Cosmic Particle Transmogrification — Ch. 2

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  1. Fetishes: hero, heroine, supernatural, femdom, capture, bishōnen, bossy girls, fighting, blowjob
  6. Tags: superheroine, Sciencubus, Saterra, Lane, smarts, classy gals
  11. Chapter 2 — Inventive Nerds: The Sciencubus Raid
  18. As Rhapsody got off Lane and lifted him to his feet, he looked around quickly to ensure that no one else was around. He noticed no one. He took Rhapsody’s hand, letting her pull him up easily. It was clear that she didn’t belong to the race of humans. No human could pull up someone else so easily without straining even a little and almost send them flying across their shoulder. He grunted as he caught his footing, staggering a little as Rhapsody let his hand go.
  20. ‘You humans,’ she chuckled, shaking her head. ‘So flimsy and delicate, easy to break. I don’t understand how you survived for two million years and more here. But …’ she slid up to Lane and placed her arms around his waist, pushing her large breasts against his back. ‘I think that’s why I like you. Cute, delicate, and vulnerable enough to capture.’
  22. Lane moved forwards slowly to try and get away from her, but she playfully grabbed his cock through his trousers and held on to him. She kissed the back of his neck and licked his ear, slowly running her arms over his chest and feeling how hard he was.
  24. ‘Strong yet delicate,’ she whispered, her nose rubbing against his skin. She hugged him a little tighter. ‘If we knew we had some connection beyond friendship, this would be so much better.’
  26. Lane cleared his throat. ‘Um, aren’t we on the wrong track here?’
  28. Rhapsody looked up at him. ‘What do you mean, dear?’
  30. Lane raised his eyebrows at the endearment. ‘I think we need to look for something to break this dimensional barrier, don’t we?’
  32. Rhapsody paused and placed a hand over her mouth thoughtfully. ‘Oh, that’s right, dear. We need a Sciencubus for that.’
  34. ‘Who?’
  36. ‘A Sciencubus, darling.’ Her hands reached down and played with his cock again. Lane twitched with need as she caressed his balls and started to push her hand inside his pants. ‘They were ancient beings who were … what do you call them today? Total nerds. Geeks.’ She kissed his neck again. ‘They were the kind of scientists who were both boys and girls, and their main honcho had weird fetishes. He told them to put on a tail, wings behind their backs, and fake horns on their heads. They had to do so to avoid his wrath, of course. Afterwards, he made them wear tiny little miniskirts with very skimpy undergarments, like thongs and tiny bras which were a ribbon around their breasts. And the girl scientists always had huge breasts which entered the room before they did.’ She licked her lips at the thought, pushing her own into Lane’s back. ‘After the cosmic particle came through the containment barrier around earth, they were transformed. The cosmic particles helped their clothes fuse with their bodies and changed them into what we know today. They are highly intelligent, complex creatures who can figure out the mechanics of any working machine or contraption.’ She grabbed on to Lane possessively. ‘And they are very adept at manipulation. They could turn Hercules into a whining, begging wreck. So be very careful when you come across one.’
  38. Lane thought about this for a while. ‘But surely they would be quite rare, isn’t it? A being like that would probably be hidden away and not easily discovered.’
  40. Rhapsody’s arms tightened around him. ‘I could lose you to them, in fact.’
  42. Lane started. ‘W-What?’
  44. Rhapsody’s arms loosened their grip for a while. ’N-Nothing, dear. I meant that they’re actually more common than you’d believe and it’s quite hard to get a proper sighting of one. They’re shapeshifters. They could be a hot chick you dreamed of in school one moment, a MILF after you turn around, and then a buff demon slayer when they see someone else. You will never know what one is like no matter how long you think you’ve been with her.’
  46. Lane shrugged. ‘So we look for one, check if she keeps changing shape and teleporting everywhere, and then take a couple of shots at her with our magic rifles?’
  48. Rhapsody rolled her eyes and sighed. ‘Very funny, dear. We have to come across one first, as I told you. We should be able to get within the location of one within a few minutes. I also want the nom de guerre from her as Sagely Stride. She can confer power and privileges with her science on anyone she likes, so I think we should be able to get the power to break dimensional barriers and get a sort of war name I can use.’
  50. Lane raised his eyebrows. ‘Really? Where can we find one? I thought you said they couldn't be seen that easily.’
  52. Rhapsody bit her lip. ‘I happened to come across some of them when I was wandering the countryside. They look like normal schoolgirls in skimpy outfits when you see them normally. I watched them experimenting with something else, and it seems they want to build a new method of going back in time. In this case, both of your selves can exist at the same time in the travel subspace. The time and distance continuum will allow you to see what your past or future self is doing and undo any mistakes or change your physical characteristics to negate any harm you might experience. It is to ensure that time travel can be made safe and affordable for everyone without any risks at all. They are very likely to be on to something.’
