Low Self Esteem Competition Short~ Trixie

Jun 4th, 2017
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  1. Just a short story (5 posts) for a little writing competition in the low self esteem thread.
  3. >You had come to see the magic show advertised throughout the town
  4. >You had been fascinated with magic since you got here, even simple party tricks would get your attention, and this show looked pretty good
  5. >It seemed to be the talk of the town when you asked around, which only boosted your optimism
  6. >You didn't ask why it was the talk of the town though
  7. >Apparently everypony here had some sort of massive grudge against the showpony
  8. >Almost as soon as she had appeared on stage there were deafening 'boo's from the crowd as many of them started pelting her with rotten fruit and vegetables
  9. >The only magic trick you saw was the magic shield she cast to protect herself after a tomato hit her square in the face
  10. >Behind that shield you saw a cute blue mare dressed in a cape and wizard's cap cowering in fear from the onslaught of groceries, sadness and terror in her eyes
  11. >She fled in panic with the ponyville citizens whooping and cheering at their victory
  12. >In her rush her hat had fallen off and lay limp on the stage
  13. >As the mob began to disperse you climbed up and picked it up
  14. >You knew where her trailer was set up in town so you decided to pop by and give it to her
  15. >She might even do a couple of magic tricks for you since you paid for a ticket and all
  16. >When you got to the cabin you could hear sounds coming from inside
  17. >Sounded like sniffling
  18. >At least you knew she was home
  19. >You knocked on the small wooden door and the sounds stopped
  20. >"What? I- The Great and Powerful Trixie does not wish to be disturbed
  21. >Huh, she was still keeping up the act after that ordeal
  22. "Hey uhh... I got something of yours"
  23. >You said fairly lamely
  24. >"What is it? Come to gloat and throw more rotten food at Trixie?"
  25. "Naw, I got your hat. It fell off when you ran away, figured you might want it back"
  26. >There was a rustling from inside the trailer as the door opened a crack
  27. >Two violet teary eyes peeked out, looking first at your torso and slowly making their way up to look you in the eyes
  28. >As you stared back at her you noticed that her mane and coat were still stained and matted from being pelted
  29. >"Thanks" She mumbled as she snatched the hat off you with her magic
  30. "You look a bit of a mess, you alright?"
  31. >You asked before she could shut the door on you
  32. >"NO!" She shouted at you, flinging the hat backwards into the trailer with her magic
  33. >"I hate this town and everypony in it! Twilight and her stupid friends have destroyed my entire livelihood and made me the laughing stock of all of Equestria!"
  34. >As she yelled she began pacing back and forth inside her caravan, grabbing random items and hurling them around
  35. >You took it upon yourself to follow her inside, shutting the door behind you to retain some element of privacy
  36. >This was not the sort of magic show you had come for, you thought as you dodged low flying debris
  37. >"Ponies only buy my tickets to mock and ridicule me! I get laughed out of town wherever I go"
  38. >She seemed to be running out of energy as she flopped down on the bed in defeat
  39. >"I'm a useless magician. I'm a fraud and everypony knows it and everypony hates me..." She muttered into the pillow as she started crying softly
  40. >She had gone from fiery wrath to sobbing pathetically
  41. >You wondered what she could have done to deserve this
  42. >You perched on the edge of the bed next to her and started stroking her back as you shushed her
  43. "What did you even do for them to treat you like this?... If you don't mind me asking"
  44. >She looked up at you as if you were an idiot
  45. >All of Equestria knew what she had done apparently
  46. >She told you how she had attempted to take over the town with a magic enhancing amulet after she was driven out the first time
  47. >"And that was only because 2 stupid colts brought an Ursa Minor to town for me to vanquish"
  48. >"And THAT only happened because Twilight's stupid friends started heckling me for no reason at one of my shows!"
  49. "Huh, sounds like they're in the wrong more than you are. I wouldn't take Twilight and her friends to be the sort to heckle a pony"
  50. >She huffed and started crying more
  51. >"Well they did and right in the middle of one of my shows in front of everypony. And what's worse, everything they said about me was true"
  52. >She sat up with her eyes screwed shut tight, wailing out her anguish and despair
  53. >"I'm a joke to everypony! Nopony wants to see my shows anymore and nopony likes me, I don't even have any friends!"
