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  1. Ok so here's the dael this type of story are dreams I had but i'll type other thing as well if you ever qusteion concern ideas comments you can contact me at just make your subject story and I'll get back to you. now let's begin.
  3. Today was the day all the kids were in there seats and there on the stage was none other than professor coldheart.
  5. "Well kids today you get to see simba learn a lesson." Said Professor coldheart.
  7. However this confused the kids how could they see simba learn a lesson is he's not there?
  9. But then simba walked stage having no idea what was gonna happen.
  11. "Aw little simba now yu're gonna learn a lesson yu're parents and all of them." Said professor coldheart.
  13. This scared simba so much that he ran off.
  15. The next day the kids were back.
  17. "I hope Simba is ready to learn a lesson today."Said one of the girls.
  19. The same happened as before with professor coldheart and simba but instead of simba running off in the direction he came from her ran up the steps near the seats when a little girl reached out and grabbed him.
  21. Professor coldheart went over there.
  23. "Very good Amanda (My real name) now simba it is time for your punishment." Said professor coldheat with a somewhat evil grin.
  25. He then started spanking simba so much that simba was praticly crying in pain.
  26. he then put a diaper on simba simba did not like that idea.
  28. "So now since that is over what are you gonna do to my parents?" Asked Simba.
  30. "oh nothing I just wanted to see what would happen."Said professor coldheart as he waked away and dissapeared.
  32. Simba had a weird look on his face. (Same one he had when pumba said sorry right after timon said pumba not in front of the kids.)
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