  54. Lane gaped at her. ‘Really? That sounds awesome! Let’s get to them and try to capture whoever we can so they can tell us all about this cosmic particle which turned my world upside down.’
  56. Rhapsody shook her head quietly. ‘I can get us there with my Super Speed, but after that we have to be very discreet. If we make one mistake, then they’ll capture us and use us as test subjects.’
  58. Lane blinked. ‘For what?’
  60. Rhapsody folded her arms, chewing on her bottom lip. ‘Mostly sexual stuff, then as controls for other experiments they were planning. I’m not sure what they were planning, since they discuss them in very esoteric terms and go into very few details which are not enough, or too many which I don't understand.’
  62. Lane grinned. ‘That doesn’t sound too bad, actually.’
  64. Rhapsody groaned and gestured that he climb on her back. ‘It could be worse than you think, you know.’
  66. Lane climbed on her back and grabbed on to her shoulders. Rhapsody gave a slight whinny, then charged forwards. The whole world became a blur as she zoomed forwards into a pocket dimension. The whole world turned into a colourful panorama as they went through a wormhole, then the world started to open out a bit and become like the Earth they knew. They leaped out into a normal world, next to what looked like a cave. Rhapsody sighed as she shook back her long hair.
  68. Lane was awestruck at what had just happened. ‘What was that?’
  70. ‘Pocket dimensions,’ said Rhapsody, smiling at him. ‘I can’t get to certain dimensions, but I can go through the pockets and wormholes connecting them for now. All that can be unlocked with the right Sciencubus.’
  72. Lane stepped forwards and looked around. He saw to his surprise that the cave was well furnished and stocked. Several young women were walking around in very skimpy clothing and lab coats. They would be sometimes stroking their hair, bending over in provocative poses and letting the coats flip over their asses to show the bottoms of their cheeks. They would occasionally be bending over and showing excess cleavage from their skimpy bras as they checked experiment results and mixed some chemicals together.
  74. Rhapsody grabbed his shirt and pulled him back. ‘Not right now, they’ll see us. We need to be very careful with —’
  76. There was a shattering sound. Lane had accidentally bumped into one of the tables and knocked over one of the experiment bottles. There was a yellowish liquid spreading across the floor. Lane spread his arms and backed away. He was about to apologise when he saw all the Sciencubi staring at him while licking their lips. He turned to Rhapsody, who was wearing a panic-stricken expression.
  78. ‘Don’t make excuses,’ she barked. ‘RUN!’ She raised her legs, neighed through her nose, and galloped forwards. Some of the Sciencubi yelled out and threw test tubes filled with a smoking potion at her, but she avoided them and went into the pocket dimension she could breach. A voice came out of there, faint but discernible. ‘Hurry before they get you!’
  80. Lane nodded and leaped forwards from the clutches of two Sciencubi. He ran towards the sound of her voice, but tripped and fell over something. He looked back and saw two giant hands which looked like Green Lantern’s holding him down. A slightly older Sciencubus with glasses and a voluptuous build walked out from behind one of the tables. She winked at him slyly as she reached down and pulled his trousers off in one go. His hard bulge stood up from his pants, making all the Sciencubi gasp in admiration. The lead Sciencubus raised her foot and placed it on his cock, stroking it back and forth gently. She smiled on noticing the big precum stain he developed on the front, then pulled back.
  82. Lane tried to lash out with his foot, but the lead Sciencubus easily stepped back and avoided his hit. She grabbed his foot as it was about to descend and pounced on him, sitting between his legs. Lane raised his fists, but the other Sciencubi leaped on him and held his arms and legs down. He struggled and tried to kick and thrash, but despite their slender appearance, they were frighteningly strong. They calmly dissuaded his attempts to thrash free as he tried to do so, only flopping around a little bit under the lead Sciencubus’s thighs. When he was finally tired, he moaned and flopped against the ground, the Sciencubi laughing at him.
  84. ‘Oh, God,’ he groaned, sinking back into the ground’s embrace. ‘What do you want with me?’
