Leon/Camilla C-A Support (Leon is a siscon! siscon!)

Jun 25th, 2015
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  1. C rank
  3. Leon: Camilla nee-san. You're looking beautiful today as well.
  4. Camilla: Oh my, Leon. Fufufu. You shouldn't make fun of your sister, you know.
  5. Leon: I'm not making fun of you. Camilla nee-san... I really think you're pretty.
  6. Camilla: Thank you. I'm really happy.
  7. Leon: Well...
  8. Camilla: Leon is cute as well.
  9. Leon: Cute, huh... Towards a man, those words aren't desirable...
  10. Camilla: Fufufu. That might be true. However, Leon is my adorable little brother after all.
  11. Leon: Camilla nee-san...
  12. Camilla: As well as Marx onii-sama, Elise and everyone else... you are all my precious siblings. We who grew up together, I really do love you all.
  13. Leon: .........
  14. Leon: That's right. To Camilla nee-san I'm... your adorable little brother, huh.
  15. Camilla: Ufufu. That much is obvious.
  16. Leon: .........
  17. Camilla: Well, I'll be leaving. See you, Leon.
  18. Leon: .........
  20. B rank
  22. Leon: Camilla nee-san.
  23. Camilla: My, what's the matter Leon?
  24. Leon: About that... I want you to help me study.
  25. Camilla: Ufufu. Are you joking with me? I thought you were the type to be able to study on their own.
  26. Leon: T-that is... no...that...why do you say that...
  27. Camilla: You're my talented little brother after all. What I could possibly teach you... I can hardly think of anything.
  28. Leon: .........
  29. Camilla: Leon? Why do you look so sad?
  30. Leon: Ah, no... Don't worry about it.
  31. Camilla: I'm really proud, to have such a talented younger brother.
  32. Leon: I... it would be good if I wasn't talented, if that happened...Camilla nee-san... would look at me more...
  33. Camilla: Leon? Was it something I said?
  34. Leon: N-no... its nothing...
  35. Camilla: You're such a funny child.
  36. Leon: Hey, Camilla nee-san. I... this next battle...
  37. Leon: I'll definitely show you what I'm capable of.
  38. Leon: watch me always?
  39. Camilla: Of course. I won't take my eyes off you, not for even a moment, to watch over you.
  40. Leon: Yeah... thanks...
  42. A rank
  44. Leon: Camilla nee-san. I want you to hear me out.
  45. Camilla: Leon? What's up with this all of a sudden?
  46. Leon: Camilla nee-san... I...I really am not talented. Not a younger brother an older sister can be proud of.
  47. Camilla: Eh...?
  48. Leon: I'm not as strong as Marx onii-san, not as bright as Elise, I'm not a friendly person. And then... not as appealing as that one person Camilla-nee san loves the most...
  49. Camilla: That person...?
  50. Leon: ............
  51. Leon: Everyone is so unfair... to be able to receive Camilla nee-san's love...its so unfair...Even though I'm intelligent, talented even...I didn't want it to end up like this...but even till now...I've always been unable to get camilla nee-san to worry about me...
  52. Camilla: Leon...? That is...
  53. Leon: Its true. Nee-san always looks after everyone but me. No matter how much effort I put in, nee-san never says a word to me. To me, its...
  54. Leon: ......
  55. Camilla: I... I'm so sorry, Leon. Please forgive me... I didn't know you were lonely all this while...
  56. Leon: I'm not lonely. To think of such a thing, I'm not a child anymore. But... still...
  57. Camilla: ...You fool. I didn't mean to neglect you. I would hate to meddle in your affairs...that was what I watch over you silently.
  58. Leon: ......
  59. Camilla: I saw it, you know. Yesterday's battle, you protected a comrade, and got attacked. Everytime a battle ends, the first thing you do is to see that everyone is safe from harm. Not only that, you study late into the night. Your fussiness when you were a child is gone. I've seen everything. Every single moment, I've seen them all.
  60. Leon: Uh huh...
  61. Camilla: You've always been working hard, huh...Leon. You're a fantastic child. Marx onii-san, Elise as well... even your flaws, I know them well. Because I'm your older sister.
  62. Leon: Huh... Thanks, Camilla-nee san.
  63. Camilla: Im sorry for what happened this time, Leon. Onee-chan will have to get better. To better understand your feelings, to be able to protect you.
  64. Leon: I, too... will have to better myself. To protect Camilla well as everyone else.
  65. Camilla: That's right. You're a good child, Leon. That's what I love about you. My cute little brother that's better than anyone else, I love you so much.
  68. SISCON
  69. I
  70. S
  71. C
  72. O
  73. N
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