bunch up behind your mane as your muzzle breaks your fall.
  1672. >To see the world become light again as blue dotted with white blobs moves into your field of vision.
  1673. >To count the grains of sand that pepper your coat as your rump lays out atop the sand.
  1674. >To see Jenny and a few other children slowly come into view in the blue, looking down at you as you lay on your back.
  1676. >It all happened in a single second.
  1677. >Fwip baff biff!
  1679. >"Are you okay?"
  1681. "Ugh... my face..."
  1683. >The other kids crowding around you all have varying degrees of concern.
  1684. >Jenny helps you up as you rub your sore muzzle.
  1686. >"Come on, maybe we should go home."
  1688. "No... no, we can stay, I'm, fine."
  1690. >"Well, alright..."
  1692. >Jenny helps you over to a bench, you hop up and relax in the shade of a tree.
  1694. >"I'm gonna go play some more, call for me if you need anything."
  1696. "Uh huh."
  1698. >You gingerly touch a hoof to your muzzle as Jenny runs off.
  1699. >That spicy flower smell has slowly been getting stronger all day.
  1700. >It is a pleasant smell though.
  1701. >You absentmindedly rub your hoof across the scar on your belly.
  1702. >The fur had finally grown back in.
  1703. >Letting out a sigh, you lean back on the bench and stretch your hooves out.
  1704. >Feels good to feel the muscles stretching and tensing.
  1705. >Looking up, you can see the kids climbing all over the playground.
  1706. >Looking around, you can see several mothers watching over the playground like a hawk.
  1707. >Some of those hawk like glares are aimed at you.
  1708. >You pretend to not have noticed.
  1709. >That trick works every time.
  1710. >You tug at your collar to relieve and itch.
  1712. >One of the stern looking mothers stands up and starts walking your direction.
  1713. >You look towards the playground, looking out for Jenny.
  1714. >You can't make her out among the others.
  1716. >A woman with tired looking eyes, too much makeup, and far too much perfume has stepped up to the bench to glare down at you.
  1718. "S-sorry, can I help you?"
  1720. >"Where's your leash?"
  1722. "My leash? Jenny has it, why?"
  1724. >"Does this Jenny know it's illegal for a dangerous- " she sniffs the air "and filthy animal to be out without a leash?"
  1726. "Filthy? I took a bath this morning!"
  1728. >You try to not notice the attention your shout bought you.
  1730. >"Oh, I'm sure you've taken a bath, such as filthy animals do..."
  1732. "Just leave me alone."
  1734. >You cross your arms, snort, and turn your nose up at her with your eyes closed in disgust.
  1735. >This is it, all your years of training in the tutelage of Diamond Tiara in the ways of the bitch.
  1737. "And if anyone here is a filthy animal, it certainly isn't me. I mean really, have you even looked in a mirror when you apply that... makeup? And I'm sure all that perfume you're wearing isn't to cover up the smell of your disgusting oldness. Seriously, no one as old as you should be allowed to wear that much makeup, or else some poor drunkard might mistake you for an attractive woman."
  1739. >"I... you..."
  1741. >The scent of spicy flowers is permeating the air thickly.
  1743. "And here I was, thinking I could enjoy a day outside without one of you deranged humans attacking me for a change. But no, I get verbally insulted by the creature from the Everfree Forest!"
  1745. >"Why you little-!"
  1747. >"Is their a problem here?"
  1749. >Your eyes snap open at the sound of a second voice.
  1750. >A tall man in a blue uniform with a gold badge on his chest is standing to the side, looking at the two of you.
  1751. >You look at him, he looks between you and the woman.
  1752. >The woman has a sickeningly smug look on her face.
  1754. >Uh oh...
  1756. >"Why yes officer, this animal has been running around without a leash and thinks she can just sit here without a master near by to keep her in line."
  1758. >"I see... Looks like I'll have to write you up."
  1760. >The man in blue pulls out a note pad.
