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  1. Dear God,
  3. Before I start, I'm nor a believer or a non-believer. I believe there's a higher power, but it's hard to think that'd be you considering the number of problems with this world. If this is truly your creation, and you're real, where are you?
  5. Tribute to Dax. ❤
  7. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  9. Emotions switching up with like the season, first I'm stressed, happy, excited then I'm depressed.
  10. My life is so hard, nothing goes wrong and I say that I'm cursed but I know that I'm blessed.
  12. Caught myself the other day on my knees, looking at the stars saying "God take these problems off my chest."
  13. It's hard to believe in a so called god, when I'm asked what I believe in I never seem to mention myself.
  15. My past left me scarred from opening up, so now I open up with these scars.
  16. You never answer my prayers when I reach out to you at my worst, so I look to these lyrics and bars.
  18. All I need is one sign and I'll never doubt you again, it's not much to ask God, please.
  19. Slavery was a thing, you didn't fix that, and just like then I'm on my fucking knees!
  21. Four hundred million people don't have clean water, yet you swamp Japan with Tsunamis.
  22. People starve to death, have no clues and end up walking around looking like zombies.
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