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Feb 9th, 2020
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  1. Welcome to Lucky's Casino join the discord at
  2. Please read the rules!
  3. SCP Server Rules
  4. Rule 1 - No Hacking
  5. No player is allowed to use hacks or third party software to gain an unfair advantage. You will be permanently banned without any chance to appeal.
  6. Rule 2 - No Glitching/Exploiting
  7. No player may use terrain, bugs, or glitches that make result in unintended mechanics.
  8. Rule 3 - No Opposing Faction Teaming
  9. Allowed teams: MTF/Scientist/Guards may team. SCPs/Chaos may team. D-bois may team with anyone, unless it needlessly holds up the round.
  10. Rule 4 - No EarRape / Loud Screeching
  11. Any overly loud sounds, noises, or screeching. Music/Soundboards of proper volume and content is allowed.
  12. Rule 5 - No Derogatory Language
  13. Do not use any offensive slurs; this includes any that are against any race/sex/creed/religion/disability. This includes any parody of a disability. Repeat offenses will result in perma ban.
  14. Rule 6 - No Camping
  15. Purposely holding up the round for advantage is forbidden, keep hiding down to two minutes; if you are an SCP do not force a human to hide within a room w/o plans of using 079 to open the door.
  16. Rule 7 - No Sexually Explicit or Gorey Songs/Memes/Soundboards over Mic
  17. No audio that goes into graphic detail about sex or gore. Repeat offenses may result in perma ban.
  18. Rule 8 - No Harassment of Players
  19. Purposely harmful intent directed toward another player or toxicity will not be tolerated. This includes being toxic behind someone's back. Repeat offenses may result in perma ban.
  20. Rule 9 - Impersonating Staff
  21. No player may at any time pretend to be a staff member, be it pretending to be a specific staff member, or simply saying "I'm an admin", etc.
  22. Rule 10 - No Advertising
  23. You may not actively try to recruit members for a discord community or other SCP servers. This includes having links in your steam name. Light mentions are fine
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