  1762. >You could actually puke, she was so smug as she glared down at you.
  1763. >After writing a note the cop sends the sociopathic woman on her marry way.
  1764. >The cop asks you who your owner is and sends you to retrieve her.
  1765. >"Now then, where's your owner?"
  1767. "She playing."
  1769. >"And what's her name?"
  1771. "Jenny."
  1773. >"Can you go find jenny for me and bring her back here?"
  1775. >You make your way into the metal mayhem of poles, platforms, and bars.
  1777. "Jenny?"
  1779. "Yeah, Spoons, what's up?"
  1781. "A policeman wants to talk to you."
  1783. >"You didn't get stabbed again, did you?"
  1785. "No, a lady yelled at me..."
  1787. >You and Jenny are walking back to the cop when you notice Jenny and the cop trade expressions of recognition.
  1788. >Apparently they know each other.
  1790. >"Come on now, I'll walk you home."
  1792. >Wait, what?
  1794. "That's it? We're not in trouble?"
  1796. >"Well, you're not in trouble, but Jenny might be."
  1798. >Oh no.
  1799. >Jenny might get in trouble for leaving you with no leash?
  1800. >How can this be right?
  1802. "But officer-!"
  1804. >"Lieutenant."
  1806. "-Lieutenant, Jenny shouldn't get in trouble, she isn't the one who yelled at me for minding my own business."
  1808. >"That may be so, but she is the one who left you alone, even if it was only for a few seconds."
  1809. >"Now come with me, I'l walk you girls home."
  1811. >The walk felt like many more miles than in actually was.
  1812. >Trotting slowly towards home while worried thoughts buzz around your mine like a swarm of hungry parasprites.
  1813. >The three of you reach the house, the policeman steps up and knocks on the door.
  1814. >A moment later the door opens to reveal Jan.
  1816. >"Dan? What are- Jenny? Silver?"
  1817. >She crouches down to your level and starts lifting and rubbing each leg.
  1818. >"You didn't get hurt did you?"
  1820. "No, I'm fine, I promise!"
  1822. >"Both Jenny and Silver are fine, they just had a run in with Ms. Dinklesworth."
  1824. >"Ah, her... what is she trying to get on Silver?"
  1826. >"Leash law."
  1828. >"Oh dear..."
  1830. >So we've been grounded.
  1831. >You and Jenny are stuck in your own rooms for a week.
  1832. >Jan said she's not mad at us, but we're still in trouble for some reason.
  1833. >The mean lady, "Ms. Dinklesworth", apparently, came by to yell at Jan because I should have been given the ticket, not her.
  1834. >Something about disturbing the peace.
  1836. >You feel like you're starving to death.
  1837. >It has been two whole days without a cookie after dinner.
  1839. >As you're on your return trip from the bathroom to your room, you get a glimpse of the cookie jar above the fridge.
  1840. >You sigh, the fridge is way to tall to reach, even with a chair pushed up against it.
  1841. >Jan is freaky tall after all, so it makes sense.
  1843. >Though...
  1844. >What if you could get a chair onto the counter?
  1845. >That... that might just work.
  1846. >The house is quiet, and the hall is clear, now is your chance!
  1848. >You tip hoof into the kitchen, minimizing sound.
  1849. >You reach the table and its assortment of chairs.
  1850. >You gently pull one of the chairs back away from the table.
  1851. >The legs squeak like Rarity's cat that time the crusaders got stuck to it while all covered in tree sap.
  1853. >That event still haunts your nightmares.
  1855. >In panic from the loud sound you push the chair back into its former place.
  1857. >"I better not find anyone in the kitchen..." Jan's voice echoes through the kitchen door from the hall.
  1859. >Scramble!
  1860. >Get out of there!
  1861. >Go go go!
  1863. >In a daring move, straight out of one of those action comics that you totally don't read, you leap and do a stealth roll into the hallway and creep towards your bedroom.
  1864. >That was close, but you got away clear.
