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  1. Free Usenet Using IPv6
  3. Changing from IPv4 to IPv6 via a Tunnel
  5. When I first started out using this free service I started with the Hexago client from the Go6 website.
  6. This program was not fully reliable and I also didn't like the fact I had to have another program running
  7. in the background.
  9. So I decided to a little more digging to try and find a more permanent solution to keeping an IPv6 address
  10. at all times.  That is when I found Tunnel Broker which provides a full time service and my own personal tunnel.
  12. So here are the step to first getting your own personal tunnel and then using it to change from IPv4 to IPv6:
  14. 1. Go to the http://tunnelbroker.net/main.php
  15. 2. Register an account there(Yes it is free)
  16. 3.Once you have confirmed your account through email sign in to the website
  17. 4. Once you are signed in it will take you to your account page and select "Create Regular Tunnel" under "User Functions"
  18. 5. On this page it will direct you to a prefered server automatically and all you have to do is copy your IP address into the white box provided and hit submit towards the bottom
  19. 6. Once the tunnel is created you will have access to from the main account info page towards the bottom under the title "Tunnel".  
  20. 7. Click the link to your tunnel info under the title "Tunnel"
  21. 8. Now you will see towards the bottom of the page a button called "Show Config".  Choose your OS and hit the button
  22. 9. I will stick with windows since that is all I have used.  Once you hit the button it will give you some generate commands.
  23. 10.  Place these commands 1 by 1 into the Command Prompt in order to enable the tunnel
  24. 11. (unrelated to this part but just do it)Have utorrent running and enable teredo. also have it running when trying to connect to servers
  25. 12. Finally place all of these commands into the Command Prompt 1 by 1:
  27. netsh interface portproxy add v4tov6 listenport=1119 connectaddress=news.ipv6.eweka.nl connectport=119
  28. netsh interface portproxy add v4tov6 listenport=1118 connectaddress=newszilla6.xs4all.nl connectport=119
  29. netsh interface portproxy add v4tov6 listenport=1120 connectaddress=reader.ipv6.xsnews.nl connectport=119
  31. Congratulations you now have IPv6 installed
  33. Usenet Downloading Software
  35. People often make a compelling argument for the open source clients like Sabnzb+ but I have found they can't even come close to competing with some other clients that are shareware.  Fortunately for you Alt.binz has a free client(although no longer supported with updates unless you donate).  The client however is extremely good at downloading and handling large download speeds and most importantly a good multiple server setup.
  37. Download "Alt.Binz INSTALLER v0.25.0  Released on : 27-09-2007" from http://www.altbinz.net/index.php?page=downloadz
  38. After installing upgrade to: Alt.Binz_v0.28.5 by dragging the files from the folder into the current install directory to overwrite: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=4YTVCGIS
  40. Configuring Alt.Binz
  42. 1. Servers to put into Settings(This coincides with the commands put into the Command Prompt before)
  44. For Alt.Binz which I highly suggest use this info for the Server settings(You may want to cheat a little bit and put a few more connections for each one because sometimes you are lucky):
  46. Use all three so that when one goes down you will always have a connection somewhere.  And yes they do go down quite often but usually not 3 at once
  48. server address:,port: 1119, server nickname: ipv6 Eweka, connections: 20, priority: 1 (NO PW Required)
  49. server address:, port: 1118, server nickname: ipv6 Newszilla6, connections: 20, prio: 1 (NO PW Required)
  50. server address:, port: 1120, server nickname: ipv6 XS News, connections: 20, prio: 1 (USER and PASS Required)
  52. 2. For faster decoding go to Misc. 2 in the settings and change the "Decider Head Priority" to a higher settings.  I have mine at "Highest"
  53. 3. I also changed my "Download Thread Priority" to "Higher"
  54. 4. Finally go through the other settings and change things to your preference
  56. For XSnews you need a username and password that can be got from http://www.xsnews.com/ipv6 in order to use the service.
  58. This data is really only needed if you connecting through Hexago. But I didnt wanna leave it out:
  60. Eweka
  61. Adress: news.ipv6.eweka.nl
  62. Port: 119
  63. Connections: 4
  64. Speed: 20mbit
  65. username: none
  66. Pass: none
  67. retention: 107 days
  69. Newszilla
  70. Adress: newszilla6.xs4all.nl
  71. Port: 119
  72. Connections: 3
  73. Speed: 150 kb/s
  74. username: none
  75. Pass: none
  76. retention: 18 days
  78. XS news
  79. Adress: reader.ipv6.xsnews.nl
  80. Port: 119
  81. Username: http://www.xsnews.com/ipv6/ (Get from signing up)
  82. Pass: http://www.xsnews.com/ipv6/ (Get from signing up)
  83. Retention en complete guarantee: 107 days
  85. Some Interesting HD content on Usenet
  87. 1. Search for "Esir proudly" and you will find Esir encodes not usually uploaded to the site because they did not have the button.
  88. 2. Search for "bd-" and you will find many full bluray disks uploaded to usenet
  89. 3. Search for "abhdtv" to find even more full blurays but you must use the Rapidoor technique to find the .nzb from the info privided from the file on usenet and NO you don't need to be a member of the forum(http://www.megaupload.com/?d=NPAQOOO9  PW=hdbits)
  91. Some of the Best Usenet Search Engines
  93. http://www.binsearch.info/
  94. http://www.newzleech.com/
  95. http://www.nzbindex.nl/
  96. http://nzbmatrix.com/index.php
  97. http://www.nzbs.org/
  98. http://www.nzbsrus.com/
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