The PS Conspiration

Nov 24th, 2012
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  1. SJCrew
  3. SJCrew: SJ stands for "Submissive Jellyfish". A crew of jellyfish in a legendary quest for the domination of human kind. By pretending to be submissive they can harvest the human seed and reproduce at will, creating an army of amphybious hybrids capable of great agility and acrobatic feats, and equally impressive within their native environment - the water. This batallion of mutated warriors can easily overtake large areas in less than twenty-four hours. Human kind is doomed.
  5. Snowflake
  7. Snowflake: The name of a secret services sector, sector SN0-FL4K3. This partition of the army was created to seek and eliminate the sources of potential catastrophes. Agent "Snowflake", color-coded Orange leads the sector. Curriculum vitae includes several appearances in martial arts tournaments and professional body guarding. Encrypted files reveal several physical augmentations, the most notable being titanium knuckle implants and experimental cryo-glands - modified sweat glands that release a water-like liquid with the freezing potential of liquid nitrogen. The individual's last known assignment is the SJSO Project. His ability is known to counter the jellyfish hybrids' agility, their body composition being their downfall.
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