  1865. >You hop up onto your bed next to Jan and pretend that nothing happened.
  1866. >You look up and Jan as she looks at you with an unamused frown.
  1868. "Uh... its not what it looks like?"
  1870. >Spankings aren't that bad.
  1871. >Heck, they don't even hurt that much.
  1872. >The hugs from Jan afterwards did help.
  1873. >You didn't cry into Jan's arms for what felt like days.
  1874. >But you were still grounded.
  1875. >Being grounded isn't so bad.
  1876. >Just really boring.
  1877. >But you did get a cookie after dinner the next day.
  1879. >Not much to do lately than to read, the news paper has been one of your favorite things to read.
  1880. >Who'd have guessed that?
  1882. >More news reports have come through on the paper, apparently the government has been trying to make all ponies slaves.
  1883. >But some humans didn't like that, so they chose to fight back.
  1884. >You're rooting for them.
  1885. >Not much else is said, other than the big purple dragon that broke through the portal with the human on it's back said it is searching for it's stolen treasure.
  1886. >But nobody knows what that treasure is.
  1887. >Probably a pile of gold was stolen by some greedy humans.
  1889. >But then why would it take the aid of a human?
  1891. >And who is this human?
  1892. >Only fuzzy photos have been taken.
  1893. >And they aren't very helpful.
  1894. >The man is in a dull green suit of some kind.
  1895. >And he's wearing helmet.
  1897. >The news paper also has comics, which are okay.
  1898. >I guess.
  1900. >Oh, there is a coupon for a discount on ice cream...
  1902. >Did I mention its boring to be grounded?
  1904. >Dear diary, it has been over thirty years since I've been captured by the dreaded humans.
  1905. >I've been locked in my dark cold cell for far longer that I can remember.
  1906. >On top of it all, I fear that the marker I've been writing with
  1908. >You look down at your "war journal" as you marker runs dry.
  1909. >Another good soul was lost today.
  1910. >After capping the dry marker, you pull another one out of the box and continue.
  1912. >is running out of ink.
  1913. >The last transmission I received from my co-conspirator has informed me that the purple dragon from the TV has been seen in a near by town.
  1914. >Apparently it has been zig-zagging all across the country, searching for something.
  1915. >But I'm scared.
  1916. >The report also says that the dragon has been hunting down ponies, with the help of the human on its back, and eating them.
  1917. >That is part of why my humans have been keeping me in my bedroom.
  1918. >I have agreed to stay hidden.
  1919. >Not because I like being grounded, but because I don't like being eaten.
  1920. >Or burned alive, if the news is to be believed.
  1922. >The cookies after dinner in an attempt to keep me feeling welcome are a nice touch.
  1923. >I wonder if the dragon will accept cookies in exchange for not eating me?
  1925. >You flinch away from your diary and scurry under your bed at the sound of a loud crashing sound.
  1927. >"Jenny, was that the new lamp I bought after you and Silver broke the last one?"
  1929. >"Uh, no?"
  1931. >You slowly crawl out of your hiding spot, and look out your bedroom door.
  1932. >Jenny is trying to hide a broken lamp behind her back.
  1934. >"Well, if that wasn't my lamp I heard, then what made the loud sound?"
  1936. >"Uh... it was an earth quake?"
  1938. >"Oh, maybe, I mean, earthquakes are very dangerous..."
  1940. >Jan sees you peaking out of your room and gives you a sly wink.
  1942. >"So dangerous in fact, that I don't think it's safe for you to come out of your room, for, I don't know, until dinner time?"
  1944. >"What? Mom! You can't do this to me! I'll never last! You'd really condemn your only daughter to death by boredom?"
  1946. >"But alas fair child, for t'is a sacrifice I must make to ensure the future safety of mine house's furniture!"
  1948. >Jan dramatically puts her hand to her forehead.
  1950. >"Oh whoa be me, for I hardly got yo know you, but the sanctity of my kingdom must take precedence above all matters of the heart!"
