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  1. ==Trivia==
  3. * Only 2 tracks on this album feature descriptions of some kind; the first being "Biome Fest", which has a link to a video called "Minecraft Biome Test" that was on Notch's YouTube channel, Nizzotch, but has since been deleted ([ this] is the original link, [ this] is a reupload), and "Intro", with the description "See you next time", which is fitting as it is the last song on the album.
  4. ** This is different from ''Volume Alpha'', as every song on that album had a description or joke of some kind. It may be that this unexpected "silence" is an intentional way to emphasize this album's much darker tone.
  5. * The album cover is a dark, more surreal, and heavily stylized version of the same grass block from the album cover of ''Volume Alpha'', which is likely meant to reflect the darker, more surreal style of ''Volume Beta'' in comparison to its predecessor.
  6. * A very possible reason why "Ballad of the Cats" has that title is because the sounds of ghasts are distorted recordings of C418's cat.<ref></ref>
  7. * The music disc tracks are in stereo, as opposed to their in-game versions, which are in [ mono]. It is likely that the in-game versions are in mono so as to make it seem as if the sound is coming from one single source (a [[jukebox]]) instead of from all around the listener.
  8. ** It is equally possible that either the stereo versions or the mono versions of the music disc tracks were created first. The soundtrack versions are either the original tracks from before they were mixed down to mono for the game, or remasters of the original mono tracks that intended to provide a more "complete" listening experience outside of the game. Which version came first could also vary from track to track.
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