Grace Cuddles and Services

May 27th, 2016
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  1. >You are Grace Manewitz
  2. >Part secretary and part provider of lovely special services to the local community of Manehattan. Also a fan of the feathers and pillows.
  3. >Your service is kind of private.
  4. >Well… it was, but you still hold the “private” word in it.
  5. >It all started one day with the assistant of Miss Polomare.
  6. >One day the poor girl couldn’t lift a single hoof for her work! It was so sad and you felt bad for her.
  7. >You were always holding to yourself the urge of jumping and lend a helping hoof. You were just a secretary and… your boss would get angry if you missed even for a single minute your job.
  8. >So you called her over that day and proposed her something to undo her stress for all the hard work. Your idea had a bed, some clothes, and pillows in mind.
  9. >Miss Pommel… at the start didn’t want to cooperate with you; she said that Miss Polomare needed her support almost 24/7!
  10. >That’s so messed up, you thought.
  11. >So what you did next was…
  13. -Some months ago-
  14. “Come on Miss Pommel, just once and you’ll feel good! I want to help you; Miss Polomare seems like a… tough boss. We both know how a boss here in Manehattan can be strict, so that’s why I had decided I would help you relax! Come on, just for once! What do you say?”
  15. >You say insisting to Miss Pommel in an attempt to help her, she wasn’t looking very confident herself.
  16. >”I… appreciate that you care about how I’m… handling my boss and work right now… but I don’t have time to relax! Maybe if she decides to give me a free day… then I can accept whatever you say it’ll help me relax. But now…” She looked at all the fabric she had on her back. “As you can see… I’m pretty busy.” She took an exhausted sigh. “Like always…”
  17. “But-“ You say but Miss Pommel didn’t hear as she went back to work, leaving you alone with your own duties.
  18. >You remove your glasses and place your left hoof near your eyes, scratching them and massaging your temples.
  19. >You put back your glasses and continue working as you didn’t have that conversation with Miss Pommel.
  20. >It was a shame she didn’t accept something you were willing to do for free. Something you knew she would like, something new to experience with… but her boss was… the bossy kind of boss.
  21. >Busy bossy boss.
  22. >You had two choices; wait for her to be free or… interfere in her job.
  23. >One or another way, you wouldn’t like what the consequences would be.
  24. >You knew Miss Polomare was busy with an oncoming event and you certainly didn’t want to interfere, but maybe… maybe you could.
  25. >And so you did.
  26. >Next morning you had a note from the Fashion Week competition.
  27. >Of course, it was a fake note along with a fake signature from the pony managing the event, but knowing this pony's ego…
  28. >”Ah! Wasn't the event next week? Was it next month? These are good news! Mmkay.”
  29. >…she would fall for the bait.
  30. >”Now I can plan more dresses that sure will be better than my poorly competence, hehe… mmkay.” She said with her ultra ego, waving her hoof on the air.
  31. >Oh please stop that, just go away and give Miss Pommel her free day already…
  32. “Maybe you and your assistant could take a free day for this, don’t you think? Ponies need often a break so they get more energy for what’s coming next.”
  33. >But Miss Polomare was in disagree with you, her face already showing disagreement from your point of view.
  34. >”Plu-ease sweetie, you don’t know how’s this fashion business… you’re just like any secretary. You do your job, get yourself a break if you want it, but we don’t take breaks, mmkay.”
  35. >Oh pony feathers! This pony is for real!?
  36. >You can’t stop here, she is going to discover that the note is fake and she is going to be mad over at you!
  37. >Think, think, think!
  38. >…
  39. >You thought of something that could work. Well, it worked in your mind, maybe it would work with her…
  40. >Ouh… here goes nothing.
  41. “What if you… I don’t know; design some clothes for ponies on their spare time?” You go back at your typewriter and you do as if you were writing. “I’m not a fashion mare, I know that I’m just a secretary. But ponies sure could use comfortable clothes for their spare time, don’t you think? Just think about it and get in the mind of those who use their spare time by…”
  42. >It takes some seconds for her little brain to get the answer, but in some seconds Suri replies by saying:
  43. >”Having spare time… how couldn’t I think about that?” She looked at you. “Well, I’ll give you that one; maybe my assistant or I can get a good and comfortable design… in one day!”
  44. >You were internally saying “Yes!” Miss Pommel would definitely go with you and you would help her relax!
  45. >Now you just needed her to be here and…
  46. >What if… she doesn’t come?
  47. >You need a plan B.
  48. >”What are you writing?”