  1952. >"Mom! Knock it off! I get it! I'll go to my room!"
  1954. >"Farewell dear daughter of mine! Be good for the eve and dinner will see you well met!"
  1956. >You have no idea who this shakespeare guy is, but Jan has been binging on weird old timey plays.
  1958. >You were just about to close the door and return to your self wallowing with your journal when a massive thump shook the house.
  1959. >Jan and Jenny both freeze what they're doing and you follow them to the living room.
  1960. >When the TV turned on, Jan and Jenny let out a sartled gasp.
  1961. >On the news was a live report of the same dragon, walking down a road towards a house.
  1963. >You notice that the rumbling thumps from outside were coming in a rhythmic tempo and slowly growing louder.
  1965. >"Jenny, Silver, To the basement now!"
  1967. >Jan's shout snapped the two of you away from the TV and you both start your sprint to the basement door.
  1968. >Jan is hot on your tail as you race around the corner.
  1970. >You catch a look back into the living room at the image on the TV of the house with the massive dragon standing outside.
  1971. >You look out the living room window, but can't see anything outside beyond the massive green eye surrounded by purple scales.
  1973. >Jan lifts you and Jenny up under each of her arm pits and sprints into the basement door, slamming it locked behind her and leaping several steps at a time down the stairs.
  1974. >You've never seen this part of the house before, though, you've always known about it.
  1975. >The walls were made of thick concrete blocks inter locked together.
  1976. >Once at the bottom, Jan sets you both down and takes deep breaths from her moment of intense workout.
  1978. >"Mom? What's going on?"
  1980. >"I don't know. But you have to be quiet."
  1982. >"But mom!? Why was our house on the TV?"
  1984. >"Be quiet!"
  1986. >You've never heard Jan yell like that, but with everything you've just seen, you couldn't agree more.
  1987. >The pony eating dragon was right out side your door.
  1988. >And the human that was helping him is probably going to hurt this family to help the dragon eat you.
  1990. >You can't let this family be hurt just for you.
  1992. >You're not Diamond Tiara.
  1994. "Jan...?"
  1996. >"Yes, Silver?"
  1998. >You can hear loud boot steps from upstairs through the ceiling.
  1999. >And the deep growling of the dragon's breaths.
  2001. "I'm sorry."
  2003. >"Wait! Silver Spoon!"
  2005. >You can hear Jan and Jenny calling out for you as your short legs fly you up the stairs.
  2007. >Hopefully the dragon will make it quick.
  2009. >You fly up the stairs and slam the basement door open.
  2010. >The determination in you mind is strong.
  2012. >Protect this family.
  2014. >The second your hoof stepped through the door into the hallway, all of your determination drained from your body as an icey feeling gripped your heart.
  2016. >Standing at the end of the hallway is the man from the news.
  2017. >Decked out in his weird armor, with the strange weapon in his hands.
  2018. >Heavy metal helmet over his head with dark glass, the refection of your scared face distorted across it.
  2020. >In between you and the man is the kitchen door way.
  2021. >Behind you is the door to Jan and Jenny.
  2022. >You need to lead him away from them.
  2024. >You bolt.
  2026. >Taking advantage of your earth pony and prey instincts.
  2027. >The man makes a lunge to grab you, but your faster, you duck and slip into the kitchen and bolt out the other side into the other hallway.
  2028. >Rounding the corner you see the back yard through the sliding glass door.
  2029. >You skid to a halt and fumble with the lock on the door.
  2030. >The man's boots right behind you.
  2032. >Stupid hooves.
  2034. >The lock clicks open and you slam the sliding door open and bolt out into the back yard, leaping over the porch railing and sprinting across the open grass to the garden shed.
  2036. >You fly into the shed, slamming the door shut behind you and pinning the door shut with a rake and shovel.
  2038. >The deep baritone voice of the man calls out from just beyond the door.
  2040. >"Silver Spoon, come on out. I'm here to help you."
