GOT YOU! by 'Pubes' (PonkaxAnon, Lactation, lewd, short)

Aug 30th, 2017
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  1. Not by me but by 'Pubes' (no paste, thread 404 before he could finish, RIP)
  3. >Be anon
  4. >On your way to Sugar Cube Corner to hang out with Pinkie.
  5. >She said she has something she wants you to try
  6. >You arrive and notice nopony is around.
  7. "Hello?" you call out.
  8. >you hear some fumbling in the back before Pinkie comes out front.
  9. "Where are Mr. and Mrs. Cake?" you ask looking around
  10. >"They took Pumpkin cake and Pound cake to the park, so it's just you and me today Nonny" she says as she changes the sign on the door from open to closed.
  11. >oh shit, it's finally happening.
  12. >Pinkie bounces her way to the kitchen "Come on Nonny! You're gonna loooooooooooove this!"
  13. >You follow after, hands on your pants ready to tear them off at a moments notice.
  14. >"Tada!" she shouts pointing at a plate of cookies and glass of milk sitting on the table.
  15. >oh...
  16. >you smile a little too hard to try and cover your disappointment.
  17. "Neat!"
  18. >Really? neat? she made you cookies you dick, the least you can say is "thanks Pinkie".
  19. >"Enjoy yourself" she says in an oddly seductive manner.
  20. "oh... kay" you answer as you take your hands off your pants and walk over to the table.
  21. >you sit down and grab a cookie off the plate.
  22. >It's standard Pinkie fare, which is to say pretty damn good but you've had these many times before.
  23. >as you reach for the milk you notice Pinkie is biting her lip.
  24. >fuck, this is some sort of prank you figure as you grasp the glass and bring it closer to your face
  25. >As the milk touches your tongue you notice it's warm
  26. >how did you not notice that when you touched the glass? too busy thinking about what kind of weird prank this could be probably.
  27. >"Woah!" this is some amazing milk, creamy and somehow reminiscent of hot chocolate on Christmas morning.
  28. >Pinkie is staring at you, still biting her lip now with the addition of a seductive look in her eyes.
  29. >You both silently sit there as you down cookies and milk waiting for the pink mare to slam her hooves on the table and yell "GOT YOU!"
  31. >You finish off the milk with plenty of cookies to spare.
  32. >"You enjoy that Nonny?" Pinkie inquires in a sultry tone.
  33. "Yeah, that milk was especially fantastic" you exclaim
  34. >"Can I..." her breath shakes "get you another glass?"
  35. "Yes please!" you enthusiastically declare.
  36. >She climbs onto the table and bring the glass to the center of the table.
  37. >uhhh....
  38. >She stands on her hind legs straddling the glass.
  39. >Before you can react she presses down on her teats with her front hooves and begins to fill the glass with her milk.
  40. >IknowexactlywhyIhavethisboner.jpeg
  41. >the whole time filling your glass her gaze never leaves you.
  42. >your gaze however is fixated on the glass.
  43. >of all the things you thought were going to happen today this was not one of em.
  44. >she finishes filling your glass and brings her face down in front of yours, which is still fixated on the glass.
  45. >"What's the matter Nonny?" she asks knowing full well what the matter is.
  46. >"Here..." She says bringing the glass to her face. "let me help you"
  47. >She takes in small mouthful and brings your face to hers.
  48. >She presses her lips to yours and slips her milk coated tongue into your mouth and pries open your jaw letting the mixture of mare milk and saliva cascade into your mouth before backing off to let you swallow.
  49. >You sit there, your gaze now affixed into Pinkie's eyes
  50. >"Anon..." she whimpers... "Now I need you to do something for me..."
  51. uh... uh... ok?
  52. >ohfuck
  53. >"It hurts Nonny..." she says as she jumps off the table
  54. uhhh...
  55. >Pinkie goes behind the counter and produces a bucket from a cabinet.
  56. >"Milk me Nonny!" she pleads
  57. >"Milk me..." she positions herself over the bucket "and I'll milk you" she finishes as she raises her tail revealing that sweet sweet pony pussy.
  58. >Modern science can not hope to calculate the speed that your clothes left your body.
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