Fuyajou My Heart!

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  1. Notes
  2. -===-
  4. Red the Nightless Castle, Red Magic, My Heartbreak, Remilia Stoker -
  5. Spellcards belonging to Remilia.
  6. Incidentally, Stoker is written the same way as Stalker in Japanese.
  8. Educate (page 11) -
  9. Original joke uses the word, sensei, which in kanji form combines sen (previous) and sei (birth).
  10. Sei was changed to umare (verb, to be born).
  11. So if translated literally, it would go like...
  12. "The word, sensei, is written as 'being born before'."
  13. Hence, the reply that she's older from Remilia.
  15. PCB, EoSD -
  16. Perfect Cherry Blossom and Embodiment of Scarlet Devil.
  17. Technically, Mizoguchi-sensei used the Japanese equivalent, but due to space constraints, etc.
  19. Name -
  20. A rough draft.
  21. Technically interchangable with 'storyboard', but I decided to change it to 'manuscript' and 'name' instead. Essentially, he's saying it's a clean draft rather than a rough one.
  23. Bottle Cap Figure -
  24. A variant of Gachapon figures.
  26. Is Zat So -
  27. The original was "SO-nanoka!", with the "SO-" in English alphabets.
  29. Is That Fake -
  30. The original used "so-u-na-n-kaa" (typo?) in panel 2, and "u-so-na-no-kaa" from panel 4 onwards.
  31. The joke's the fact that position of "so" and "u" were swapped.
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