UNOFFICIAL DOOM 3 1vs1 TOURNAMENT (made by Ercalidas)

Mar 5th, 2021 (edited)
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  1. Hails to tee!
  3. Thanks for being here and reading the tournament rules. Easy stuff but essential to understand how the tournament works.
  4. IMPORTANT: This tournament is made with the main aim to have fun and bring back around some players from the old guard but there's more! I have serious intentions to put money on this event, no jokes, such money are just an "inducement" to make everything much interesting BUT the tournament could perfectly work even without money, sure a good way to play without consequence of a loss (if that occurs)
  6. 2 things above all: PLAY FAIR & BE RESPECTFUL. Otherwise? FECK OFF!
  8. RULES + QUESTIONS & ANSWERS (written in 12 points)
  10. 1 Q: What do I need?
  11. A: Apart a working copy of Doom 3? Nothing exceptional. I must say that who want to join need at least 60 to a maximum of 120 ping to play. Trust me, there are players out there who will not be merciful only because of "muh bad ping"
  13. 2 Q: Who can participate?
  14. A: Everybody, as player or simply as spectator, no matter but if you want to jump into battle, just communicate your "skill level" (aka ELO), which is just a parameter to create a balanced match between players
  16. 3 Q: How much players?
  17. A: Not more/less than 8, 16 and 24 (actually 24 is the maximum for this tournament) *and you will soon know why*
  19. 4 Q: How servers works?
  20. A: There are still plenty of EU and US servers running just fine. European players must join and play on EU servers. American/canadian players must join and play on US servers (it may happen that an EU player duel against US player but such situations will be balanced). Note: Some server may require the "EMZ mod". This is one of the most popular mod for playing Doom 3 multiplayer, it gives you a lot of configuration options that you don't have in the main game. Usually you can download it directly from the server that works with the mod, otherwise check this link -> <- or if need help contact me at:
  22. 5 Q: Maps?
  23. A: The classic 5 vanilla maps + Aerowalk, Phrantic2 and Never Outgunned. No matter which player made the pick, if both players agree then that map will be played. You can't pick a map that has already been chosen during the same match
  25. 6 Q: Zerk on?
  26. A: Zerk on! As well as invisibility and of course megahealth
  28. 7 (linked to point 10) Q: How schedule works?
  29. A: Players pick a number between 1 and 8 (if the total number of players are 8), a virtual dice will decide the opponents. For example: If PLAYER1 pick number 5 and the virtual dice show 5 that player will face PLAYER2 if the next number generated by the dice will show the number picked by PLAYER2. Easy... right?
  31. 8 Q: Why only 1vs1 mode?
  32. A: Well for now that's it. Of course, after the tournament, it is possible to organize some "just4fun match" even by switching game mode but remember: "just4fun match" will NOT be monetized!
  34. 9 Q: How win/lose works?
  35. A: Every match will be 15 minutes long and no frag limit (keep it old school!). If a player got 3 match in a row he is the winner but if win 2 match in a row and lose one, the opponent can play another match, if this one keep winning he stay, otherwise he is out
  37. 10 Q: How match works?
  38. A: I made an example with 8 players *now you will understand why I can't let play more/less than 8, 16 or 24 players*
  40. PLAYER #1 vs PLAYER #5 -> First phase winner #1
  41. PLAYER #2 vs PLAYER #6 -> First phase winner #2
  42. PLAYER #3 vs PLAYER #7 -> First phase winner #3
  43. PLAYER #4 VS PLAYER #8 -> First phase winner #4
  45. A dice will be rolled to choose opponents
  47. First phase winner #4 vs First phase winner #1 -> Second phase winner #1
  48. First phase winner #3 vs 1 First phase winner #2 -> Second phase winner #3
  50. Second phase winner #1 vs Second phase winner #3 -> The player who win this match got the tournament!
  52. 11 Q: Ok, now what about the money?
  53. A: More like BET actually. Before a match start, opponents must discuss how much money they want to bet on their duel (EU players VS US players shall make a more balanced bet because of ping difference). The player who achieve 3 victories will receive money from the loser. This apply to all the match except the last one. The last match, in fact, works the same but actually the prize pool is multiply x2. Sounds good didn't ya?
  55. 12 Q: How to pay a winner player?
  56. A: By using PayPal it will be easy + safe to send money to the player who won. Just a note: Who don't pay will be disqualified immediately so DON'T BE A C*NT AND PAY THE TOLL!
  58. 13 Q: I said there are 12 points, enough with questions ffs!
  60. Feel free to share your ideas (as long as they are positive for the improvement of the tournament). For further infos, contact the fool behind all this at: or add me on Steam:
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