Yachiyo's Story

Nov 14th, 2017
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  1. ===================================
  2. Part One: At Nanami Yachiyo's House
  3. ===================================
  4. Narrator: This is a story from long before Tamaki Iroha came to Kamihama City...
  6. Momoko: Whoa--it's so spacious--!
  7. Yachiyo: Oh, sit and wait for me, okay?
  8. Kaede: Excuse us...
  9. Rena: us...
  10. Kaede: This is a really big house, isn't it~ Momoko-chan?
  11. Momoko: After all, Yachiyo-san's house used to be a boarding house or something.
  12. Rena: H--m.
  13. Momoko: ...What's wrong? Are you nervous by any chance?
  14. Rena: Haa? Rena's not nervous at all!
  15. Kaede: I'm a bit nervous...
  16. Rena: Kaede's a scaredy-cat so aren't you're always nervous--?
  17. Kaede: But! She's an older onee-san and a huge senpai magical girl you know?
  18. So of course I'd get nervous~ wait, you're not? Rena-chan?
  19. Rena: Eh? Well--, maybe about 1 milli of Rena is...
  20. Kaede: See--?
  21. Rena: Only 'cause Rena doesn't go to other peoples' houses very often!
  22. Momoko: Well, the two of you don't know her very well either.
  23. Kaede: Yeah...this is only the second time, I think.
  24. Rena: Well--...the first time we met was when we fought the witch at the ruined building in Shinnishi.
  25. Momoko: This time I guess we just happened to run into her.
  26. Kaede: But Momoko-chan, you've known her for a long time now, right?
  27. Momoko: True, I guess it was 2 years ago. Right when I became a magical girl and even now, when you girls aren't around to help me, she lets me team up to hunt witches with her.
  28. Kaede: A "magical girl veteran" sounds a bit strange...but, it's amazing that she's been doing this for 6 years~
  29. Momoko: If you bring up that she's been doing this for a long time too much, then she'll get a bit mad. She'll say something like "that kind of makes me sound like an old woman...".
  30. Rena: Are you saying it's great the longer you've been doing this?
  31. Kaede: ...Geez-, there you go again, putting up your guard like that~
  32. Momoko: Well, if she was honest, then she wouldn't be Rena.
  33. Rena: What's with that! It's not like Rena's that...
  35. Yachiyo: Here, thanks for waiting~ I brought out some snacks.
  36. Momoko: Wah! Thanks!
  37. Kaede: I, I'll help myself, thanks!
  38. Rena: .......... (...It looks delicious) ...Thank you for the food.
  40. Momoko: Today's what you'd call an informal gathering, right?
  41. Yachiyo: Yes, since we ran into each other. We're all magical girls here, we need to get along!
  42. Momoko: You heard her you two, ask her anything, as much as you want!
  43. Kaede: A, Ask?
  44. Rena: Mamuwha?!
  45. Momoko: Huh? Wha?
  46. Kaede: ...Rena-chan, you shouldn't talk until after you finish eating...
  47. Rena: ...Gulp...Rena meant to say, what're we supposed to ask?
  48. Momoko: What should you ask? Anything you want. Since Yachiyo-san knows everything about being a magical girl!
  49. Yachiyo: No, I don't actually know everythi...
  50. Momoko: C'mon, starting with you Kaede!
  51. Kaede: You're kidding!? Eh? Eh? Um...What's your favorite food?
  52. Rena: That has nothing to do with magical girls!
  53. Yachiyo: Let's see...I guess I like soba? [1]
  54. Rena: And she answered!?
  56. Narrator: After that, the questions directed at Yachiyo were all a bunch of safe ones. Whether it was a conscious decision or an unconscious one, the informal gathering continued, avoiding any deep questions that had to do with being a magical girl. Regardless, as time went on, the gap separating Rena and Kaede from Yachiyo closed up more than before.
  58. Yachiyo: There's no tea left...I'll go make some more.
  59. Momoko: Please and thank you--!
  60. ...So, what do you think?