  86. The lead Sciencubus straddled him and licked her lips slowly. ‘My name is Saterra, just to introduce myself. And I am looking for a hero just like —’ she tapped him on the chest — ‘you to play with. Science can really get boring, you know. What do you think? Do you want to play around with me, or do you still want to play with me?’ The other Sciencubi laughed at the dilemma she had presented. She raised her hands to her collar and stripped off her lab coat in one fluid motion. ‘And afterwards, should we have some after play with the test tubes here?’ She indicated the multitude of ongoing experiments which they were doing as she leaned over him, letting him see down her bra. Her breasts were huge for a nerd. She slowly brushed them against his face, watching his eyes widen as she swung her legs over his body.
  88. Lane swallowed, but didn’t respond. The Sciencubus leaned forwards and kissed him on the mouth gently, slipping her tongue between his lips. She licked his mouth on the inside, gently swabbing his teeth. She pinned him down by his shoulders and started to slide down his body, her thumbs hooking into his waistband. She pulled down his pants and let his cock pop up through his briefs. She slid them down as well, wrapping her hand around his cock and starting to jerk it up and down. Lane moaned quietly as he felt his cock rise and become harder with every stroke she gave him. Saterra gave an approving nod as she saw his length and hardness. She kissed down his chest, slowly pulling apart his shirt. Wrapping her tongue around his nipples, she licked around them to get his blood pumping.
  90. There was a whooshing sound from behind him, and then the sounds of a struggle. Rhapsody’s voice came out of the distance. ‘Let him go! He’s mine!’
  92. Saterra took his cock in her mouth, probably to get to sucking him before Rhapsody could take him away. Lane started moaning louder as she licked around his shaft, cupped his balls, and took him deeper into her mouth without any gagging. Her skill was amazing, and it came naturally to her from instinct.
  94. ‘No,’ said Saterra coolly, taking the whole of his cock into her mouth and slurping on it. She let it out of her mouth, creating the distinctive popping sound of a blowjob withdrawal. She opened her mouth wide and started stuffing her cheeks with it, pushing the tip into the inner side of her right cheek and making it bulge out. Rhapsody let out a wail of anger when she heard the clear sucking and licking sounds of a blowjob. She started to punch and kick most of the Sciencubi around her, knocking them around the place, but despite her strength, there were too many of them to remove around her to get to Lane. She kicked one Sciencubus in the jaw, punched a second in the stomach and gave a third a spinning kick to the face, but a fourth jumped on her and grabbed her arms. She kicked the Sciencubus in the knee, but that only made her double over and push her breasts into Rhapsody’s back, bending her knees. Several more Sciencubi jumped on her and startsd to push her down to the ground. She kicked, thrashed, bit, and pushed them with her arms and back. Some of them went flying, but the rest were too overwhelming.
  96. ‘I can offer you a deal,’ said Saterra lazily, now moving her head up and down on Lane’s cock really fast. He moaned and twitched, trying really hard to shove his cock down her throat so he could blast his cum down it. ‘Look, I haven’t practiced a scientific blowjob yet, and I just want a little test subject. Especially one as cute as this.’ She cupped his balls and let her tongue become longer in front of Lane’s wide eyes. She moved it down to his sack and wrapped it around the part where it met his taint. She released him and began to lick on his balls, her tongue sloshing all over his orbs while she was teasing his cock with her palm and fingers. Her index, middle, and ring fingers danced up his shaft while putting her thumb on the other side, only letting the tips touch him. She released his cock and started to focus only on his balls, letting his cock dangle in the air while sucking her cheeks in and letting her mouth bathe his balls with her spit. Licking and sucking away on his shaft, she reached up with her hand and pointed her thumb towards herself. She placed her fingers around his member and began to move them up and down slowly, gently, while letting his balls pop out of her mouth, then slurping them in again with her tongue out and cheeks caved in.
  98. Rhapsody kicked two more Sciencubi away from her, trying to get out of the mob of nerds holding her down. ‘What kind of deal? And stop sucking my man’s cock!’
  100. Saterra shrugged and started to make even lewder slurping sounds, sucking on his balls harder and making him think they would implode with the amount of cum building up in them. He let out a throaty gasp and moaned when she started extending her tongue closer to his taint. Her hands gripped his ass cheeks, nails digging in lightly; just enough to keep him aroused. ‘Your man? Puh-lease. He’s not property you own, and I don’t see your name on him. You should’ve gone beyond that puny little kiss and claimed him before I gave him the pleasures of a Sciencubus blowjob. He won’t want to go back once he’s experienced this mouth.’ She put his balls back in her mouth and swirled her tongue around them. Lane gasped and shuddered visibly, some precum leaking out of his cock on her forehead. She grabbed his shaft and tapped it on her face, getting a bit of ejaculate on her forehead as a reward. ‘I get to suck off your man, as you call him, and you can stop knocking my minions around.’ Two more of the ‘minions’ flew into the air behind her and hit the wall with audible thuds. ‘After he’s filled my mouth with his delicious cum —’ ten or twenty minions hit the wall, and there were a few muffled screams of anger from Rhapsody ‘— you can ask me for anything you need. I’ll be glad to grant you the two things you were looking for when you walked in here.
