Father of the Night 29: Promotions.

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  1. =Father of the Night 29=
  3. >The three of you sit at the kitchen table together.
  4. >Well, less together, more "you vs him."
  5. >You and AJ sit on one end of the table, Bruce on the other.
  6. >The boy is staring down his snout at you, slowly tapping his hooves together in contemplation about what he had just heard.
  7. >"So...when you say "I was the Mare-Do-Well..." he begins.
  8. >Applejack clears her throat. "I mean that I dressed up and tried to fight crime, yes."
  9. >His eyes narrow, making you  and AJ pokerface as hard as you both are able.
  10. >"And you knew about this?"
  11. "Uh...I just found out recently, yeah."
  12. >Bruce sighs. "...Why did you wait until NOW to tell me?"
  13. >AJ sighs. "Because yer only nine years old, Bruce. And nine year olds shouldn't have ta do what you do."
  14. >Huh. That was the same thing she told you.
  15. >"Well you getting hurt is not an acceptable alternative to that, Miss Applejack." Bruce retorts.
  16. >Wait.
  17. >That was the same thing YOU said.
  18. >You must be rubbing off on him...
  19. >Applejack closes her eyes and nods. " wasn't my brightest idea, took Anonymous here to get it through my head."
  20. >You ruffle her mane a bit.
  21. "It won't happen again Bruce, don't worry about it."
  22. >Bruce sighs, rubs his own mane, and taps his hoof against the table. "Alright, yes, I don't have the energy to deal with this on top of everything else."
  23. >Whoa.
  24. >Guardian Mode: Engaged.
  25. "Something on your mind, buddy?"
  26. >The tapping stops. "You could say that..." Bruce says.
  27. >You look down at AJ.
  28. "Hey, let's go out to dinner, huh? Get your mind off whatever it is."
  29. >He sighs again. "If you think it will help..."
  31. -Music:
  32. >Bruce sits across the table from you yet again, only this time with a more confused face than one of stern acceptance.
  33. >All around the three of you, annoying waiters and equally annoying mascots dance and prance around. Behind you a band was "tearing it up" as the manager said.
  34. >Such was the way of things at Uncle Moe's Family Feedbag.
  35. >You make a mental note to have Uncle Moe arrested if you can.
  36. >Bruce eyes a particularly large rat mascot with wary eyes as it dances around a nearby table with a screaming toddler.
  37. "Heh...sorry."
  38. >He snaps up and turns his head to you. "Sir?"
  39. "It was the only one around."
  40. >His face softens a tad. "No, it's fine it's...charming."
  41. >AJ digs into her platter of hay fries and shake next to you. "'Least the food's good!"
  42. >She had that right, it almost passed for real food.
  43. >"So how's things, Bruce?" AJ asks. "Make any new friends?"
  44. >Bruce shuffles a bit. "I've made some...pen-pals, yes. They live all over the kingdom."
  45. >"Well shoot! That sounds mighty fine. Where do they live?"
  46. >"Oh, one on a farm, the other...near the beach, one on an island, another in the desert." he says idly stabbing at his meal.
  47. "Wow. They're all over the place, huh?"
  48. >Bruce nods. "Yes...a rather odd band I've come into contact with."
  49. "You gonna meet up?"
  50. >He shrugs. "Maybe one day...if it's needed."
  51. >"Well how's school? Y'all learning new and interesting things?"
  52. >Bruce doesn't respond how you imagine he would.
  53. >Instead he sighs harshly and sets his fork down, just staring at his plate.
  54. >...Uh oh.
  56. >"...Bruce?"
  57. "Buddy?"
  58. >"It's nothing." he says.
  59. >Bullshit.
  60. "Horse apples."
  61. >"Anonymous! Language!"
  62. >Damn older sister instinct...
  63. >You turn back to Bruce.
  64. "What's up, boy?"
  65. >He sighs explosively. "We have to do a paper at school...on our parents and what they do..."
  66. >Oh...
  67. >...Yeah...
  68. >AJ and you lower your heads.
  69. >Damn. That was...heavier than you expected.
  70. "Write about...who they were."
  71. >You lift your head and look at the boy.
  72. "Not as who everyone else saw them as, but what -you- saw your parents as."
  73. >AJ nods. "Yeah! Ya gotta have some fond memories of yer mom and pop from around the house, away from all them prying city eyes."
  74. >Bruce continues to stare at his food, but nods a bit. "I remember when mother took me trick-or-treating for Nightmare Night..."
  75. >"Yeah? What about your pops?"
  76. >Bruce smiles a tiny bit. "I remember...father helping me with my tutoring...he was the one who taught me physics, for every action there was an equal and opposite reaction."
  77. >You nod in agreement.
  78. "See? You have a lot of stuff you can write about."
  79. >Bruce nods once then looks up and smiles. "It seems I do indeed. Thank you Anonymous, Applejack."
  80. >The two of you smile as you all dig back into your food.
  81. "...This hay is a bit undercooked."
  82. >"Why did you ask for -cooked- hay?"
  83. "It makes it go down easier."
  84. >Bruce sighs and AJ rolls her eyes.
  85. >"Sir, you are one of the oddest individuals I've met, and I dress up as a bat."
  86. >Gee thanks, boy.
  88. >Dinner passes and the three of you walk home.
  89. >You twist the key in the lock and head inside, shaking off the day.
  90. "I swear, if those mascots sang another song, I was going to SCREAM."
  91. >"You were gonna scream? And here I was plannin' ta buck him into the salad bar." AJ grumbles.
  92. "You overreact a lot."
  93. >"'Taint overreactin' THERE."
  94. >Bruce shuffles in quietly after the two of you. "...I liked it."
  95. >You both eye him.
  96. "It wasn't -that- bad."
  97. >"I heard worse."
  98. >The three of you share a laugh until AJ yawns.
  99. >"Sheeeeooot...I'm bushed, too early of a day today."
  100. >Bruce puts his hooves together and bows to AJ. "Thank you, Miss Applejack. I always enjoy seeing you."
  101. >She ruffles his mane. "Y'all be good, Bruce."
  102. >"Have a nice walk home, ma'am."
  103. >Heywait.
  104. "You know..."
  105. >AJ looks up at you.
  106. "You don', HAVE to go home tonight, especially if you're tired."
  107. >She cocks an eyebrow but grins. "Y'all inviting me to spend the night at your place, Anonymous?"
  108. >Time for the patented Anon charm.
  109. "Sure. I may only have one bed that I also sleep in, but it's big enough for several people at a time. Believe me, I checked."
  110. >You throw in a wink.
  111. >That hangs in the air for a second before you and AJ share a deep laugh.
  112. >"Always a kidder."
  113. "Who say's I'm kidding~?"
  114. >"Anyone who MET ya."
  115. "You only have me there because it's so obvious."
  116. >A light chuckling draws your attention down.
  117. >"You two never fail to make me laugh." Bruce says.
  118. >You laugh yourself.
  119. "I'll take what I can get."
  120. >Bruce trots upstairs and waves to the two of you. "I need to go get started on my report now. goodnight Miss Applejack...goodnight dad."
  121. >You twist your head so fast there's a sonic boom, but Bruce is gone by the time you do.
  122. >That...that was...
  123. >Hehe...
  124. >You turn back to AJ all smiles.
  125. "Hear that...?"
  126. >Dad...
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