  61. Rena: What do you mean, what do we think?
  62. Momoko: Isn't Yachiyo-san a nice person?
  63. Kaede: Yeah! I like her now!
  64. Momoko: What about you, Rena?
  65. Rena: Haa? ...Well, Rena thinks she's not a bad person.
  66. Momoko: Haha! Tha--t's it, tha--t's it.
  67. Rena: ............Rena's gonna have this donut!
  68. Kaede: H, Hey! You can't! Yachiyo-san was saving that one!
  69. Rena: It's fine! The two of you, don't say anything, okay?
  70. Momoko: What's that supposed to mean--? Are you trying to hide your embarrassment?
  71. Rena: You're wrong! Anyway...chomp!
  72. Kaede: Ah---seriously!? She ate it...
  73. Momoko: Nn? ...Sounds like she's back.
  74. Rena: ...gulp...gulp...Alright, it's oka--y!
  75. Yachiyo: Here, thanks for waiting. Anyway, who wants seconds... What's wrong, everyone?
  76. Momoko: No! ...It's nothing.
  77. Yachiyo: That's strange...Oh...........My...My donut's missing, isn't it...
  78. Rena: ...Eh?
  79. Momoko: ...This is kind of...
  80. Kaede: ...feels...awkward...?
  82. Yachiyo: ...I put that one aside earlier, I just imagining things...? What do you think?
  83. Momoko: Huh? Me? Ah--well that's uh...
  84. Yachiyo: How about you?
  85. Kaede: I,I,I,I...don't know...
  86. Yachiyo: And you?
  87. Rena: ...Rena will have some tea.
  88. Yachiyo: H--m...
  89. Momoko: ...........
  90. Kaede: ............
  91. Rena: .............
  92. Yachiyo: .........You ate it, didn't you? Rena-chan.
  93. Rena: Uehhh! W, W, Why!?
  94. Yachiyo: Just as I thought!
  95. Rena: ...Oh, shit...
  96. Yachiyo: Geez, you're a mischievous one aren't you?
  97. Momoko: Um--...Yachiyo-san, sorry!
  98. Kaede: How do I say this, um, I just went with the flow...
  99. Rena: .......
  100. Momoko: RE--NA--!
  101. Rena: ...Sorry, Rena ate it...
  102. Yachiyo: It's okay. There's still some more, so should I bring those out?
  103. Rena: ...No, more importantly! How did you know?
  104. Momoko: Yeah, yeah!
  105. Kaede: Could it be! ...You saw her eat it?
  106. Yachiyo: Nn--, that's not quite right--
  107. Rena: Then, how...?
  108. Yachiyo: You see, I...
  110. Yachiyo: If you're wondering how I knew that Rena-chan ate the donut...that's because I...
  111. Rena: Because you...?
  112. Yachiyo: ...saw the sugar from the donut still around your lips!
  113. Rena: Heh? ...Oh, you're right...
  114. Kaede: Wo--w!
  115. Momoko: Yachiyo-san! Here, here, I've got a question!
  116. Yachiyo: Go ahead, Momoko.
  117. Momoko: Even though we had donuts too, how'd you know it was Rena?
  118. Yachiyo: Everyone except me finished eating a little while ago, right? Furthermore, everyone wiped their mouths. And yet only Rena-chan has some fresh around her lips.
  119. Rena: ...Rena lost!
  120. Momoko: Ohhh--! That's Yachiyo for you, you have good eyes--!
  121. Kaede: Yachiyo-san, you're like a detective!
  122. Momoko: That's Detective Yachiyo!
  123. Yachiyo: To call me a detective would be an insult to Holmes and Poirot.
  125. Narrator: And so, the relaxing hours went by...
  127. Momoko:'s getting late, so we'll be heading home soon.
  128. Thanks for everything today!
  129. Kaede: Thanks for the food!
  130. Rena: ...Thank you very much.
  131. Yachiyo: No, thank you all for coming.
  132. Momoko: ...Now you're being a little honest, aren't ya?
  133. Rena: ...It's okay, isn't it...
  134. Kaede: ...Oh! We forgot! Momoko-chan, the thing we talked about doing before we leave!
  135. Momoko: Oops! That's right, that's right!
  136. Yachiyo: ? What did you talk about?
  137. Momoko: Do you know? About the "Dueling Girl"?
  138. Yachiyo: Dueling Girl?
  139. Momoko: This is something we just heard from another magical girl, but...right?
  140. Kaede: Yeah...seems like she's out there...There's a magical girl that randomly challenges you to a duel...
  141. Rena: ...It's not clear why she duels people, but they say she's pretty strong.
  142. Momoko: So Yachiyo-san, you need to be careful too, okay? It kinda sounds like she's a troublesome one, so...
  143. Yachiyo: ...Thank you for worrying about me. I'll be careful. But you girls need to be careful too, okay? I'll let my other friends know too.