  102. Rhapsody froze. ‘How did you know we wanted … well, that’s not the point! I’m not trading oral sex with you for some stupid potions! You can’t have anything that valuable to offer, you know!’
  104. Saterra released his balls from her mouth with a pop. ‘Sure I do. You wanted to find the methods for breaking dimensional barriers and how to get the nom de guerre for yourself to increased your power called Sagely Stride. That should make you the ultimate speed demon and ensure you get the jump on any opponent you face first, isn’t it?’
  106. Lane and Rhapsody stopped in their tracks. Lane paused his thrusting into Saterra's mouth as she lowered her mouth on his cock again. Rhapsody almost fell over in shock at the weight of the Sciencubi on her.
  108. Lane yelped in pleasure as Saterra started to swallow his whole length after so much teasing of his balls. He subconsciously thrust into her mouth repeatedly, unable to stop himself after all her initial teasing. ‘Sorry, Rhapsody, I can’t take this any more. Her mouth is so fucking good, I just have to cream down her throat. We’ll get the information out of her right … NOW!’
  110. Lane gave a few more thrusts into her throat and cried out as he started to cum in it. He shivered hard as he splattered huge gobs of his seed inside her and held her head down on him. He shook all over and moaned while he released his pent up seed inside her. Rhapsody cried out in dismay and anger while he was cumming deep down her throat. A few more Sciencubi flew into the air and smashed through the windows and roof, but there weren’t enough removed to let her free herself and rescue Lane. Lane finished cumming down Saterra’s throat as she kicked around, then pulled his cock out and wiped it clean on her face and lips.
  112. ‘Okay,’ he said, as Rhapsody burst from under some of the Sciencubi and skidded to a halt near him. ‘What did you say you could help us with?’
  114. Rhapsody grabbed him by the lapels and started shaking him hard. ‘HOW COULD YOU, LANE!!!! I TRUSTED YOU, AND YOU GOT BLOWN BY THIS SLAG JUST FOR SOME RELEASE! I COULD’VE GIVEN YOU THAT AND MORE!!!!!’
  116. Saterra walked over to them and shoved Rhapsody aside, grabbing Lane and hugging him. She grabbed his buttocks and squeezed them, laughing as he flinched. ‘Don’t blame him, he has needs just like you. And if you get mad at him, he’s already got someone who won’t be. Me. I can whisper sweet and dirty pillow talk to him while you yell at his ass. Don’t drive him into my arms.’
  118. Rhapsody remained still for a second or two, then raised her fist and started charging at Saterra. She had to be held back by half the Sciencubi as Saterra smirked. She shook her fist at her rival and made what would have been deep, dire promises and threats against Saterra’s life if she wasn’t a lead Sciencubus.
  120. Saterra stepped forwards, taking Lane’s hand and leading him to the tables. ‘Okay, about that power you needed and the nom de guerre which will grant your feisty companion more power. All you have to do is —’
  122. Rhapsody screamed in frustration. ‘Don't steal him away and talk to him like you’ve been friends for years, skank!’
  124. Saterra sighed and hugged Lane again. Rhapsody fumed and tried to get to her again, but was held back by even more Sciencubi. ‘Look, your friend may not want my help, but I know you both need it for your battles. So I’ll talk to you about this since you’re listening, and you are being reasonable for now. I’ve got these two potions here.’ She picked up two bottles and gave them to Lane. ‘This is for the Sagely Stride, and this is for the way to breach dimensional barriers. You should have her take the nom de guerre one after the dimensional breaching potion and not before. Also, she can hold your hand and hug you while drinking them so the effects are passed on to you. Got it?’
  126. Lane took the potions, awestruck, and held them out towards Rhapsody. Rhapsody glowered and said, ‘I don’t need her help, we can just go to one of the magical ponds I know and get our powers there! You didn’t have to get blown for two silly bottles!’
  128. Saterra sighed and took Lane in her arms, bringing herself close to him so that between breast and ankle, there was no space between them, even as Rhapsody fumed. ‘Fine, if that’s what you can do, it’s okay with me. But meanwhile, before you leave, I have some more fun you could have with me …
  133. To be continued …
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