FNaS Storyline (Up to RockClones)

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  1. Classic Tails, after the events of Sonic 1, in 1991 (because he went back to GHZ with Sonic in Generations), had encouraged Sonic to use this fame, helping him make a restaurant for his fans to go to and see him do stuff. Sonic wouldn't be able to be there as much as planned, so Tails gave the idea to make a clone of him.
  3. Said clone, due to Tails' cloning machine not being perfect, wound up being a messed up clone, which turned out to be Origin Sonic. Since the clone was messed up, he didn't act completely like Sonic, and the color was messed up, too. Tails didn't know how to fix it, so they let Origin stay there, and just made the golden color a plot idea in Origin's performances.
  5. Eggman, trying to figure out a way to spy on Sonic, decided to take a job at the location. Meanwhile, Shadow Sonic from the future came back to that time, screwing with Origin, which caused the bite of '91, where Eggman was the victim. He would fall into a coma.
  7. Origin Sonic was basically taken away from the restaurant, and left god knows where for a while. All the way until 2015, when some obscure company decided to try and bring the restaurant back, making a new place, finding Origin (now known as Golden), and leaving him in the newly built place.
  8. The real Classic Sonic, who was still around along with Modern, agreed to be cloned once more, at promises that these new cloning machines worked better. Mario, along with Yoshi, being friends with Modern, offered to join him since Nintendo and Sega were buddy buddy then. And Classic Tails as well, went to join, too. Hence those clones planned to be made.
  10. At a planned date in the new location, the 4 went into their respective machines to be cloned, waiting for the process. Eggman, finding out about this whole idea, snuck to the place, and decided to try and ruin Sonic's name, and the business, but messing with the cloning process, adding these evil aspects to the clones, which is why they ended up being hostile at night.
  12. Luigi was the first person to work the night shift at the first SHPP building, working for around 5 days, giving tips to future guards. However, on his fifth night, he got attacked by Sonic due the power running out, and people presumed he'd been dead.
  14. Knuckles, taking the next week's shift, went ahead and completed his full week. (FNaS 1)
  15. After he'd been fired, he went off into hiding, but not before working to get the place shut down. Not shown in games, what that he was just pissed off cuz he didn't get more money. He hadn't really cared about the clones' behavior.
  17. The place did end up being closed down. And the clones that were made, were shipped off to another location to be held. The little company behind the first SHPP, decided to try again, but just left the clones in a back room, going for animatronics this time around, which lead to the toys' creations.
  18. The clones, due to being left in small rooms for two years, grew weak, injured, and Mario got a pretty bad face injury (due to something funny, actually, but that's a pinned message.)
  20. After the toys had been completed, the place opened up, and Knuckles, seeing this chance, decided to go back and work there, wanting to make some more money, and this time, gave some tips to future guards, just like Luigi had done for him. The Luiginette, surprisingly, isn't actually Luigi. The Luiginette was made as a memorial type thing for Luigi, at the request of someone outside of the company.
  21. After Knuckles' week, Amy would show up for the job, just happy to be there because.. well.. Sonic.
  22. She'd worked a full week, only to come back for an eighth night shift, which actually wasn't scheduled for her. The place was in danger of being closed again, due to weird 'hallucinations' that people had been seeing, where were due to Golden's existence at the location. He'd been sneaking around at times people were around, leading to people thinking they were hallucinating, and hey, they might've been, who knows?
  23. Anyways, Amy finished up her eighth night, when Golden had now believed she'd seen too much, and he'd taken the time when she was about to leave, to promptly kill her, then hide her body at an unknown location. (FNaS 2)
  25. After this, the second SHPP location had been shut down, and the clones and toys were moved elsewhere once again.
  27. 10 years would pass, before the company decided to try once again, making a new location, and deciding to use the clones once more, as they had more personality, and honestly, they could be coaxed into actually doing stuff right, unlike the animatronics had been doing. But.. strangely, they weren't able to find most of the clones. Only Sonic seemed to still be there, and the other three had been killed.
  29. ---------
  30. This brings us to months before FNaS 3's events. The storage location being used for holding the clones and toys, along with a few other old SHPP assets.. (This was shown in 3's minigames.)
  31. Eggman had once again come back, knowing his scheme hadn't seemed to finish off the company yet. This time, he snuck into the storage building, locking the clone Sonic in the room reserved for the toys, had then started killing the other three clones. One by one. Mario, Yoshi, then Tails. He didn't need them anymore. All he needed was that clone Sonic. He knew that Sonic would be enough to keep the company alive long enough to finally give Sonic a bad name.
  33. However, as Sonic had been locked in the toy room, Toy Sonic had awoken at one point, broken from years of non-use, and poor conditioned areas. He'd malfunctioned badly, weird 'memories' of past events being spoken, before he'd attacked the clone Sonic, leading to Sonic looking like he did in 3.
  34. Soon enough, Sonic managed to get out of the room, going to find his friends, before seeing that they'd been killed. He ended up running into Eggman, but didn't seem to do anything. Atleast, not until the spirits of his friends had showed up. Sonic remembered them, and though Eggman had commanded Sonic to get rid of the spirits, Sonic didn't listen. This is when he promptly stabbed Eggman, killing him in revenge for his friends.
  36. After beating all max in FNaS 3, a minigame is shown, of Eggman's spirit possessing Golden's body. This happened after Eggman got stabbed, so it was still before 3's events.
  37. ---------
  39. Soon enough, we get back to FNaS 3's events. The storage location had been transformed into this third SHPP building. Silver had been the guide here, and Modern Sonic himself, eventually hearing about the commotion happening at this pizza place that's been spanning for years, decided to take the job to investigate.