  144. Momoko: True...
  145. Rena: ...Well, she'd be no match for Rena!
  146. Yachiyo: No. If she comes out, then make sure to call me.
  147. Rena: No, but...
  148. Yachiyo: I insist.
  149. Kaede: ...Yachiyo-san.
  150. Momoko: ...Rena.
  151. Rena: ...Then, sure...
  152. Yachiyo: (It'd be bad if she's a dangerous one...I have to protect these kids. I have to...protect them...)
  154. Yachiyo: A Dueling Girl? That sounds dangerous...I wonder what kind of girl she is?
  156. =============================================
  157. Part Two: Nanami Yachiyo and the Dueling Girl
  158. =============================================
  159. Narrator: Several days after the informal gathering...
  160. The Dueling Girl that was causing trouble in Kamihama suddenly appeared in front of Yachiyo.
  162. Yachiyo: Thanks for contacting me.
  163. Momoko: Though Rena complained about it.
  164. Rena: Well because! If Rena was her opponent...
  165. Kaede: Rena-chan, let's leave this to Yachiyo-san! Because that girl is kind of...
  167. ???: Geez--! How long are you planning to keep me waiting--!
  169. Kaede: Uhiiii!
  171. Yachiyo: ...What's your name?
  172. Tsuruno: So someone fi--nally asks, huh!? You sure did take your sweet time! Anyway...ahem...My name is Yui Tsuruno! I am a girl who wants to return honor to the Yui family name! I'll defeat you all for the sake of my grand ambition!
  173. Momoko: Ambition?
  174. Rena: What the hell is that? We don't get it so explain.
  175. Tsuruno: Don't wanna!
  176. Rena: What do you mean you don't wanna!?
  177. Tsuruno: Don't make me waste my breath, got it!?
  178. Yachiyo: ...I don't want to!
  179. Tsuruno: He, Hey! Don't copy me--!
  180. Yachiyo: I don't want to fight you if there's no reason for us to.
  181. Tsuruno: That's why I told you, I don't want to waste my breath explaining!
  182. Yachiyo: Then just make it short.
  183. Tsuruno:! I want to become the strongest!
  184. Kaede: T, The strongest?
  185. Tsuruno: I'll become the strongest magical girl...that equals the highest honor! This is the path I believe in! And, I plan to go down that path!
  186. Rena: ...Even after hearing it, Rena still doesn't understand at all!
  187. Yachiyo: (Doesn't seem like she's as dangerous as I thought...) ...Okay. I'll be your opponent.
  188. Tsuruno: O---kay! Then this time for sure, don't make me waste my breath~!
  190. Tsuruno: Oryaoryaoryaorya~!
  191. Yachiyo: HAAAAAA!
  193. Momoko: Whoa, that Tsuruno girl's strong...
  194. Kaede: My eyes can't keep up anymore...
  195. Rena: ...But Yachiyo-san's also perfectly countering her moves.
  197. Tsuruno: Hoo!
  198. Yachiyo: ...Whew~ you're amazing, you know that?
  199. Tsuruno: You're not too shabby either...but just defending isn't enough. YOU CAN'T WIN AGAINST ME LIKE THAT, GOT IT!?
  200. Yachiyo: Kuu!
  201. Kaede: Ah--, Yachiyo-san!
  202. Rena: She's going to bite it!
  204. Tsuruno: Haha--! How's that? How's that? Mhmhm! Now then--here I come--!
  205. Yachiyo: ...Not yet!
  206. Tsuruno: Fine by me! That gets me fired up too~!
  207. Yachiyo: (This girl's stronger than I thought...! It doesn't seem like direct attacks will work...if that's the case...)