  2042. >You can feel the ground shake as the dragon walks around the house to the shed.
  2044. >Giant claws grab the shed door and rip it clean off without any effort.
  2046. >The man looks up at the massive dragon.
  2048. >"Was that really necessary?"
  2050. >"Sorry."
  2052. >The man turns back to you and leans down on his knee.
  2054. >He takes off his helmet.
  2056. >The cold fear of impending death is suddenly warmed slightly by the fires of confusion.
  2058. "James?"
  2060. >"Hey Spoons."
  2062. "What, I don't..."
  2064. >"Don't worry Spoons, Spike is here to help."
  2066. >You stared blankly at the big purple dragon for a minute as you brain short circuited and reboot.
  2068. “Spike?”
  2070. >“Uh, yeah, that’s me.”
  2072. >“I thought you were a baby dragon...”
  2074. >James seemed to be completely stunned by this revelation, “A baby dragon?” he whispered to himself in awe.
  2076. >“Oh, right, something something magic, something something dragon greed, stolen treasure and all that, I don’t really know myself, Princess Celestia explained it to me when I found her before I sent her back.”
  2078. “Sent her back? What do you mena? ”
  2080. >“I’ll show you.”
  2082. >Before you could ask what he meant, you were scooped up by a giant purple scaled claw.
  2084. “Wait! Spike! What are you doing?!”
  2086. >“Don’t worry, this won’t even hurt.”
  2088. >You thrash and kick at the dragon’s hand.
  2090. >Spike lifts you up to eye level.
  2092. >You watch in slow motion as your life is coming to an end.
  2094. >“Tell your mom I said hi, but I haven’t found your dad yet.”
  2096. “Don’t eat me please! Tell me what is happening!”
  2098. >Spike opens his mouth and flicks you high up into the air, arcing right to his sharp tooth filled mouth like a small snack.
  2100. >A wall of green fire rushed out of the dragon’s mouth.
  2102. >He must prefer his ponies cooked.
  2104. >Just before the wall of green fire hit, you hear him speak to you.
  2106. >“Oh, and tell Sweetie Belle I’m still searching for her sister.”
  2108. >You watch in horror as the fire consumes your flailing limbs. Your hooves and flesh turning to smoke before your eyes.
  2110. >The coolness of the polished white marble floor helps soothe the headache it gave you from the impact it had with your face.
  2112. >You can still see the grain of the stone in your dreams when you close your eyes.
  2114. >You hear a voice you never thought you’d hear again.
  2116. >“My baby!”
  2118. >Although this might very well be the last time if she is this determined to squeeze the life out of you.
  2120. “M-mom?”
  2122. >“Oh, my sweet sweet Silver Spoon! I’m so happy you’re alive!”
  2124. “M-mom… can’t breathe...”
  2126. >A thought occurs to you.
  2128. >You're…alive…?
  2130. “Mom!”
  2132. >The joy of life floods your reality.
  2134. >“S-silver Spoon… I can’t… breathe.”
  2136. “Mom! I’m not dead!”
  2138. >You feel the warmth of unicorn magic gently pry your arms away from your hug around mom’s neck.
  2140. >“Every day grows a little brighter when another one of my little ponies is brought back home.”
  2142. >You slowly look over your shoulder to see the ruler of ponykind, Princess Celestia.
  2144. >Looking around the room, you can tell that you are in a very rich looking room.
  2146. >Within this room, sitting in small groups all around, ponies.
  2148. >Many ponies.
  2150. >Young and old, many clearly foals and parents.
  2152. >All sent back to Equestria by Spike’s dragon fire.
  2154. >You’re startled by a large plume of blue smoke and fire as a pony is materialized and dropped on the floor.
  2156. >Unlike you, this pony landed on her rump.
  2158. >You remember the news reports.
  2160. >Dragon’s helping the ponies…
  2162. >Huh…
  2164. >This wasn’t what you imagined at all.
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