  49. >Oh birds! You were writing randomly at your typewriter. You stop and pick up the page
  50. >EAabyssSTanonERgoesandEGduelGniggzigers- was what you just wrote.
  51. >You just throw the page into the trash can.
  52. “N-Nothing! Just a draft of what I’m going to write later! Hehe! Heh!”
  53. >You smile as wide as you can as some sweat comes by your forehead.
  54. >She seemed suspicious for some seconds but shrugged and ignored it.
  55. “Oh right, before you go… do you know where Miss Pommel lives?”
  56. >”And why do you want to know that?”
  57. “Can’t tell you why. I just need to know her direction, that’s all. You know it or not?”
  58. >You just say direct so you don’t waste time in an excuse to say to this mare.
  59. >”Mmkay…”
  61. >And after all of that? You finally got what you wanted to do. Miss Pommel accepted as she didn’t have anything else to do. You swear she wanted to work more and what Suri said about the spare time was a test for her.
  62. >Poor girl, you hope this treatment you are willing to make relax her.
  63. >You invited her that day to your apartment.
  64. >Of course, you had to be prepared by bringing the necessary. Pillows, flowers, perfume and exotic lingerie between other not so important stuff.
  65. >You had to wear a hat and sunglasses to buy the lingerie… how silly of you entering a store with sunglasses…
  66. >Good thing the socks fit you perfectly… you didn’t have time to measure them as you really didn’t want to stay too long in that… store.
  67. >Neither other ponies did. Even the cashier was with that look on her face that said: “Oh please Celestia, let me go home already, this place is too hot for me” or something like that.
  68. >Your belly highlight with these black socks…
  69. >Ugh! Why everything black has to be so lewd!
  70. >Time passed and soon it was night, Miss Pommel soon would be at the door knocking it.
  71. >You had everything prepared, even the room smelled like a valley of roses!
  72. >You hear knocks and you know it’s her.
  73. >"H-Hello? Is anypony home?" You hear the voice of Miss Pommel at the door, confused as nopony opened the door to the house.
  74. “Come in, door’s open!” You yell from your room.
  75. >Some seconds pass, but finally, Miss Pommel decides to open the door.
  76. >”Ummm… Miss Manewitz? W-Where are you?”
  77. >You don’t say anything and hold a seductive pose on your bed.
  78. >You left petals from the main door leading to your room. No one would miss something like that and of course, they would follow the road.
  79. >She slowly opens the door and you hold your pose with a sly smile.
  80. >She peeks her muzzle first, slowly entering your bedroom.
  81. >”What is all of this-“ For a moment she stands without any word looking at you, she blushes and her legs looked like they would melt in any minute. “M-M-Miss Manewitz?! W-Why I mean w-what I mean w-why are you like that?”
  82. >You giggle slightly at the confused mare.
  83. “I told you I would help you relax, didn’t I?”
  84. >”I… I…”
  85. “Are you rejecting my help?” You say with a sad tone. “I just wanted to help you…”
  86. >You were sure a lot of things were going on inside Miss Pommel’s mind.
  87. “At least take a seat dear, don’t worry, I won’t bite.”
  88. >Only if she asks you of course.
  89. >”Emm… Umm… Ouuhkay…”
  90. >She sits like a foal that was being grounded on the edge of the bed.
  91. >You walk near your window.
  92. >”M-Miss Manewitz! P-Ponies will see you… your…”
  93. “What? Naked body? Hehe… we don’t usually use clothes, silly! Although I have to say I look quite irresistible, don’t you think?” You wave your butt as the light of the streets hit your barely "naked" body.
  94. >Miss Pommel for a moment was biting her lower lip along with a tiny blush on her face. She nodded a little but remained shy.
  95. >”Well… socks are…”
  96. “Lewd?” You directly say. Is not like you didn’t buy these socks this day for this occasion, right?
  97. >Wait, you did!
  98. >You walk and sit near Miss Pommel, she was blushing the more you came closer to her.
  99. >You stare at her with bedroom eyes and slowly say in a slow yet romantic tone.
  100. "Do I embarrass you?"
  101. >She couldn't hold it anymore and started talking.
  102. >”P-Please.” She pleas.
  103. >You look with a charming glance at your shy guest and before she starts trying to reject your help, you use your hooves and grab her head slightly, slowly moving it on your lap.
  104. >At first, she got startled.
  105. >But slowly, she was accepting it, but she had a hard time adjusting to it.
  106. >You slowly start to pet her mane. She had a silky mane… it was like touching fabric…
  107. >You look deep into her eyes and give her a tiny smile along with your usual bedroom eyes.