  208. Tsuruno: Take this, take this, take this--!
  209. Yachiyo: Uu!
  210. Tsuruno: And this!
  211. Yachiyo: ...Guu. ...O, Oh no!
  212. Tsuruno: There's an opening! Yaaaa---!
  214. Momoko: This is bad!
  215. Rena: Yachiyo-san!
  217. Tsuruno: That settles it! It's my win! ...Huh? ...She's not there?
  218. Yachiyo: That's because that's just a dummy.
  219. Tsuruno: Heh? W, Where did you...!? ...Wait, uwaaaah--!
  221. Kaede: Th, That girl's body is being wrapped up in rope!
  222. Momoko: Ye--s, she won--!
  224. Yachiyo: Sorry for deceiving you.
  225. Tsuruno: A, A trap like this...Ohh! ...You purposely let me attack you, didn't you--!
  226. Yachiyo: You're strong, so unless I do see?
  227. Tsuruno: ...Uuu~! (...I, I can't get loose...) ...Since it's come down to this...finish me off!
  229. Momoko: No, no, the winner's already been decided, hasn't it!?
  230. Kaede: That's right, just let it end already!
  232. Yachiyo: ...Oh, really?
  234. Rena: ...You're kidding? ...Seriously...?
  236. Yachiyo: Then, I'll take your word for it and...
  238. Momoko: H, Hey wait! Yachiyo-san!!
  240. Momoko: Yachiyo-san! You shouldn't go any further!
  241. Tsuruno: ...If you're gonna do it, then do it--!
  242. Yachiyo: ...Here I come.
  244. Tsuruno: ...Guh... ..............Huh?
  245. Kaede: ...The rope's loose...
  246. Yachiyo: I won't hold back and I'll let you loose.
  247. Momoko: ...Don't freak us out like that~!
  248. Rena: ...Geez! What was that!?
  249. Yachiyo: If you learned your lesson, then stop doing this. ...Or someday, you'll really find yourself in trouble.
  250. Tsuruno: ...Wh, What was that--!?
  251. Yachiyo: I'm going to ask once again. Why are you doing this?
  252. Tsuruno: ...T, To become the strongest!
  253. Yachiyo: Why do you want to become the strongest?
  254. Tsuruno: ...In order to...obtain the highest honor!
  255. Yachiyo: Is strength the only way you can obtain the highest honor?
  256. Tsuruno: Duh, after all, in order to have the highest honor, it means you've got to be number one!
  257. Yachiyo: ...Then let's say you become number one, obtain the highest honor...then what?
  258. Tsuruno: Then what? Achieve something big, of course!
  259. Yachiyo: Achieve? What's that? ...Does that mean you have to continue until you've hurt countless numbers of people?
  260. Tsuruno: N, No!! Become the strongest magical girl who pierces evil!
  261. Yachiyo: That being said, after you and your allies finish hurting each other, in the end, what is it that you want to do?
  262. Tsuruno: ...Y, Y, Y, You're wrong! I... I...
  265. Momoko: Whoa, whoa! Are you still planning to fight!?
  266. Kaede: Like I said, it's over--!
  268. Tsuruno: Uryaaaa--!
  269. Yachiyo: ...Fine. I'll keep you company...!
  271. Momoko: ...Oh, it's decided.
  272. Rena: This is the sixth victory, isn't it? ...Of Yachiyo-san's.
  273. Kaede: Let's just call it quits already~!
  275. Tsuruno: No, not yet not yet not yet--! Haaa--!
  276. Yachiyo: ...This is all the same, isn't it? ...Alright, I got you.
  277. Tsuruno: Uwaaaah! ...Ku, Kuuu--!
  279. Rena: The seventh victory.
  280. ...Anyway, Yachiyo-san's... strong...
  281. Momoko: I didn't know she had that kind of stuff in her arsenal...
  282. Kaede: I'm telling you, just stop it already~!
  284. Yachiyo: Like Kaede-chan said. We should end this soon.
  285. Tsuruno: N, Not yet...Not yet!
  286. Yachiyo: You barely have any strength left. Do you have any grief seeds?
  287. Tsuruno: That's none of your business!
  288. Yachiyo: ...Calm down. ...And then listen to me. Putting aside whatever reason or feelings you might have...I can't forgive...magical girls hurting each other.
  289. Tsuruno: Uu...
  290. Yachiyo: I can't understand the reason you want to be the strongest but at the very least, you don't know how to properly use your strength...Besides, to live as a magical girl is very difficult. That's something only magical girls understand...We're friends.
  291. Tsuruno: .........
  292. Yachiyo: So stop doing things like this...understood? Besides, you realized it already, didn't you? That you've been doing something wrong...
