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Vbuck method

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  1. You will need
  2. VPN
  3. Console
  4. (Xbox tested for this method, NOT tested on a yet PS4 but you are welcome to try and tell me in the comments.)
  6. So, to summarize the method in a few words: Argentina sells 13.5k V-Bucks for £25...
  7. The rest of this method will be explained for Xbox users, PC users you should be able to easily follow along and PS4 users TELL ME IF THIS WORKS FOR YOU
  8. Press the xbox button
  9. Settings > System > Language & location > Change to Argentina
  10. Restart console
  11. Now on a Phone or PC with Hot-spot and/or VPN capabilities
  12. Use VPN to connect to Argentinian Servers
  13. Create a wifi hotspot from your Phone or PC
  14. Back to the console
  15. Connect to Hotspot
  16. Purchase V-Bucks from Xbox Store
  18. Use a CREDIT card and an Argentina billing address. (fakenamegenerator works fine)
  20. Credit cards will allow for different billing addresses, Debit cards have to match your home address that your EPIC account is already linked to.
  22. Do NOT use PayPal (unless you have Argentina billing address, feel free to try. Users who don't will have their real address shown and this method wont work)
  24. As far as I know this is completely safe and but I've only used this on one account so far
  26. You CAN link your account to sync V-Bucks to other platforms.
  28. PC USERS: THIS WILL ONLY WORK ON ARGENTINA ACCOUNTS (Region locked market) BUT you are able to go in game and change Matchmaking to Auto and still play in your region with perfectly normal matchmaking
  30. twitter.com/checked
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