  108. >She closed her eyes for a moment but quickly opened it, starting to blush a lot as if something was wrong.
  109. >You didn't let her get up yet though.
  110. “Dear, can I call you Coco?” You ask as you continue caressing her mane.
  111. >”Y-Yes…” She shyly answers.
  112. “You love your job?”
  113. >”Yes…”
  114. “You love this treatment?”
  115. >This time she doesn’t respond, but instead slightly nods after some seconds.
  116. >You stop your petting before Coco starts sleeping on your lap. You wouldn’t mind but you have something more special for her.
  117. >You slowly move and leave Coco’s head on the spot you were sitting.
  118. “This is just the starting.” You say while giving her a boop on the muzzle. She, of course, blushes a lot. “Did somepony tell you that your cheeks look adorable while blushing? Teehee.”
  119. >Do you feel dirty? Quite a lot. Are you helping a pony who needs a good time? Yes, you are.
  120. >You start moving the sheets of your bed and reveal your two medium but comfortable pillows.
  121. >They are very special because inside there are not regular chicken feathers, nope, inside there are feathers from good quality! From a pony with the talent to sleep so well, his feathers somehow are godly!
  122. >Anyway, they are /two/ hundred percent to left you with a pleasant experience, enough for little Coco for today!
  123. >You call her over you and she slowly approaches.
  124. “You aren’t going to need that in bed, aren’t you?” You point to his little bow she was using around her neck; she placed her hooves around it, slowly taking it off. “Here, let me help you”
  125. >You come near her and help her remove her bow, being carefully and you place it on a desk in your bedroom.
  126. >Coco was so nervous that she didn’t know yet if she had to smile or not. You slowly remove your glasses from your face but Coco shakes her head looking at you. For some reason, you know she wants you to have the glasses in bed.
  127. >Atta girl…
  128. “I know that we don’t know much of each other…”
  129. >You grab her by her sides and you fall to your pillow along with her.
  130. >Pomf
  131. >"W-Wah!" She yelps, almost with the tone of a filly as she landed at your side on the bed.
  132. “…But maybe we can know a little from each other tonight?”
  133. >Coco’s eyes were wide for a moment from the sudden grab, yet when she felt the pillow, her eyes started to close little by little, entering into bliss, even giving a little sigh of happiness you appreciated.
  134. >Good your guest is as comfortable as you right now.
  135. >You take advantage of how relaxed Coco looked and started doing your magic. Your left hoof started to adventure over her body. With her neck you used your two hooves for a moment to carefully stimulate it a bit; Coco was already giving satisfaction sighs and giggles.
  136. >You moved to her belly and the moment you do, Coco yelps from the contact.
  137. >”M-Miss Manewitz… please…”
  138. “Stop?” You don’t even stop after saying that, you continue your labor. “Don’t be so formal, call me by my name, Grace is just fine.” You continue exploring her belly, her fur was so smooth that you were almost envious about it.
  139. >Wonder if she uses some special shampoo? Hnn... you need to ask about this later. Maybe take a bath together!
  140. >”G-Grace… please…”
  141. >She was whimpering at this point as your hoof started to navigate in unknown new lands.
  142. “Yes…?”
  143. >Your hoof travels to north now, slowly going to her neck and hesitant on her muzzle. After some sighs from her part, she finally finishes her sentence.
  144. >”D-Don’t stop, please…”
  145. >You smile and your hoof quickly goes to her nose, making contact with it again.
  146. “Boop”
  147. >”A-Ahh…~”
  148. >The entire night went quickly as you two continued snuggling, cuddling and even you gave her a back massage with your muzzle, secretly kissing her a bit there without her knowing.
  149. >Your job was done and Coco looked so positive as she cuddled with you that night.
  150. >You pet her ears once more before you talk.
  151. >It was time to tell… the true about today.
  152. “Before you sleep… Coco… you need to know something”
  153. >”What is it?”
  154. >You take a gulp, this was way harder to say than what you thought
  155. >Okay, relax Grace… you got this. If Coco doesn’t like what you did… well, you just have to accept it.
  156. “That… note from the Fashion Week Miss Polomare told you before? It was fake…” You say in shame. “I wrote that note so you could get a free day and… you know, have fun with me...” You weren’t looking at Coco, but you were evading her glance, all in shame of what you did for her.
  157. >You knew it was wrong and there would be consequences.
  158. >Consequences you were going to take.
  159. >”Miss Manewitz…”
  160. >She is indeed mad over at you…
  161. >You deserve a punishment…
  162. >You were waiting for Coco to leave or give you a speech on how angry she was for you lying.