  293. Tsuruno: ...Uu.
  294. Yachiyo: Quit being so stubborn.
  295. Tsuruno: ...Uuu...Uwaaaaaa-n!
  297. Rena: Oh, she cried! She's crying!
  299. Tsuruno: Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu--!
  301. Momoko: ...She went off somewhere.
  302. Kaede: Haa---...It's finally over...
  303. Yachiyo: Oh no, I made her cry... (I wonder if she understood...)
  305. Yachiyo: If I'd tried to face her head-on, it would've been dangerous...It felt like I was halfway near the end of my rope...
  307. =================================================
  308. Part Three: Nanami Yachiyo Won't Turn a Blind-Eye
  309. =================================================
  310. Narrator: One day, several days after Yachiyo and Tsuruno fought...
  312. Yachiyo: Is this the place? Kaede-chan!
  313. Kaede: T, T, That's right! ...Ah, no, it's a little further ahead of here!
  314. Yachiyo: ...But, why would...Yui-san... (She didn't understand...?)
  315. Kaede: Our soul gems detected a reaction over here...then she appeared!
  316. Yachiyo: Why...
  317. Kaede: Then, she said that was just a coincidence that we happened to run into each other...But then! She asked where Yachiyo-san was...then Momoko-chan and Rena-chan...!
  318. Yachiyo: ...said that they would keep her busy so you could come find me...
  319. Kaede: Yes...
  320. Yachiyo: Anyway, let's hurry!
  321. Kaede: Y, Yes!
  323. Yachiyo: !
  324. Kaede: Momoko-chan!
  325. Rena: Ya, Yachiyo-san! ...Wait, wah! Momoko!
  326. Tsuruno: Eh? What? ...What happened?
  327. Yachiyo: Momoko...! ...Whew, that's a relief. It looks like she just lost consciousness...
  328. Kaede: B, But why...
  329. Yachiyo: ...Explain the situation.
  330. Rena: ...Heh?
  331. Kaede: Rena-chan!
  332. Rena: ...Ah, yeah! Um, we were looking for the witch, then all of a sudden this girl showed up!
  333. Tsuruno: You're wrong! I just...
  334. Yachiyo: ...happened to run into them, right? Please explain what happened after that.
  335. Rena: After? Uh, um, you see...
  337. Yachiyo: So if we piece together what you girls said... Momoko's group of three talked with Yui-san here. Then after you sent Kaede-chan to where I was, you still talked.
  338. Rena: Then this girl started mumbling something!
  339. Tsuruno: Y, You're wrong--! I just said that I wanted to meet her!
  340. Rena: After that! You started mumbling, didn't you!?
  341. Tsuruno: No, that was! ...Um...
  342. Yachiyo: Then right before I arrived, this place suddenly became pitch-black...
  343. Rena: R, Right! Then, Momoko...
  344. Kaede: ...What happened?
  345. Tsuruno: ..........
  346. Yachiyo: ...This isn't the kind of place that could suddenly go dark like that...
  347. Kaede: ...After all, light can only come in from outside...
  348. Rena: ! It was magic!
  349. Tsuruno: ...Magic?
  350. Rena: Her magic!
  351. Tsuruno: ...M, Mine? T, That's a false accusation! Since I can't use magic like that!
  352. Rena: Hah, really? You really used magic to make it dark in here and used the opportunity to attack Momoko!
  353. Tsuruno: Ueeeeeh!? But I seriously can't--!
  354. Kaede: Eh? Eh? U...Uu...I, I don't know what's true or not...
  355. Yachiyo: ......
  356. Tsuruno: I'm not the one that did it! You're the ones that had to have done it!
  357. Rena: Why would Rena do it!? There's no way Rena would! It's you! Rena can't think of anyone else who would! Right!? Yachiyo-san!
  358. Yachiyo: The one who did it was...not Yui-san.
  359. Rena: Huh?
  360. Tsuruno: That's right!
  361. Yachiyo: The one who did it was...
  364. Yachiyo: The one who hurt Momoko was...
  365. Rena: ...Wai, Wait a second! It wasn't Rena! There's no way Rena would do something like that! Why would...hey, wait!
