park goeun // bbc

Nov 17th, 2019
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  1. ❝ sunny summer ❞
  2. 🌻 username: liketotallytubular
  3. 🌻 password: done!
  4. 🌻 name: park goeun
  5. —she legally changed her name to goeun when she turned eighteen, although she has been using the name since she moved to korea
  6. 🌻 foreign name: samantha park
  7. 🌻 nicknames:
  8. —sam :: derived from samantha, most people close to her call her this, especially trainees she’s known a lo time
  9. —gogo :: derived from her name, supposed to be cute but ends up being more teasing. her parents often call her this, and thus others pick it up once they hear the nickname.
  10. —eyeliner ; at her audition, goeun wore a lot of eyeliner to make herself stand out, and though she succeeded in differentiating herself, it also became a running joke not to let her anywhere near the makeup
  12. ❝ merry and happy ❞
  13. ❄ age: 21 (int.) 22 (kor.)
  14. ❄ birthdate: 15/05/98
  15. ❄ birthplace: madrid, spain
  16. ❄ hometown: busan, south korea
  17. ❄ ethnicity: spanish-korean
  18. ❄ nationality: spanish-korean
  20. ❝ autumn leaves ❞
  21. 🍁 faceclaim + backup:
  22. —songhee :: bvndit
  23. —onda :: everglow
  24. 🍁 weight: 167 cm
  25. 🍁 height: 50 kg
  27. ❝ spring day ❞
  28. 💮 stage name: goeun
  29. 💮 languages:
  30. —spanish (100/100 — native language)
  31. —korean (80/100 — moved to korea when she was fifteen)
  32. 💮 training time: three years
  33. 💮 reason:
  34. —it’s been so long since she started training, yet goeun feels she has never had the opportunity to show her skills. she hopes the show will either help her to debut or prove to her company that she deserves this, along with showing that despite her skills being slightly unconventional, they would be valuable as an idol.
  35. 💮 company + backup:
  36. —bbc
  37. —mnh
  38. 💮 main skill + backup:
  39. —dance
  40. —rap
  41. 💮 evaluation skills:
  42. vocal: 2/10
  43. dance: 10/10
  44. rap: 8/10
  45. visual: 6/10
  46. charisma: 8/10
  47. stability: 10/10
  48. variety: 0/10
  50. ❝ 4 seasons ❞
  51. 💧 trivia:
  52. —she trained in flamenco dancing for 10 years (until she was 15 years old and moved to korea)
  54. —dreams of traveling, and maybe even performing in her hometown of madrid one day
  56. —has an iq of 134, considers herself to be book smart, but is not street smart at all. would be scared to cross the street without a crosswalk, completely unable to cook, cannot boil water on her own.
  58. —she is known for making the worst puns and jokes imaginable to lighten the mood.
  60. —her role model is park jimin (the female one)
  62. —she never goes anywhere without her headphones
  64. —always wears a rose locket from her grandmother
  66. —when she gets really frustrated and angry she swears in spanish
  68. —people compare her visuals to jennie of blackpink
  70. —she is absolutely terrified of spiders and insects. the only time she’s ever hit a perfect whistle note was when there was a spider crawling down the wall of the recording studio.
  72. 💧 eliminated speech:
  73. ”it’s sad my journey here has come to an end. i’m disappointed, not in everyone who supported me, but in myself for not being good enough for you. i know i didn’t have a lot of experience, so i really did see this coming, but it was truly amazing getting to work with such amazing mentors and participate in such an awesome show. i’ll never forget it. though there were ups and downs, i hope you’ll remember me positively! i promise i’ll go back and train even harder to debut for you all. good luck to the remaining trainees!”
  75. 💧 debuting speech:
  76. “Ahhh... I can barely believe this! Is this really happening? Am i dreaming? Thank you so so much! This is a dream come true! I’m so happy that I was able to be what you were looking for in this group! Thank you to my parents and friends for always supporting me in my dream, everyone who helped me to improve on this show, and of course to all the voters who’ve stuck with me since the very beginning. Thank you! I love you guys!”
  78. 💧 motto:
  79. “you automatically lose any battle you never begin.”
  81. 💧 message to viewers:
  82. “hopefully you’ll be joining team goeun, and you’ll support your spanish rose! i won’t let you down~ and if you’re not convinced, just wait and see!”
  84. 💧 introduction:
  85. “let’s gogo! your spanish rose, park goeun!”
  87. 💧 message to trainees:
  88. “heya~ i’m goeun, nice to meet you all! even though this is a competition, i hope we’ll all be able to get along. oh- and if you ever want to learn some spanish, hit me up! let’s make some beautiful music together!”
  90. ❝ rainy day ❞
  91. 💛 other:
  92. —she considers her greatest skill to be her ability to freestyle
  93. —despite dance being her main skill, she’s extremely clumsy
  95. (technically these are trivia, but they’re just aspects of her character you could write into the story :))
  97. 💛 message to me: heya! i’m arden, nice to meet you~~~
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