  163. >…But it never happened. Coco Pommel embraced you in a hug, a warm hug that you swear it lasted forever.
  164. >”I thank you for wanting to help me; I didn’t know you were trying to do this. And… as scared as I was at the beginning, I have to say… this was… lewd.” She then grins at you; it was surely a bright smile. “But it was fun, relaxing and something I’m sure I would like to experience again…”
  165. >You smile back, trying to return the smile but you couldn’t smile as she was smiling at you right now.
  166. >She looked like a new Coco, a brand-new pony ready to take over the fashion world!
  167. >You hoped she would one day.
  168. “You can always tell her you discover by yourself that the Fashion Week is indeed next week, maybe she’ll give you points for that.” You stare in her eyes for some seconds, her smile not leaving her face. “Mmkay?” You say to break the silence.
  169. >You two giggle and laugh together.
  170. >It was a lovely night…
  171. >You get the sheets of the bed and cover both your bodies, your left hoof resting near her belly and her hoof resting on your shoulder.
  172. “And remember, this is our tiny secret…”
  173. >”Mmmhmmm…”
  174. >You two cuddle for the rest of the night until you two fall asleep together.
  176. >And the next week? Coco Pommel was free from the chains of Miss Polomare! Well… maybe she decided to quit, but the important thing is, when you finished working one glorious afternoon without many papers to write, Coco was near the road you take to your apartment, along her side was a white pony with a stylish purple mane.
  177. >You knew who this mare was, she was the dramatic pony from weeks ago who won the competition against Miss Polomare and another background ponies. Maybe Coco is working for her now? You wouldn’t blame her; her previous boss was a total bully.
  178. >It surprised you that she called your attention for some reason. Yes, she wanted to say hi, she’s your friend, but… why near your apartment?
  179. >”Good afternoon Miss Manewitz.” Coco called you almost blushing; her friend was looking at you with those marvelous eyes.
  180. >You greet her back with a hug and you almost went for the kiss on the cheek… you need to hold your needs.
  181. >Your lewd needs.
  182. “Oh Coco, you know you don’t need to call me Miss, even when I’m not working, is not problem at all!” You took a pause and looked at the white marshmallow pony standing at her side. “Friend of yours?” You ask your friend.
  183. >”Yup! I think you remember seeing her some time ago.”
  184. >You nod.
  185. “Yeah, I don’t recall your name though. A pleasure to meet you, my name is Grace Manewitz.”
  186. >You lend a hoof as a sign of courtesy and the mare accepts it.
  187. >“My name is Rarity, the pleasure is mine, my dear.”
  188. >So….
  189. >You look at Coco, waiting for an answer. She doesn’t say anything… well, she seems to be still shy…
  190. “Are you showing her around? You two look like both were waiting for somepony, heh…”
  191. >Rarity nods and was the first to talk “Indeed, we were waiting for you! Coco told me you were as amazing as a Spa! I just couldn’t hold myself and I wanted to see it by my eyes!”
  192. >...Wait what?
  193. “Uuuuhhhh…..”
  194. >Yup, as you heard, Coco revealed the secret. Why? You didn’t know.
  195. >The next day you woke up in your bed with two beauties at your side, the three of you wearing lingerie.
  196. >By lingerie you, of course, mean socks, but this mare... she was lewder to have underwear too! Even designed by herself!
  197. >This mare was indeed, lewder than you.
  198. >And she spread the secret as a “service” to their friends; one thing went to another and… your service was now a known thing by adult ponies…
  199. >You lost count of how many ponies in Manehattan you slept with.
  200. >Mares and stallions from a reasonable age always looked for your services.
  201. >At the beginning you were doing it for free, because it was just fun to do.
  202. >Sleeping with ponies for cuddling was like a dream come true.
  203. >But then as many ponies started to go to your service, your schedule was full each day… each night…
  204. >So you had to start putting a price. First, all you asked for was just for the money to buy the flowers and perfume, but clients always left you with a tip after they went happily and glad about your service.
  205. >Soon you were getting more money that what you earn by your regular job.
  206. >You were a secretary in the day.
  207. >And a provider of cuddles in the night.
  208. >Sadly, all happy things don’t last forever…
  210. -One night at your apartment-
  211. “So… your name is Copper? Is kind of cute. Did you get any issues? Life goals? Family problems? Anything?” You asked the mare who entered your bedroom
  212. >”Not much… just one…”
  213. >One problem? Well, most ponies had at least one. Or nothing at all as they only wanted to cuddle with you.
  214. “Wanna talk about it, deary? Come close to the bed, I don’t bite… hehe!”