  366. Kaede: No way...Yachiyo-san! You're wrong! Rena-chan wouldn't be the one!
  367. Yachiyo: The one who hurt her was...Yui-san. It had to be you.
  368. Rena: Eh?
  369. Kaede: Eh?
  370. Tsuruno: Eh?
  371. Yachiyo: Haaa!
  372. Tsuruno: Guaaah!
  373. Rena: ...W, What do you mean?
  374. Kaede: ...I, don't get it at all...
  375. Tsuruno: W, Why...How did you figure it out?
  377. Familiar: !@($)*@$*(!@$booohh--!!
  378. Kaede: Kyaaaaah!
  379. Rena: She was... a familiar...!
  380. Yachiyo: ...A few more came out too.
  381. Familiars: !*)(#$!*($(!@boooh--!!
  382. Rena: ...Which means that this was...!
  383. Yachiyo: The witch set a trap for us. It's got some nerve, trying to trick us into turning against each other like that...!
  384. Kaede: Th, Then, it was trying to do this from the beginning...!?
  385. Yachiyo: ...No, Yui-san is here. She should be captured by the witch...
  386. Kaede: R, Really?
  387. Rena: Yachiyo-san, how did you know??
  388. Yachiyo: Concentrate on the enemy, both of you.
  389. Rena: Oh, shi...!
  390. Kaede: Y, Yes!
  391. Yachiyo: Did you think you could incite inner turmoil and have us take each other out? I won't forgive... something like that!
  393. Tsuruno: ...Nn. ...Nn? Uwaaaah!
  394. Yachiyo: You're awake? That's a relief...
  395. Tsuruno: W, What happened to me?
  396. Rena: Haa...a lot.
  397. Tsuruno: Huh? This girl and one another...Nn? Why did she collapse?
  398. Yachiyo: Momoko will also wake up soon.
  399. Rena: Kaede! Explain!
  400. Kaede: Eh? Me? Ah, sure, u--m...
  402. Tsuruno: Th, Then you defeated the witch...!
  403. Kaede: Yes, that's right.
  404. Tsuruno: No way...what a blunder...!
  405. Rena: But you know, that was amazing! Yachiyo-san's! Amazing!
  406. Kaede: (...Rena-chan's being this honest...She has a really rare expression on her face...)
  407. Rena: How'd you know? You are a detective, after all!
  408. Kaede: Yeah! Seriously!
  409. Yachiyo: I'm telling you, I'm not. I said it before, didn't I? I'm not a detective.
  410. Rena: Again with the modesty~!
  411. Yachiyo: ...I could tell by the magic, you see.
  412. Rena: ...Magic?
  413. Yachiyo: If you concentrate and look at the enemy, you can sense it with your soul gem. Their psychological state, I mean. ...Well, it's a rough estimate but.
  414. Rena: R, Really?
  415. Yachiyo: It's against the rules of mysteries to solve a case using supernatural abilities, right? That's why I'm not a detective.
  416. Kaede: Ohh--so that's what it was! But it's still amazing! I didn't think you could use magic that way!
  417. Rena: ...That's...
  418. Tsuruno: I did lose after all! That was my! Complete and utter defeat!
  419. Yachiyo: W, What's this all of a sudden!?
  420. Tsuruno: ...You see, the thing is I want to become your apprentice!
  421. Yachiyo: Become my apprentice!?
  422. Kaede: Don't tell me, that's why you were looking for...?
  423. Tsuruno: That's right!
  424. Yachiyo: Hold it, hold it! An apprentice? That's...
  425. Tsuruno: Please! I want to see myself in a different light!
  427. Momoko: head...
  429. Kaede: Momoko-chan!
  430. Rena: Momoko!
  431. Tsuruno: Master Yachiyo~!
  432. Momoko: Ah--it's her! ...Master Yachiyo? ...What's happening?
  433. Rena: Well, you see, Yachiyo-san's magic... ...Oh! Could it be that's how she figured out the donut thing too..!?
  434. Yachiyo: Fufu...I wonder?
  436. Narrator: That's how Tsuruno's rampage came to an end.
  437. Tsuruno did not become an apprentice but rather, a "friend" of Yachiyo and the others.
  438. But, these bonds between these magical girls would be torn into a thousand pieces
  439. due to a certain incident...
  440. But back then, Yachiyo thought this from the bottom of her heart:
  442. Yachiyo: No matter what happens, I'll protect everyone...
  444. Yachiyo: A witch also has a lot of tricks up its sleeves. ...I need to be careful from now on as well...
  445. ==========================================
  446. [1]=
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