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Jun 18th, 2020
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  1. TRUMP II: So last question, before you leave office will you let us know if there's aliens, cause this is the only thing I really want to know. I wanna know what's going on. Would you ever open up Roswell and let us know what's going on there?
  3. TRUMP: So many people ask me that question
  5. TRUMP II: I know. It sounds almost ridiculous, but it's actually the real question I wanna know.
  7. TRUMP: It sounds like a cute question but it's actually... There are millions and millions of people that wanna go there. That wanna see it. I won't talk to you about what I know about it but it's very interesting. But Roswell is a very interesting place with a lot of people that would like to know what's going on.
  9. TRUMP II: So you're saying you may declassify... You'll take it.
  11. TRUMP: Well, I'll have to think about that one right, I'll have to
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