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  1. select
  2. ifnull(name.value, ifnull(, TENHH)) as name,
  3. ifnull(price.value, ifnull(fs.price, ebiz.GIALE)) as price,
  4. ebiz.MABH as sku
  5. from fahasa_ebiz_stock_info ebiz
  6. left join fahasa_stock fs on fs.sku = ebiz.MABH
  7. left join fhs_catalog_product_entity pe on pe.sku = ebiz.MABH
  8. left JOIN fhs_catalog_product_entity_varchar name ON pe.entity_id = name.entity_id AND name.attribute_id = 71
  9. left JOIN fhs_catalog_product_entity_decimal price ON pe.entity_id = price.entity_id AND price.attribute_id = 75
  10. where MABH in ("8934974163459");
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