  41. Salvage was the only clone available at this point (apart from Golden, who had still been in hiding himself from the business.), and the toys were left in their respective room, as they could be used in a pinch if needed. (Of course, all the stuff that happened in FNaS 3's minigames, along with the clones in them stepping on the wires, matters here. The true ending is the good ending, which is the canonical one.)
  43. After six nights of putting up with the clone, the toys, and the hallucinations of the clone's dead friends, and the broken beyond repair robots, Sonic had finished up his job, about to done with his last night there. When.. the faulty wiring due to the past clones stepping on the exposed wires, caused the place to engulf in flames, with Modern Sonic and his classic deformed clone still in there. Salvage ended up getting covered by rubble from the ceiling, and soon after 8AM hit, Modern managed to escape, leaving the building behind as it burned. He didn't go back. He didn't want to. The experience was so horrific, out of nowhere, and just plain confusing for him, that he didn't look back. He assumed everyone else there just.. perished. The fire was pretty bad, either way.
  45. Authorities had looked into the rubble after the fire had died down, and they strangely didn't see Salvage's body. Or the toys. Just the remains of a burned establishment.
  47. After Modern had escaped, he got all of his friends, including his Nintendo buddies, and got them all to come with him to a new place, a whole new world (kinda like how Sonic went from Mobius to, like.. not Mobius various times.), so that they could escape the commotion.
  48. Granted, Modern thought that it was all over for that franchise, but he was wrong. The real heroes were soon enough long gone, apart from Knuckles, who'd decided to stay there.
  50. Salvage had managed to get out of the fire. Just barely. He was pretty close to death, but he kept on going, getting away from the establishment as well. What pushed him was his friends. He wanted to get his friends back somehow, and he had just the idea for it.
  52. He went back to the first SHPP location, the one that had been abandoned, and closed for over 12 years at this point. The cloning machines were there, and with the old bodies of his friends, along with theirs spirits following him, he had a full set plan.
  54. Using the bodies, and the cloning machines, he managed to alter (with Tails' spirit's guidance) the machine's code, allowing it to alter the dead bodies of the clones into new versions of them, leading the creation of the 'Nightmare' clones. New bodies for the old spirits. Salvage himself had then worked to rebuild the toys the best he could, using various pieces from the various toys to create the Toymare, a hybrid of all four main toy animatronics from the second location.
  56. Salvage, along with his newly made friends, including the Toymare, had decided to head out away from the place, to hopefully find a new area to restart, and make everything better for themselves.
  58. Though, he'd actually found out something while doing so, a small bit of paper, shown in one of the FNaS 4 cutscenes, from a phone book. Luigi, who had been presumed dead, had still been around, according to it, and this struck Salvage with an realization. Luigi, considering FNaS 1's events, had known about the clones, and could easily get authorities after the clones if he saw them again. And Salvage, wanting to keep his friends safe, couldn't have that.
  60. But where Luigi was, he didn't know, but since Luigi was presumed dead, he was hiding out in the FNaS 1 location, where Salvage had just been, and that's when Salvage realized this. He told his friends to head to the place as soon as possible, and they did, along with Toymare.
  62. Soon after sending his friends off, he'd ran into Golden, who at this point, was possessed by Eggman.
  63. Golden/Eggman had not been happy with Salvage, and during this confrontation, ended up giving payback, stabbing Salvage in order to finish him off. And to make sure he was finished off, he grabbed Salvage's body, stuffing Salvage into Toymare's body once he'd gone to the SHPP location the others had gone to.
  65. Not shown in the game, the other clones saw this stuffing happen, and so they did what Salvage did, using Salvage's spirit (Phantom Salvage), and created a new 'nightmare' body for him, which was where Nightmare Sonic came from.
  67. And Salvage had been right. Luigi was still hiding out at this building. After Nightmare Sonic's body was made, he taunted Luigi with his own little phone call, before sending his friends after him, which leads to FNaS 4.
  69. After FNaS 4's events, Luigi escaped once again, dropping his hat along the way, and just getting out of there after the sixth night. (I think it was the sixth.)
  71. After he'd gotten out, he immediately told authorities about the clones' return to the building and what they'd been doing, which lead to the clones being sent off FAR away from civilization, and the Toymare being destroyed completely.
  73. Golden/Eggman, however, kept himself hidden enough to not be sent off.
  75. Now, as for Golden, I hadn't mentioned him too much. Slowly, slowly, he'd been melting. His cloning material wasn't as well built as the other clones', so his body, over time, had started turning melted, darker, and.. soon after FNaS 4, he became what we know as Shadow Sonic.
  77. Shadow Sonic, or still Eggman, had seen that his plans hadn't worked thus far, so he decided to go back in time, grabbing every version of himself from the past. Every single Golden, and brought them back to 1991, which lead to the whole Origin bite thing. (Yeah, I know it's a bit of a paradox in a way, but tbh, Sonic does shit like this, too.)
  79. Anyways, after Shadow Sonic had been done there, he returned all the Golden's back to their times, before going to his own.
  81. Since Shadow Sonic's body was slowly getting weaker and weaker due to the old cloning material, he'd decided to fix his own body up with the machines. And after doing so, he'd become what's now known as Dr. Golden.
  83. It was now the beginning of 2030, and Dr. Golden, being controlled by Eggman's possession, and with the clones having been sent away, could finally.. finally.. take over the world without anyone stopping him. Rebuilding the toys into killing machines of destruction, creating an amazing gem known as the Phantom Ruby, burning and demolishing Angel Island down to the ground, and starting to build his own empire-like castle on the now destroyed floating island.. He started to take over the world, nothing in sight being able to stop him.
  87. But little did he know, the clones were still out there, and soon enough, they were going to come back.
  88. And this is where RockClones starts. The finale just beginning.
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