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  1.    _  _   _____         ___           _   _            
  2.  _| || |_|  _  |       |_  |         | | (_)            
  3. |_  __  _| | | |_ __     | |_   _ ___| |_ _ _ __   __ _
  4.  _| || |_| | | | '_ \    | | | | / __| __| | '_ \ / _` |
  5. |_  __  _\ \_/ / |_) /\__/ / |_| \__ \ |_| | | | | (_| |
  6.   |_||_|  \___/| .__/\____/ \__,_|___/\__|_|_| |_|\__,_|
  7.                | |                                      
  8.                |_|                                    
  10. #OpJustina
  12. Greetings world we are Anonymous and it has come to our recent attention that a fifteen year old girl by the name of Justina Pelletier has been held against her will by the State of Massachusetts for over one year. Justina has a condition known as Mitochondrial Disease however the Boston Children's Hospital believes that it all is merely in her head and as a result has been detained her in addition to being tortured physically and mentally by this corrupted system for nothing more than being sick. She is only allowed to speak to her mother and father for twenty minutes a day and be visited for one hour a week. Anonymous and the American people will not tolerate this abuse of our children and will retaliate using whatever means necessary in order to protect our fellow citizens from this abusive and manipulative behavior. We will punish all those held accountable and will not relent until Justina is free.
  14. Judge Joseph F. Johnston you seem to believe that you can just abduct children away from their parent's with impunity because your a judge? Wrong. Anonymous is here to remind you who is in charge of this country and as a result we feel that you should be exposed from behind your veil of secrecy and deceit. To the American people Anonymous implores you to use this information to your maximum potential in order to save Justina. Call his home and demand answers, mail letters to his home telling him that you will not stand for this attack upon the innocent, stand up for a child in her darkest hour.
  16. Commencing d0x.....
  18. Name: Judge Joseph F. Johnston
  19. Home Address: 25 Park Street
  20. West Roxbury, MA 02132
  21. Home Phone: (617) 323-0303
  23. Alice W. Newton was the so called doctor who felt it was necessary to have Justina incarcerated inside the psychiatric ward of Boston Children's Hospital. Were is your compassion doctor? Why is it that you feel that you need to take over 400 children a year away from their family? Did you not make an oath to help and protect the sick? For your crimes against children we see it in the best interest to punish you for your lack of empathy and obvious lack of respect. Our fellow Americans we also call upon you to use this information to your fullest to make her see that you as a people will not take this clear abuse of power.
  25. Commencing d0x.....
  27. Name: Alice W. Newton MD
  28. Home Address: 26 Hillcrest Lane
  29. Athol, MA 01331
  30. Home Phone: (978) 249-9278
  31. Work Phone: (617) 355-7979
  32. Work Fax: (617) 730-0432
  34. To the Boston Children's Hospital why do you employ people that clearly do not put patient's first? We demand that you terminate Alice W. Newton from her employment or you to shall feel the full unbridled wrath of Anonymous. Test us and you shall fail.
  36. Name: Boston Children's Hospital
  37. Address: 300 Longwood Ave.
  38. Boston, MA 02115
  39. Phone: (617) 355-6000
  41. Website:
  42. IP Address:
  43. Server Type:Microsoft-IIS/7.5
  45. This will be your first and final warning. Failure to comply will result in retaliation which you will not be able to withstand. Free Justina and return her home to her family. The voice of the people will be heard.
  47. We are Anonymous
  48. We are Legion.
  49. We do not forgive.
  50. We do not forget.
  51. Expect us.
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