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  1. Cheat requirements
  2. Windows 10 PRO English + Latest Update [1809 latest version] (English ISO)
  3. Intel CPU with Virtualization
  4. Memory Exploit Protection Settings Disabled
  5. Virtualization Enabled in BIOS
  6. Anti - Virus Uninstalled / Disabled(Also exploit settings)
  7. Hyper - V Fully disabled
  8. Preferred Legacy BIOS MODE
  9. Meltdown Protection Enabled(Download INTSPECTRE for this)
  11. Injection may not happen every try and it might take a few tries and dont fucking run the build when the game is running.
  15. Make sure you dont have any development tools installed or one of these installed on your pc
  16. Debugging tools installed or running.
  17. Cheat engine being installed
  18. Any development software installed on your pc
  19. Hypervisors.
  20. Running anti - cheat before running loader.
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