May 17th, 2017
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  1. I want her to read my mind.
  2. I want to see her eyes blinking in surprise, her mind processing whatever degeneracy was inside my brain.
  3. I'd tell her I'm sorry about that, spilling spaghettis all over the floor, that it won't ever happen ever again.
  4. Then I want her to push me against the wall, grinning, knowing how much I wanted this to happen, feeling how fast my heart was beating whenever she was too close to me.
  5. I want her to tease me about it, tell me how much of a beta I am and then ask me to say it out loud, to tell her everything I wanted her to do to me, that I want her to push me down and make me worship every last part of her.
  6. She'd be beaming with confidence, knowing that I want whatever it is she'd be doing, that every fibres of my being craves for her touch, for her voice.
  7. She'd lean forward and kiss me. I would whimper like a bitch, taking me a couple seconds to finally realize that this isn't a dream.
  8. I'd feel her lips form a smile when this thought would go through me, and she'd push herself off of me.
  9. She'd say that I could get more, if I cooperated, if I listened to her every whims.
  10. She wouldn't need me to say it, or even to nod, not with her hand still cupping my cheek.
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