  215. >Unless she asks. Which… you hope she doesn’t, there were a lot of clients who were into that kind of stuff.
  216. >She slowly approached your bed, she looked very seductive, more than you…
  217. >”Can you turn around?”
  218. >Well…
  219. “Usually, that’s what I say, but the customer is always right.” You turned around and waited for her to do whatever she wanted, maybe she wanted to give you a back massage? Oh yes… “I’m waiting, deary~,” You say with a romantic tone.
  220. >But all you felt was your hooves getting on one side and the sound of cuffs.
  221. >Oh baby… she is into /that/ kind of stuff. If you were a Pegasus, your wings would be erected!
  222. >Oh wait your tail was already erected.
  223. >”Grace Manewitz, you’re under arrest for selling illegal services in Manehattan, everything you say can and will be used against you!”
  224. >Foreplay, are we? Unf.
  225. “Oh cop, please take me over justice. For I, I’m a dirty mare! I just enjoy when my clients call me by cute names or they stay most of the night with me! I’m just a tempting… a tempting… dirty mare.” You take a dramatic pause. “Alas, even some clients who are well looking I give them a freebie! I don’t even need the money!”
  226. >Whoa, you should work at a theater. Why isn’t your talent a dramatic mask?
  227. >”So you do it sometimes for free, uh? Now that will be interesting for the judge…”
  228. >Seriously, she is into her role so well it’s starting to scare you.
  229. “Okay, roleplay is over. Can we get back at the cuddles? Mama needs her food. “You seductively lick your lips looking at Copper, for a moment she blushes but looks away.
  230. >”S-Stop it already or I’m calling backup!”
  231. >Ohoho… you wouldn’t mind more than one pony. With Miss Rarity was fun, but you had more than two ponies before! Hope you get a gryphon!
  232. >You heard dragons had cuddly warm bellies, mmnn.
  233. “I don’t mind! More fun for me!”
  234. >She was starting to get angry and was moving you away from your bed.
  235. >”I swear if I was a unicorn I would have already zapped you… come on! Move!”
  236. >But as your heat got down, you realized something.
  237. “Wait, you’re a real cop!?”
  242. >How would you know she was an undercover cop!? You didn’t! You never thought something like that would happen.
  243. >Or… well, you never thought that this service was illegal.
  244. >You just wanted your clients to have a good time.
  245. >Aaaaand you had a good time too.
  246. >The mare immediately brought you to the night court, managed by bat ponies.
  247. >You were already guilty the first time you got there.
  248. >It… didn’t help you offered the judge a cuddly night.
  249. >You even offered mangoes to him, the judge didn't even flinch.
  250. >Next day you were walking in the prison of Manehattan, along with the warden of the place who was giving you your cell.
  251. >This will be bad for your record… you won’t get that secretary job again…
  252. >”And this is your cell and your roommate is that one in the corner who is talking with that brick. Have fun you two!”
  253. >You had various questions about the creature who was your roommate, but when you wanted to ask the warden about him, she left.
  254. >And now you were alone with that inmate…
  255. >The creature rose from the floor and looked at you. HE IS SO BIG! How… scary!
  256. >”Heyo there little mare, welcome to my domains!” The creature welcomes you; his voice was… umm, how can you explain it? It sounded with much care for some reason, although he looked like he was mean for a moment, maybe he wasn’t. ”My name is fuckboi, nice to meet you!”
  257. “F-Fuckboi?”
  258. >What kind of name is fuckbo-
  259. >…
  260. >DID HE JUST-
  261. >”Haha! Made you swear! Ah… always works.” The strange green minotaur said laughing to himself. “My name is actually Anonymous, but most of the prison calls me Anon. Hope we have fun if you know what I mean.”
  262. >You were… astonished, such language, such a creature, such a body, such manners!
  263. >You are no changeling but you feel his lust for cuddling already.
  264. >What a roommate you got…
  266. “And that’s the story of how I got here, did you like it?”
  267. >The hueman at your side nodded, smiling at you as he was using his perfect fingers to rub your ears.
  268. >You couldn’t stop nuzzling with him; he was the perfect cuddle machine…
  269. >Adding a minotaur to the list of creatures you cuddled!
  270. >Well, he said he was a hueman, but... that's almost the same, right? They got fingers... which means they sure must be related!
  271. >”Sincerely, I’m glad I got such a cute roomie for my cell. Are you planning in cuddling each night?”
  272. “Sure!”
  273. >If they don’t caught you in the act.
  274. >Maybe you could try a new record in cuddles in this prison.
  275. >Oh well, let's see where this leads to!
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