  54. >Whatever she had done to ponyville in the past she didn't deserve this
  55. >Lonely, self loathing and ridiculed out of town wherever she went
  56. >From the looks of it she was bankrupt too, since people only came o her shows to mock her
  57. >Looking at her now, a sobbing mess on the bed, you could only feel sorry for her
  58. "I- I like you Trixie. You can call me a friend"
  59. >You stuttered somewhat awkwardly
  60. "And for the record I was genuinely interested in seeing your show, I didn't know everypony was going there to mock you"
  61. >She looked up at you for a second to read your expression, hope and doubt mixed together in her sad eyes
  62. >You smiled down at her and ran a hand through her soft silky mane
  63. >Then the waterworks turned on in full force
  64. >She grasped you in a hug like a vice, stuffing her face into your chest and bawling like a baby
  65. >You could feel tears rapidly soaking through your shirt, wetting your bare skin underneath
  66. >All you could do was hug her and stroke her mane as you waited for her to calm down
  67. >Gradually her crying became sniffling as her breathing became less erratic
  68. >"y-you really mean it? You l- like Trixie?" She asked as she finally lifted her head up again and looked at you
  69. >Your shirt was soaked in tears and snot, but you decided not to care for the moment
  70. "Yeah I do, you seem really interesting with a lot of personality. And something tells me that you'll have a lot of cool stories to tell from travelling Equestria in this thing"
  71. >She went in for another hug, this time nuzzling your cheek to avoid the wet mess that was your shirt
  72. "Also I think you're cute"
  73. >You blurted before you could stop yourself
  74. >She released you from her grasp but didn't recoil as you half expected
  75. >There was a deep red blush on her face and she looked down at the bed to avoid meeting your gaze
  76. >"T-thank you..."
  77. "Anon"
  78. >"Thank you Anon" She stuttered
  79. >"You're the first pon.. er.. person who's genuinely been nice to me in a while, certainly the first I've been able to share my feelings with without judging me"
  80. >You had both relaxed a little by now and you lay back on the bed to cuddle each other
  81. "Well we should do this more often then, I'd love to hang out with you more"
  82. >There was a comfortable silence as you both lay back on the bed relaxing for a while
  83. >Eventually you decided to strike up conversation again
  84. "So why did those colts want you to vanquish an Ursa Minor?"
  85. >"They thought it was an Ursa Major. i bragged that I had done it before and they wanted to see it first hoof"
  86. >Well that was one of the most retarded ideas you had ever heard, and you had been hanging round with Twilight and her friends since you got here
  87. "And did you vanquish it?"
  88. >Trixie smiled sheepishly as she shrunk back a little
  89. >"No. I- I never did in the first place. I lied about the whole thing to seem more impressive"
  90. >She winced as if she expected you to turn on her, but instead you burst out laughing
  91. "Holy Shit! That's a hard predicament to explain your way out of"
  92. >She seemed surprised that you hadn't become mad at her for it or blamed it all on her like everypony else did
  93. >"Hahaha... yeah" She chuckled nervously
  94. "Aww come on Trixie, the amount of wacky shit that goes on in this place people have to see the funny side eventually"
  95. >She giggled now, sounding rather more genuine and relaxed
  96. >"You really don't think I'm a bad pony for what I've done Anon?"
  97. >You laughed a little bit at that
  98. "Trixie you're not a bad pony. Maybe you made a couple of pretty dumb decisions in the past but that doesn't make you inherently bad"
  99. >She giggled again at the mention of dumb decisions
  100. "Where I come from there have been some truly evil people, you wouldn't even believe what humans are capable of doing to each other"
  101. >She cocked her brow at you with her best 'try me' expression
  102. "We have the power to exterminate all live on the planet several times over if we wanted to"
  103. >You said with a deadpan look
  104. "That sort of destructive power only comes about through lifetimes of constant warfare"
  105. >Her jaw hung open as she attempted to process that
  106. >You smiled a little as you watched her trying to understand the concept of mutually assured destruction
  107. "So yeah, on the scale of how bad someone can be... I think you're a good pony"
  108. >You smiled at her as she returned the expression
  109. >"Y' you're too nice to Trixie Anon" She blushed, still not fully accepting the complement
  110. "Well hey, someone's gotta be nice to you. And you look like you need it a lot right now"
  111. >She looked away and smiled shyly again before you embraced her in another hug
  112. >You both stayed like that for a long while, cuddling and chatting about life
  113. >The travels and shows that Trixie had experienced
  114. >What life was like on Earth
  115. >Hours passed, and eventually you both fell asleep huddled up on Trixie's small bed, your arms wrapped around her
  116. >For the first time in years, Trixie fell asleep with a smile on her face and a warm happy feeling in her chest.
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